Chapter 145 Doubt (3)

Chapter 145 Doubt (3)


The door closed. Little Jiang qi’s entire being became chilly. Jiang Qi sensed the crisis and was about to run away.

“Hold it……”

Little Jiang qi’s faint voice came out and made Jiang Qi standing still in place.

“Excuse me, do you have any instruction?”

Jiang Qi sweat, then put up a smiling face at little Jiang qi and softly said.


Little Jiang qi narrowed her eyes, then charged over and kicked Jiang Qi’s shank.


Although Little Jiang qi’s kick was not heavy, but Jiang Qi still cried out in pain. He remembered this was one of the places Leo conferred heavy injuries at.

“Powerless lady!? Do you even know how ridiculous your words are?”

Little Jiang qi didn’t know that she was kicking at Jiang Qi’s injuries and angrily said : “Regarding elder sister’s skill, killing a tiger is not impossible……”

“Who would use such reason like you did?”

After Jiang Qi waited for little Jiang qi’s downpour of words to finish, he bitterly smiled : “I didn’t know what’s going on. What did you want me to say……”


Little Jiang qi breath out, calming herself, then explained to Jiang Qi : “My elder sister want to meet with her friend at the airport, and I want to go with her……”

“Then you mention me?”

Jiang Qi tilted his head and looked at little Jiang qi without understanding. He asked without knowing whether to laugh or cry : “Any use?”

Little Jiang qi cutely looked at Jiang Qi and added : “Very effective……”

This time, Jiang Qi didn’t smile. Good lord, what did you do with my name?

“What’s that old fried’s job?”

Jiang Qi picked up a glass of water from the table and drank a mouthful. He asked with curiosity.

“He works at the research institute…….”

Since she’d already failed to stop her elder sister, Little Jiang qi also gave up, sat down beside Jiang Qi and said : “It seems he is specialized in study fossils of ancient creatures.”

“Are those dinosaurs and the likes?”

Speaking of fossil, Jiang Qi realized what this friend had been studying.

“Contry bumpkin……”

Unexpectedly, little Jiang qi rolled her eyes at him and spoke in disdain : “The oldest creatures now are not dinosaurs anymore, but monsters……”


Jiang Qi was sensitive to this word. He subconsciously straightened his back up.


Little Jiang qi nodded and sat on the sofa, swaying her legs. She said, frowning : “They suspect that the history of the monsters should go even more far back before the dinosaurs’. They even believe that there are still monsters living in Earth now.”

Sure enough…….

Jiang Qi smiled but not said anything. He, as the person who understood most about the monster in the world right now, naturally knew the actual situation.

Prehistoric monsters did exist. But Jiang Qi wished those people to not seek death and increase his workloads.

“Therefore, America’s headquarter dispatches people here. Who make the rate of monsters appearing are highest in China?”

Little Jiang qi spoke and also felt strange in her heart. The world was so big, why would monsters only appear in China?

At this, Jiang Qi could only smile. But the next moment, he couldn’t smile anymore.


Little Jiang qi signed. Didn’t know why, she glanced at Jiang Qi, then said : “From what I see that person at that time, he was handsome, gentle, steady, talented, has rich father. It’s pity because he was too focused in his work, so he didn’t find a girlfriend.”

If not because I already have target, I would be excited.

“So a bachelor!”

Jiang Qi picked up a glass of water and said without thinking. When he was about to drink, he suddenly felt something’s not right.

“That person is a male?”

Jiang Qi ‘sprung up’ his body. He looked at Little Jiang qi with his eyes full of shock.

Is he jealous about me?

Little Jiang qi secretly felt please in her heart. She looked at Jiang Qi and said : “And extremely handsome.”

“It can’t be!!! What’s about Jiang Xue? I mean……does that man has bad intention toward her?”

Jiang Qi spoke incoherently and made Little Jiang qi’s face change.

He is jealous, but not for me……

“What? You want him to give up? Making him be alone all his life?”

Little Jiang qi expressionlessly looked at Jiang Qi and softly spoke.

Didn’t know why, but this Little Jiang qi’s softly speaking unexpectedly made Jiang Qi feel the whole world fall into winter.

Why do I feel like Little qi’s gaze is a bit strange……..

Just when Jiang Qi was about to ask her, Jiang Liu suddenly appeared and cut in between them, causing them to jump back in fright. He said : “Let’s eat……”


Jiang Qi nodded and hastily walked to the dining table.


Although not speak while eating was the normal manner, but Little Jiang qi was still curious and asked : “Why are you perspiring so much?”


Jiang Qi didn’t expect Little Jiang qi to ask this question. He was stumped. He picked a glass of milk, then slowly drank while thought of what to say……

“Don’t meddle in too much……..”

What Jiang Qi didn’t expect was, Jiang Liu suddenly interrupted.

Jiang Liu glanced sideways at Jiang Qi, then said : “This is just the typical boy’s night activity. After he finished it, he also have to go to the toilet.”


Jiang Qi absolutely didn’t expect that Jiang Liu would actually said this kind of thing to his own daughter. He also underestimated this nut-job’s strength.

Jiang Qi slapped the table and wanted to argue with Jiang Liu, but the corner of his eyes caught sight of Little Jiang qi’s curios face, he could only endure it.

Fine! You ruthless! This bitter water, I will swallow it!

Jiang Qi put his anger down and sat back, but Little Jiang qi unexpectedly asked : “What activity? Push-ups?”

“Little girl, don’t ask too much……”

Jiang Qi hastily said, wishing for Little Jiang qi to stop that thought.

“If you don’t tell me, then I will search it on internet……”

Little Jiang qi pouted and spoke with voices like mosquito, but Jiang Qi who sat beside her could hear it.


If you go search it, then my entire life’s reputation will be ruined.

“I will do it even if you don’t let me!”

Little Jiang qi’s temper had some part of the rebellion in it. You won’t let me, but I will still do it.


My great aunt!

Jiang Liu looked at both of them, frowning, then he knocked chopsticks on the table and softly said : “Eat!!”

Upon hearing this, Little Jiang qi who wanted to run obediently sit down and quietly eat.

Jiang Qi swear that from past till now, he had never felt grateful to Jiang Liu like this before. However! Wasn’t that ‘boy’s night activity’ from Jiang Liu in the first place? Why would I feel grateful to him?


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