Chapter 144 Doubt (2)

Chapter 144 Doubt (2)

The sky remained gloomy. The dark cloud spread across the earth. The sky was pushed down, as if to be within reach.

“And that guy above the stair had vanished yet again…..”

Little Jiang qi gnashed her teeth and said. When she recalled that empty room, she felt wrath burning inside.


Jiang Xue blinked her eyes amd looked at Little Jiang qi. She seemed to hear something.


Realized that she slip up, Little Jiang qi quickly said : “That guy is not in his room.”

“Then what?”

Jiang Xue crossed her arms and looked at acting off Little Jiang qi, she said with ridicule : “Does that has any relation with our discussion?”


Little Jiang qi softly sighed. She looked at the scene outside which seemed to going to rain anytime.

“Fine, don’t sigh.”

Seeing Little Jiang qi’s expression, Jiang Cue couldn’t help but wryly smiled, then said : “
“It’s not like that……”

Little Jiang qi gloomily looked at her elder sister, then said : “It’s just that, I has a bad feeling……”

Little Jiang qi spoke while looking outside. Her expression was also somewhat sad : “This kind of feeling is like when you lose something important to you……”

Looking at Little Jiang qi’s mature expression, Jiang Xue felt a bit mad, that was like saying that she was going to die.

Jiang Xue gave her sister a knock on her head, then interrupt: “What’s with that playing sad expression?”


Little Jiang qi covered her head with teats in her eyes. She feebly looked at Jiang Xue, extremely pitiful.


Jiang Xue became softhearted from her sister’s stare, she softly sighed and was about to loosen up.


There were suddenly sounds from upstairs, frightened both of them. They couldn’t help but look at each other, then said : “Aren’t those sounds, come from upstairs…….”

“What’s happened?”

Little Jiang qi also put down her pitiful expression and looked upstairs with an odd expression.


Suddenly, the door upstairs was opened, but from their perspective, they actually couldn’t see what opened that door.

Just when they were about to go upstairs to take a look, a figure staggered down, it was actually Jiang Qi.

However, The state of Jiang Qi at this moment seemed to be not very good. He was wearing pajamas and having his face flushed. But in the two sister’s eyes, that was not just simple redness, that was clearly swelling, right?

When Jiang Qi feebly reached downstairs, his head forehead was full of large beads of sweat, he heavily gasped.

Running staggeringly down, he sat on the sofa and panted.

“Hey! Are you alright?”

Jiang Xue hastily ran forward and patted Jiang Qi’s back while asking. Little Jiang qi also hurriedly ran to get a cup of water to give to Jiang Qi.

After Jiang Qi drank the whole cup, his expression gradually calmed down. He fell back to the sofa and relaxed his breath.

“Where have you been?”

After seeing that Jiang Qi’s become better, Little Jiang qi’s nervous expression relaxed, then her expression became blank. She couldn’t help but asked : “I went to your room and you weren’t there.”


Hearing her question, Jiang Qi pondered a bit then slowly said.

“What’s happened to you?”

Jiang Xue frowned and pointed at Jiang Qi’s left face. Just what was the thing that can make his face swelling like this?

“I fell down……”

Jiang Qi tragically stoke his swelling face, forced a smile and grimaced.

If Jiang Qi knew what’s in Jiang Xue’s mind, he would surely flipped out. It was not a thing that make his face swollen like that!

This Leo was really too high-hand! He really wanted to report him to the country for abusing young people.

In this showdown between them made Jiang Qi open a door to a new world.

At the same time, Jiang Qi also understood more of Leo’s strength. If the feeling Leo gave off previously were like he was just beating children, then now it was like he was beating an opponent.

The difference between them was as wide as heaven and earth. But the same thing was, the one who was beaten was only him.

And that’s the problem!

Regarding Jiang Qi’s current expression, any discerning person would clearly see that his words didn’t come from his heart.

But Jiang Xue didn’t ask more. Since Jiang Qi didn’t want to talk, she wouldn’t ask.

“Then why did you staggering down?”

Jiang Xue didn’t want to ask didn’t mean Little Jiang qi would do the same. Although the case of Jiang Qi’s inexplicable disappearances were put aside for now, but she wouldn’t let him off easily like this.

Little Jiang qj stared into Jiang Qi’s eyes as if something was going to come out from his eyes.

“I was frightened……”

Hearing Little Jiang qi’s question, he couldn’t help but draw his mouth and vaguely said.

This time, not only Little Jiang qi, but also Jiang Xue who stared at Jiang Qi with unbelieving eyes, making Jiang Qi shrink back.

Both ladies couldn’t help but recalled the Hundred Ghost Night Parade case previously. Under that kind of circumstance, you could boldly run off into the night. And now you tell us that you were frightened just from this?

Regarding this excuse, both ladies absolutely didn’t believe it. Especially Little Jiang qi, she was even more determined to dig out Jiang Qi’s secret.

Jiang Qi also knew that his excuse was really bad, however, aside from his unspeakable status, he couldn’t tell them that he was beaten down, could he? Where would his face go then?

The magnificent, handsome and awesome Excellency Zero was beaten in a dream like this……

“Don’t make a ruckus……”

Suddenly, a voice came from upstairs. They turned to look and saw Jiang Liu was pushing his wheelchair coming down.

“Little Xue, shouldn’t you hurry to the airport now?”


Hearing that, Jiang Xue hurriedly looked at the clock and realized that she didn’t have much time left, she said : “I’m going now!”

Saying that, Jiang Xue grabbed her clothes and was about to head out.

“Sis! I also want to go with you!”

Little Jiang qi pouted at Jiang Xue and acted like a spoiled child.

Jiang Qi shivered. He had never seen Little Jiang qi acted spoil like this before.


Jiang Xue turned her head and stared into Little Jiang qi’s eyes, causing her to avert her eyes and step back. Suddenly, she pointed at Jiang Qi and said : “He said that he also wants to go with you.”

“Ei? Why did you involve me?”

Jiang Qi who was enjoying Little Jiang qi’s suffering suddenly found out that she unexpectedly dragged him down. Jiang Qi became dumbfounded.


Jiang Qi wanted to question her at first, but he saw daggers flying out from Little Jiang qi’s eyes at him

“Fine……I will accompany you!”

Jiang Qi said righteously : “I cannot overlook a weak and powerless lady traveling alone……..”


Jiang Xue was amused by that word and shook her head. She said : “I don’t need accompanies, you also have to look after the office……”

Then she walked away……


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