Chapter 141 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (6)

Chapter 141 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (6)


One after another, the cannons were shooting at the monster, yet the monster didn’t have any response.

As if being fed up from these tickles, the monster opened its mouth, and the orange ray of sound wave was shot out from its forehead.


After a string of successive explosion, the tanks of land combat troops became wreckages.

“My god!! They’re all……”

A team member widened his eyes with his face full of disbelief. With just an attack, the land combat troops were wiped out.

“Everyone pays attention, suppress the monster, our reinforcements are coming.”

Han Yi looked at the monster and felt heavy in his heart. This was another formidable opponent. Han Yi could only sent out assist signal to the headquarter.

He hoped they can arrive here as soon as possible.


A team member looked at the monster on the ground and smiled, then said : “Fortunately there is no downtown nearby Jiunong mountain and the people nearby have already evacuated.”

“That’s right. We also aren’t constrained when we performed our mission.”

Another member also nodded his head and spoke in complete agreement.

“Don’t be happy too soon.”

Cheng Yu suddenly untimely cut in. He seriously said : “Although there is no people nearby, but there are many flora lives here. If you let this monster go rampage as it please, then it is very likely to have forest fires.”

“We are suppressing the monster for a time being.”

Han Yi also nodded his head, looked at the monster before him, and softly said.

The monster that came out from underground seemed to have to idea where to go, and instead walked to the foothill.

“What does it want to do?”

A team member looked at the mobster, tilted his head, and asked in puzzled.

“According to its direction, it won’t be long before it reaches the sea.”

Cheng Yu clasped his hand and looked at the moving route in the light screen and indifferently said.


At the sudden, the light smashed down in front of the monster. The monster was also attracted by this and stopped moving.


After a short while, the light dissipated. Zero stood up and moved his shoulder. His heart was full of infinite wrath.

He looked at the monster. The huge armored head, purplish black body, with red streaks all over it, adding with its explosive muscles.

It’s because of you that I have to work overtime!

Then, the monster’s data was presented before Jiang Qi’s eyes. Of course, even if without it, he could still recognize this monster.

“Name : Golza (Fire)

Status : lv2

Height : 60 meters

Weight : 7000 tons

The surviving monster from the super-ancient era. It stays in the underground. Because of the absorption of magma’s energy and turning it into its own energy, it accomplished its evolution. Its whole body’s skin became extremely tough. Its strength is also stronger. Its forehead can launch golden empowered ultrasonic ray, possessing stronger destructive power than the normal version. Its chest posses the ability to absorb all light techniques.”

When he transformed for the first time, his opponent was exactly Golza. His opponent time was the power-up version of it. Jiang Qi also thought how much progress he had come.

“This time…..he comes early.”

Han Yi looked at the figures of Jiang Qi and Golza confronting each other and was slightly dumbfounded. Then he spoke to other members : “Prepare to assist anytime!”

Other members also slightly felt their spirit lifted. They looked at the battlefield and secretly said inside, this was the fight between a tiger and dragon.


Jiang Qi loudly shouted and pounced at Golza and punched at its shoulder.


After a loud sound, Jiang Qu felt himself hitting a steel plate. He hastily drew his hand back and shook it.


Golza roared and waved its claws at Jiang Qi. But Jiang Qi could dodge it.


Lifting his foot, Jiang Qi kicked at Golza’s leg, but it didn’t have any reaction.

Jiang Qi covered his fist with light and punched at Golza’s head.


Golza only raised its claws and caught Jiang Qi’s fist.


Jiang Qi cursed inside and wanted to draw back. But Golza was no fool, how could it easily let Jiang Qi draw back.

Jiang Qi felt his hand was strongly clenched, to the point that he could hear his bones screaming.


Golza roared and pulled Jiang Qi in, then swatted its palm at his head.

This palm caused Jiang Qi to feel dizzy and had buzzing sound in his ears.

Then Golza pulled Jiang Qi in again and gave him another slapped at his back, almost made Jiang Qi to vomit his breakfast out.
(tl : Is that really possible?)

The following was like Golza playing with a toy, pulling over, and a slap, then pulling again, then slapped, so on and so on……

Han Yi became dumbfounded. Since when Zero had become this helpless.

“Quickly help him!”

The Night Raiders beside him who were already stunned, hearing Han Yi’s order, also returned to their senses.

They fired light rays at its back, creating sparks. But it didn’t have any effect.

“Damn it!”

Han Yi wrinkled his brows and carefully aimed. Then he pressed an attack button.



The blue laser accurately hit on Golza’s eye. Being hit by this attack, Golza couldn’t help but roar in pain and let go of Jiang Qi.

And Jiang Qi who regained his freedom didn’t care about the pain on his body. He turned his head and created a few steps of distances.


Jiang Qi half knelt on the ground. He shook his dizzy head. His back still felt searing pain. He couldn’t help but angrily looked at Golza.

Frankly speaking, Jiang Qi really wanted to shot Wide Zero Shot at it right now…….

But he couldn’t do that. Golza possessed the ability to absorb energy, doing that would make it like feeding it more milk!

In the end, it came down to whose fist was stronger.

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi clenched his fists and crossed his arms, concentrated his energy into his four limbs. With a dark shout, he charged over, at the same time, Zero Sluggers on his head flew out.

“What is he doing?”

A team member looked at Jiang Qi’s action in puzzle, could it be that he was still not beaten enough?

Golza also didn’t realized Jiang Qi’s trickery. The naive Golza stood there and looked at a fist bombarding at it.


Sparks flew around. Golza was beaten back tens of step. Jiang Qi hastily followed up, with his fists instilled with light, Golza was actually powerless to resist.


As if flying into rage from humiliation, Golza waved its hand to slap Jiang Qi.


At this moment, Zero Sluggers which were hovering in the sky suddenly flew over and slashed at Golza’s head.


Jiang Qi kicked Golza, then took Zero Sluggers back and looked at Golza.

That’s it.

Just when Jiang Qi wanted to take the chance to finish it off, there was suddenly a loud sound coming from behind him. Jiang Qi turned back to look.


Jiang Qi felt the tremendous force coming from behind him, sending him flying and falling down on the mountain hill.


“That can’t be…..”

Jiang Qi difficultly stood up and looked at the battlefield in stupefied.


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