Chapter 140 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (5)

Chapter 140 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (5)

“Night Raider has already descended.”

The reporter holding microphone wanted to enter to interview Night Raider, but was stopped by the patrol guard. With no way, he could only said : “We are unable to enter and interview and can only wait for Night Raider’s action.”

“We will stay at the site to continue live broadcasting.”


Jiang Qi sat quietly listening to TV, his mind already had a bit of ominous premonition.

“This, I am going to buy some drink.”

Jiang Qi looked at the dozing off Little Jiang qi, hesitated a bit, then said.

He was thinking of a way to extricate himself. Otherwise if there was really a situation happening later, he would not be suspected.

“I will go with you.”

Probably hearing that they’re going out to play, she became energetic and excitedly said.


Going with me? Then how would the be different from I don’t go at all?

Jiang Qi lightly coughed then said : You still have to looking after the place. I can go by myself and it won’t take long.”

“Ji——“→_→ (stare)

Little Jiang qi didn’t say anything and only stared at Jiang Qi. Knowing that Jiang Qi was perturbed only then she relaxed.

“……fine, come back early.”


Jiang Qi faintly smiled and made a salute, then he walked out in quick pace.
“You don’t let me go, but can’t I just follow you?”
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Little Jiang qi looked at the already disappeared Jiang Qi and raised her mouth, her eyes flashed with a bit of craftiness,

She turned off TV and followed him.


Frightened by the arrival of Night Raider, those disaster-stricken people had already run away. It could be said that, the entire Jiunong mountain only had Night Raider remanding……and also reporters.

But these reporters were also grownups. After a while of fighting, they might ran faster than anyone else.


Suddenly, the thunderous sound rang up. The entire Jiunong mountain had an enormous quake. Everyone turned around to looked, and then their hearts shook.

What they saw was the dozens of tanks were moving. Above them carried the latest model weaponry. Without a doubt, this was also the first battle for the land combat troops.

“I hope these are useful.”

Han Yi looked at the process of these tank getting in positions with his own eyes and softly sighed, then he entered the tent.

“I will assign the operation mission.”

Han Yi gathered everyone here and said with his arms crossed : “After a while, I will pilot Eagle and fire the disturbance electric wave. There is 80% chance that the monster will be agitated and come up aground. At that moment, you all will coordinate with land combat troops to take care of the monster in one fell swoop.”



Suddenly, a team member raised his hand and asked : “What should we do if all these firepower cannot kill that monster?”

“Then we are in trouble.”

Looking at that member, Han Yi murmured, making everyone here feel disturbed.

“Everyone get ready, the operation will commence at once.”

Han Yi didn’t entangle with the topic and immediately spoke to the team.

Han Yi looked at the surrounding lads and nodded, then he left the tent and looked at the smoking from volcano. The then said to the radio : “Must we really kill this monster? It’s just staying underground and doesn’t attack people!”

Ding Yunfeng at Night Raider’s base heard Han Yi’s words and became stunned a bit, didn’t expect that he would be asked by such question, then he said : “Although it only move underground, but its movement has already threatened great harm to human, therefore…….”

Ding Yunfeng kneaded his temple and said in an exhausted tone : “To survive, it has to be killed.”

After hearing the whole of Ding Yunfeng’s words, Han Yi powerlessly drop his hand down from his ear and bitterly smiled.

To survive……such a cruel and irrefutable phrase. To survive, humanity had already brought tremendous pain the earth, and now they even extended their hands to monsters……

Although the way human do things was sorrowful, but Han Yi was not an indecisive man. He quickly adjusted his condition and got on Eagle,

“Every personnel, pays attention to assault order.”

Han Yi’s voice rang through the radio. Every tank’s cannon aimed at the direction of the volcano. Other members also got into Eagles.

Han Yi flew to above of the volcano. He operated computer and the bottom of the plane suddenly extended out a cask-shape thing.


In the wake of the order, that casket-like thing suddenly emitted out blue ripples, immediately making its way to underground. At this moment, the whole Jiunong mountain was shrouded by this strange electric wave.


In the Night Raider base, many people looked at the red dot blinking in the sectional plane of Jiunong mountain. After receiving the disturbance electromagnetic waves, the red dot suddenly moved restlessly upward very fast.

“It’s coming up.”

Cheng Yu hastily warned Han Yi to quickly withdraw. Han Yi also understood and hastily moved operating lever to leave distances.

“Get ready……”

Everyone in the tanks and Eagles took a deep breath. This was the first battle that humanity was prepared. Although mankind didn’t assemble much on combat power, but that was also the same with monster, right?

If this was still useless, then mankind would have to reflect upon their real strength.


The entire Jiunong mountain suddenly violently shook, and the cloud of dust flew up near the crater and fell down.



At the same time of hearing the roar, Han Yi also immediately ordered an attack.



The tanks and Eagles continuously bombarded at the direction of the sound.

After the bombardment for a dozen minutes, they realized that there was not a sound coming out. They suddenly became excited. The monster ought to be defeated by them right?

The dust gradually dispersed and a black figure suddenly appeared, roaring at those ‘insects’.



Han Yi almost jumped down from the plane. This monster unexpectedly didn’t have a bit of injury, not even a cut.

This seems to be really a trouble……..


There were many convenient stores nearby Jiang Liu’s office. As long as you wanted to buy drinks, you would not have to walk far.

But Jiang Qi didn’t walk to any convenient store, but instead walked to a place where there was no people.


Little Jiang qi’s eyes shone. She felt that she can finally catch this blockhead’s tail.

Seeing Jiang Qi walked into an alley, little Jiang Qi frowned. She felt something off and slowly walked over.


Little Jiang qi followed into the alley and found no one. She opened her mouth wide.

This……was a dead end alley! How could people just disappear?


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