Chapter 14 Monster reappeared again

Chapter 14 Monster reappeared again

After experienced yesterday destruction, Gaoyang city had undergone a significant change, many homeless people lived in the streets, although the government had ordered subsidy, but after layers of deduction, How much would get to their hands?

Perhaps the chief of staff’s conscience found that he used all the funds to buy materials, while the number of workers hired was tiny, mostly were homeless people.

The person in charge promised them that he would not give them any wages, but he would provide them with the house they had built.

Such was a deal, so all the homeless people agreed, they were very active at the start, the speed of repair was terrifying.

Jiang Qi didn’t know about this. Just felt that the world was so beautiful: shining sunshine everywhere, showing off bright colors, birds fluttering looking for insect, smelling an intoxicating scent, this was a world filled with flower.

Of course, when he remembered that he’s going to the amusement park, Jiang Qi face sank and went dark, while Jiang Xue was driving..…

Cappuccino amusement park, one of the major amusement park in China and also known as the most exciting amusement park, where their roller coaster was even registered in the Guinness book’s records. As the world tallest roller coaster, 128 miles (205 Km) per hour, its seats can turn 360 degrees making this roller coaster had the largest number of rotation in the world.

So, a lot of people came here for this roller coaster, But seeing it made people feel a little quiver.

Jiang Qi who was also in this situation, watched its size and felt his eyes go dizzy.

“Do we really have to ride this ?”

Jiang Qi felt a burst of vertigo, slowly looking at Jiang Xue beside him and whispered.

“Yes! Coward.”

Hearing the voice of Jiang Qi, Jiang qi took over before Jiang Xue say anything : “Coming to cappuccino but not riding this, Can you say you really come here?”


Jiang qi said while pulled Jiang Liu who looked like he just ate a fly, making Jiang Liu stiffened.

“Dad, our turn.”

Jiang qi said while taking Jiang Liu’s arms to the ticketing section, watching Jiang Liu stiff back. Jiang Qi quietly saluted.

Jiang Xue looked at Jiang Qi, smiled and said : ”Since you can’t ride this, then you search an attraction to play first for a while, wait till we find you.”


Before Jiang Qi could say “Ok” Jiang Liu interrupted saying : “You can play merry go round, it’s safe.”

Listened to that sentence, Jiang Qi got emotional.

It’s only a ride, what the big deal?

He rolled his sleeve, and rushed forward buying roller coaster ticket in Jiang Liu’s surprised eyes.

“Just like a man!”

Jiang Liu looked at Jiang Qi, and nodded his head. But why did Jiang Qi saw a glimmer of complacent in Jiang Liu’s eyes?

Is that an illusion? It must be!

Jiang Qi nodded and secretly comforted himself.

Looking at the computer with a peaceful mind, Sandy couldn’t help but think of the conversation last night.

“I believe we need to tighten our defenses in China.

The lady didn’t hesitate and made George stunned.

“Can you tell me at least one reason?”

George sat on the chair and said gravely.

“From the information analysis, we found that he operates with a goal in mind.

Sandy looked at George and firmly said : ”This goal is definitely in China! It was the giant that appeared in China before.”

“And in the news before, he appeared in China. Though this is just a brief moment, we still confident it still hasn’t left China.”

Finished, Sandy looked at George while her heart was still not calmed down. She wanted George to recognize their work.

“Although you made some sense. But don’t forget, It is not the United States there.”

George stood up and come closer to Sandy while saying : ”Although China is accepting our assistance, we can only deploy troops to Nanhai which is their limits. If we still deployed more troop, we certainly will create unease in China.”

“If there is no enemy, our relationship will become worse.”(tl: 到时候别说对抗敌人,我们之间的关系也会变得剑拔弩张)

“Also, don’t underestimate the country’s intelligence. They can still notice what we know.”

Looking to Sandy, to see what else Sandy want to say. George answered : ”Our strength is limited, if most of our soldiers go to China, our defense will be reduced. If the monster takes advantage of this, I can’t take the risk.”

Sandy was silent for a moment then said : ”I am very sure that it will appear in China.”

“Very sure? What percentage?”

As George asked he talks with a cold voice: “It’s not 100% guaranteed to be in China,”

“I have proof!”

Sandy shouted, what George said to her did not take into her account, but her intuition told her that if it was not stopped, more people would die.

“Is the proof referring to what you just said ?”

George squinted his eyes said : ”That evidence is negligible.”

George stared to Sandy and said : ”I can’t let my men die in vain.”

“If you have no proof to ensure that it will appear again in China, then please be silent. Otherwise, please leave quietly.”


Recalled the memories. Sandy felt dizzy, and she quickly sat back and drank a cup of coffee.

“Sandy, why don’t you go to sleep?”

The fat man came back from the toilet and seeing sandy, quickly came to her side.

From yesterday Sandy has been staring at the computer, not even eat anything.

“No, I must find the evidence to prove I’m right.”

Refusing the fat man’s suggestion, Sandy operate the computer.

“Don’t overdo it! you will break your body.”

The fat man said without understanding.


Sandy did not answer, she only adjusted the wave frequency data.


“Di…. Di…. Di… Di…”

When Sandy adjusted the frequency, a familiar sound emerged.

“I found it !”

Sandy excitedly jump from her chair.


In China’s underground base, a young man looked at the light screen. Saying : ”Notify the Air Force, Emergency Air Strike, Action Code: 555231, as soon as possible!”

And then he stood up from his seat, firmly saying : ”This time, I won’t let you escape!.”

“Monster, it’s time to die!”



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