Chapter 139 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (4)

Chapter 139 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (4)

Little Jiang qi was still wearing pink ‘helloKitty’ and knotted her hair with bow hairpin. With her little hands at the back, she hopped in and sat down beside Jiang Qi’s bed.

“Big sis take dad to check up at the hospital. I am bored so I come to play with you.”

Little Jiang qi pouted and looked at Jiang Qi in dissatisfaction, she questioned : “Why? You aren’t happy?”

“That’s not it.”

Jiang Qi’s corners of the mouth twitched. He couldn’t help but asked inside, are all woman like this?

“Right, I just heard you shout. What’s the matter? Did you have a nightmare?”

Little Jiang qi spoke, then suddenly looked into Jiang Qi’s eyes and asked.

“Just another nightmare.”

This matter didn’t need to be concealed, so Jiang Qi nodded and immediately admit it.

“What kind of nightmare?”

Little Jiang qi held her little face and moved closer, then asked.

Jiang Qi glanced at Little Jiang qi and looked at her curious big eyes, he couldn’t help but felt funny inside. He extended his hand and knocked on her forehead.

“Aa! Why did you hit me?”

Little Jiang qi covered her head with a little tears in her eyes. She looked at Jiang Qi with grievance. Her lovable appearance would make many to pity her.

But the one before her was Jiang Qi, impartial and incorruptible. He looked at ‘high acting’ little Jiang Qi and got down from bed.

“Ai! How could you be like this! I, beautiful girl wants to cry and you didn’t even console me!”

Little Jiang qi didn’t expect that Jiang Qi would be this ‘heartless’ and actually walked away without looking back.

“Humph! Big blockhead!!”

Little Jiang qi fritted her teeth looking at the already disappeared figure of Jiang Qi and stomped her feet, then she followed him : “Wait for me.”

First floor……

Jiang Qi sat down on the sofa, took the remote controller and turned in the TV to central channel.

And Little Jiang qi at the side drew her mouth and held her forehead, feeling powerless in her mind.

You piece of wood, the reason you neglect me is because you actually want to watch ‘the news’!!


“Dear our viewers, we are right now at the site of the extinct volcanic eruption.”

A reporter holding a microphone and wearing gauze mask spoke with serious expression : “Yesterday evening, the extinct volcano here unexpectedly erupted and causes a lot of damage.”

The reporter spoke and pointed at the volcano behind.

Ones could clearly the boiling smoke coming out from the crater, and big noises issued out from time to time.

“The nearby residents have already temporarily evacuated from here……”


The reporter still didn’t finish speaking when several aircrafts flew across the sky. The reported couldn’t help but looked up and became stunned on spot. He then said in excitement : “It’s Night Raider! Night Raider is here!”

Simultaneously, the camera also shot at the blue fighters on the sky.

“It seems this volcanic eruption is not simple. There might be other reasons.”

Other people also notice the Eagles. Similar to the reporter’s excitement, they also had an upheaval.

What is Night Raider do? It was to attack monsters! In the normal natural disaster, they might even not pay attention, but they were actually here right now.

What was this implied? It meant this volcanic eruption might be the doing of the monster.

The people at the scene became unrest and hastily ran without caring about other people.

But, the only nearby exit was not very wide. Approximately ten thousand people broke in chaos and squeezed themselves into this not very wide path.

It was unknown whose family’s child fell down and cried. It was unknown which old people was pushed. It was unknown which pregnant woman was trampled on.

The staff members tried their best to control the situation. But they clearly overlooked the strength of people who were in life and death crisis, and they themselves were almost pushed down.

But they also knew that if they were pushed down, then they might just say goodbye this world.

And the Night Raider members sitting in the planes clearly didn’t know of the chaos down below.

“We’ve arrived at the above of Jiunong’s crater.”

A team member halted at the above of the crater and operated the computer.

“Cooling Bomb, unloading……”

A mini blue missile immediately fell into the crater. With ‘Chi——‘ sound, the lava’s flow rate suddenly became slow.


Immediately after, they threw in the remaining cooling bomb down. When the bomb came in contact with magma, ones could clearly see with their naked eyes that magna had started to coagulate.

“The cooling assignment is completed. The next is scanning the mountain.”

That team member indifferently said, then switched on the probing tool. The probing tool issued out blue light ray, enveloping the entire Jiunong mountain.

In the Night Raider’s Operation Command Room, everyone’s gaze was all concentrated on the light screen, looking at the volcano being scanned bit by bit. The scanning pattern was presented before their eyes.

“What is this?”

Cheng Yu stared fixedly at the sectional plane when his eyes suddenly widened. He magnified something moving at the bottom of the volcano.

“This is……”

Ding Yunfeng was startled. He looked at Cheng Yu with half-inquiry in his eyes.

“There is life reaction.”

Cheng Yu stood up and said to Ding Yunfeng with heavy expression : “And the reaction is fairly large.”

“So it’s really a monster……”

Ding Yunfeng nodded and looked at the moving living body. He hesitated a bit then made a call to the land combat troop.

“Return to the base, we will take over of the following.”

Han Yi said to that team member, then the remaining pilot of the Eagles descended down.

“Captain, the next……”

Several people just got down and a member chased after them and asked.

“At the very least, we should draw the monster out……”

Han Yi looked at the member, then said : “Our Eagles were installed with electromagnetic wave pulser. It can pierce through the earth down to 9 km underground. It should be able to disturb the monster and make it come up.”

“But why didn’t we do that previously…….”

That team member scratched his head and asked in not understanding.

“If we drew it out earlier, how are we going to defeat it?”

Toward this question, Han Yi could only rolled his eyes, then he explained : “Commander has already contacted the combat troops. It probably won’t take a long time for them to get here. If we coordinate with the land combat troops, our chance of success will be much higher.”


After hearing Han Yi’s whole explanation, that team member couldn’t refrain his face from becoming red. He realized that perhaps his earlier question was a bit stupid.

“Our opponent this time is a giant monster. We must do everything with the preparation of death.”

Another team member stepped forward and patted his shoulder. While his mouth spoke of tragic words, but his eyes shone with incomparable proudness.

“We will station at the nearby temporary tent and discuss the following battle plan.”

Han Yi looked at that team member and faintly nodded, then said : “Seal off the nearby Jiunong mountain so that ordinary citizens cannot get here.”



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