Chapter 138 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (3)

Chapter 138 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (3)

Jiunong mountain’s extinct volcano suddenly eruption shocked entire China. Night Raider’s also held an emergency meeting.

“Regarding this volcanic eruption, I think we should immediately stop it.”

A middle-aged man wearing earphone stood up and looked at everyone, said : “This extinct volcano has been spilling a large amount of magma, leading to accumulating loss of our territories.”

“Compare to stopping the volcanic eruption, I think the more important thing should be investigating the cause of this eruption.”

Cheng Yu who had been silent at a side suddenly said, drawing everyone’s gaze to concentrate on him.

“Why? Do you think this volcanic eruption isn’t natural?

Ding Yunfeng looked at Cheng Yu and dully asked.


Cheng Yu nodded then operated light brain and transferred data to the main screen.
Pictures of the volcanic eruption kept appearing on the main screen.

“An extinct volcano refers to a volcano that had erupted before the prehistoric times but has never been active again. Such volcanoes already lost their mobility.”

Cheng Yu slowly walked to the center while speaking.

“Some volcanoes still maintain as complete volcanic form, while others have been weathered and eroded, leaving only incomplete volcanic remains.”

Hearing Chen Yu’s words, everyone nodded their heads. These were something they all understood.

“And this Jiunong Mountain’s extinct volcano was already confirmed as absolutely impossible to erupt again, so the eruption this time must be because of other reasons.”

Chen Yu looked at everyone. His words raised the alarm in everyone’s mind.

“After I checked up on Jiunong mountain, I discovered abnormal magma’s flow.”

“Abnormal flow?”

Ding Yunfeng tilted his head and looked at Cheng Yu in uncertain.

“This eruption is a calm-type. This kind of volcanic eruption only has a large amount of molten lava calmly spill out from the crater and slowly flow along the hill slope, like boiling water spilling out from rice cooker. The overflow is based on the characteristics of magma: high temperature, low viscosity, easy flow, low gas content and no explosive phenomenon.”

Cheng Yu turned over a lot of information and laid bare in front of everyone. He said: “If this is the case, most of the magma will be deposited inside. I focused on this point and carefully checked it. And it made me to discover the abnormality.”

Chang Yu spoke and showed the video of the calculated lava flow.

“There is unexpectedly no magma in the crater, instead all of the magma is flowing to the underground.”

“Since it’s like this, then it’s very necessary to examine it.”

The chief of staff nodded and thought seriously, then asked Ding Yunfeng next to him: “Can we examine the volcano now?”

“Yes, I think it is safer using Eagle than Drilling Car.”

Ding Yunfeng nodded his head and looked at Han Yi. His understanding regarding Eagle outstripped everyone here.

“If we want add in detectors, then we need to uninstall weapons.”

Han Yi looked at Ding Yunfeng and said in pondering.

“You have full authority over this matter.”

Ding Yunfeng nodded, then said : “At the same time of the probing, we also need to use cooling bomb to delay magma’s flow.”



A stream of goods were continuously flowing into disaster area. Tents, medicines, foods, and other resources were moving toward disaster area.

The disaster-stricken masses took on a long queue receiving supplies. Although they already tried their best to equally distribute resources, but it was still not enough.

At the ruin sat paralyzed the pitiful little girl, with dirty clothes and messy hair blown by the wind. Her eyes were void of frighten.

Her house was in the earthquake epicenter. For the sake of saving her, papa and mama died in the earthquake.

She won’t cry, because her tears were already run dry a long time ago. She won’t feel sad, because she was already numb from that.

She just quietly sat there, gaze blankly at that volcano that took away her parents. Her eye contained an indescribable feeling.


As if feeling the girl’s look, the volcano erupted again, result in crowd’s panic.
“What should we do??”
A woman kneeled on the ground and cried. Other people’s eyes were also gloomy.

“This volcano is going to blow up, Don’t you guys have any measure?”

A man grabbed a staff’s collar and irritably asked.

“We are in the middle of investigation!”

The staff member could only give this kind of official answer to prevent the panic. However, these people had already lose a part of their reason. This kind of answer only made them more agitated.

“Yesterday you guys said you were investigating, today you guys are sill investigating. How long do you want to investigate this?”

The man agitatedly shouted : “Now time is life. Isn’t the more time you drag on, the more danger we are in?”

The man’s words stirred up more people’s response. They all grabbed staffs’ collar.

“Can you do it or not?”

“Are you even working?”

“Please everyone be more reasonable! We are thinking of a solution.”

The staffs’ words didn’t have any use, instead it made people even more frantic.


These few days, the school had days off. The office also didn’t have any commission. Jiang Qi ate breakfast, fell onto bed, then slept.

Jiang Qi felt that he arrived at unusual space, infinitely dark.


Suddenly, an edge of darkness cracked like mirror, and the light enveloped Jiang Qi.

“Hululu——“(sfx: wheezing sound)

A sound causing people’s heart to palpitate rang up. Jiang Qi lifted his head and became confused.

He could sense a huge giant, huge muscles and dark skin.

Could it be monsters?

When Jiang Qi was about to look attentively at the monster, the monster became blurry,
Immediately after, that monster suddenly slapped its hand down. Jiang Qi became shock and lifted his left hand, intending to transform, but he couldn’t lift his hand.

He panicky looked up and saw the monster’s claw getting closer and closer……


Jiang Qi sat up with sweat on his forehead.


Jiang Qi gasped a few times then relaxed. Ever since after he became Zero, Jiang Qi’s chance of having nightmares became greater.

This was also clearly another nightmare. Jiang Qi wiped sweat on his forehead.


The door was suddenly opened. Jiang Qi lifted his head to look and saw a sneaky little head, he immediately knew who come to his room.

“Little qi, why did you come?”

The visitor was indeed little Jiang qi, not Jiang Xue, because Jiang Xue wouldn’t make such childish acts.


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