Chapter 137 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (2)

Chapter 137 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (2)

At the village in the south, the villagers built their village on the mountainside, with smoke coming out from every house’s chimneys.

After a meal, the villagers took out TV remote to open TV, looking for some news to pass time.

“Dear every audience, the battle between Zero and the monster this time took place at the border of Russia and China. There is no resident nearby and there is no property damage and as well as casualty……”

Some old men changed the station, turning to the recording.

Zero was riding on the monster’s body, crazily hitting it, causing it to shriek repeatedly.

The station was broadcasting a comic-con, with numerous ‘Zero’ swarming like ants.
(tl : cosplaying)


The old men heaved a sigh. Recently, people began to idolize Zero, especially those underage children, they simply almost went frenzy.

They began to imitate Zero’s each and every move, the way he wipe his nose, the fighting posture, especially the motion of when he used Wide Zero Shot, that quickly became global gesture.

And in TV and film industry, there were also all kind imitations emerging, all kinds of ‘Ultraman’ movies, for example : Ultraman’s Journey to other world, Ultraman vs. Giant Grey Wolf……

The old men couldn’t help but shake their heads and their impression of Zero became worse and worse.

Meanwhile, a family was having a diner. They sat on the ground looking at TV, but every channel was the same, having something about ‘Ultraman’.

Without any way, they could only find news network, while eating melon seed and chatting.

“Ai! At this rate, Earth is going be spoiled of fun!”

A man looked around, then suddenly heaved a sigh.

“What is this! To actually have time to worship this, worship that, those eggheads.”

The woman also heaved a sigh and shook her head, as if angry with these disappointing youngsters.

“Zero is amazing!!! He saves many people!”

The child hearing this argue in discontent.

“Don’t talk irresponsibly.”

The woman glared at the child and said in a stern voice : “What do you understand? These guys are nothing but troubles!!”

“Not Zero!!!!”

The child wrinkled his brows. His parents already touched his bottom line.

“It’s the same!!”

The woman waved her hand and fiercely said : “Didn’t you see that the world was so peaceful before he appeared? After he appeared, the world changed!!”

“How is this the same?! Zero is Earth’s hero!”

The child yelled holding back his red face.


The woman grabbed the child’s ear and cursed : “You little brat! What do you about heroes?”

“That thing’s appearance killed many people! I don’t see him as a hero, but a demon!”

Pulling the child’s ear, the woman threw the child into his room and said : “Hurriedly go to your study, you aren’t allowed to sleep of you don’t finish them!”



Finished speaking, the woman closed the door, leaving behind the child in the pitch dark room, weeping in low voice.

The woman walked back while sighing : “This child has become more and more disobedient!”

The woman sat down on the floor and eat melon seeds.


Suddenly, the underground violently shook, shaking the woman to fall down.


The earthquake kept going, the woman staggeringly stood up and flusteredly said.

“Quickly run!”

The man saw the woman and yelled. Upon hearing that, the woman hastily ran out while covering her head.

”Aa? My god……”

The woman had just run out was stunned by the scene before her eyes. The volcano they had been relying on began to erupt.

The red magma continuously flew out. The volcano erupted from time to time, and the ground shook each time it erupted, making them unable to stand solidly on the ground.

“Quickly run!! Escape immediately!”

At this moment, every villager ran away in all direction. Although they were very far away from the volcano, but under this kind of situation, no one was able to stay calm.


Early morning, little birds were lively calling out. The cool breeze flew into the room through the slightly opened window.

Jiang Qi slowly yawned and opened his sleepy eyes. The surrounding was dim and hazy. He lightly rubbed his eyes, looked at his sluggish appearance in the mirror, then lifted the quilt and got down from the bed.

Jiang Qi slowly walked down to the lower floor and saw Jiang Xue was cooking while little Jiang qi was sitting on the sofa watching TV. As for Jiang Liu, he was reading a newspaper and drinking tea.
(tl : Eh? Not coffee?)

When Jiang Qi saw tea, he could hold back his laugh. Ever since from previous case, Jiang Liu had fallen in love with coffee, but Jiang Xue didn’t allow him to drink regularly and specially bought Longjing team for Jiang Liu.

Seeming to feel someone looking at him, Jiang Liu raised his head and saw Jiang Qi holding back laughs with red face, he couldn’t help but fiercely glared at Jiang Qi.

“Hi! Good morning, Little Jiang!”

Jiang Qi had just got down and he heard someone calling him. He looked at the direction of the voice and saw Jiang Xue holding breakfast looked at him with smiling expression.

Jiang Xue was wearing casual clothes and putting on scarf. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and there was a faint sweat on her forehead. She had less feeling of celestial beauty than normal time but more of the gentle kind.

Jiang Qi was stunned and nodded his head. Then he looked at little Jiang qi. She put a bow on her hair and she was wearing pink ‘hellokitty’, looking very delicately adorable.

They sat at the dinner table. Jiang Qi ate bread, drank milk, and looked at TV, experiencing the hard to come by tranquil time.

“Dear our viewers, we have breaking news. Yesterday evening, the extinct volcano at Jiunong mountain has suddenly erupted. We request everyone nearby to evacuate as soon as possible.”


After hearing this news, Jiang Qi’s mind shook, he immediately straightened his body.

“Extinct volcano?? How could that be?”

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang Liu glanced at Jiang Qi and asked : “You thinks there’s something wrong?”
“The volcanic eruption is the ejection of magma from the volcanic crater to earth’s surface in a short period of time. Because the magma contains a large amount of volatile matter and the confining pressure of the overlying rock strata, these volatiles can not be dissolved in the magma. When the magma rises close to the surface, the pressure decreases and the volatiles are released rapidly, thus forming a volcanic eruption. ”
Jiang Qi smoothly spoke, his eyes also contained a trace of shock, he said : “Jiunong mountain was already confirmed the most improbable volcano to erupt.”

“Furthermore, Jiunong mountain also never has tectonic plate’s activity, how come it is erupting right now?”

Jiang Qi was analyzing word by word when Jiang Liu suddenly interrupted : “Actually, high mountains are bound to have some tectonic plate’s activity. You probably have come across a bogus geology teacher.”


Jiang Qi’s hand became stiff in place and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“Could it be a monster?”

Finished drinking her milk, Little Jiang qi suddenly said, making Jiang Qi’s face darkened.

Again?? My heaven!! I just handled yesterday……


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