Chapter 136 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (1)

Chapter 136 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (1)

The blue sky, without any trace of floating cotton, as if the variated color was filtered out, shone magnificently.


A figure streak across the sky with extreme speed, creating a huge air current.


Following closely by the Night Raider’s Eagles.


A team member fiercely hammered on the operation panel, looked at the radar, then said : “How can It become even faster? It already is out of the radar’s range.”

“If it go one like this, it is going to enter Russia’s border.”

Cheng Yu checked the data and found that that strange thing had already flown pass Russia’s border, he couldn’t help but weakly said.

“I have already done the negotiation, Chase it!”

Ding Yunfeng nodded his head and resolutely said.

“En, I will determine the specific location.”

Cheng Yu also nodded his head, then did calculations on the computer.

“With this speed, there is 50% chance that it will descend on Sakhalin.”

Everyone in Eagles nodded from hearing that, and changed their direction to Sakhalin.

“Not good!”

At this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly screamed out.


Han Yi immediately asked. For Cheng Yu to cry out like that, there must be something.

“Not good!! That thing has turned around!!”

Cheng Yu hurriedly calculated, then yelled out in shock : “It is flying toward you guys!! Its speed is already exceed Mach 3!!”

“What did you say?!!”

Han Yi slapped the radio and asked in shocked. Mach 3, this was far surpass the Eagle’s maximum speed.


At this moment, the radar suddenly sent out an alarm. Han Yi lowered his head and saw the target unexpectedly appeared on the radar’s scope.

Han Yi lifted his head and unexpectedly could clearly see a black dot rapidly enlarging.

“Not good!! Everyone dodge!!”

Han Yi shouted at the radio and hastily moved his operating control, urgently changing direction.


Just when they had dodged, that thing almost turned into a shadow, and flew past their sides.


Although they managed to get out of that big guy’s dash, but the air current produced from extreme speed almost blew them off.


Just when they were having a sigh, that thing unexpectedly turned around and flew at them again.

“Not good!! Its targets is you!!”

Han Yi shouted : “Everyone pays attention!! Evade!!”


Several frames of aircraft evaded again, however, this time Han Yi led several Eagles to attack back.

For a moment, numerous lasers were shot out, but they were all keenly dodged by that monster.


The monster’s eyes shot out a red laser, hitting one of the Eagles, fortunately the pilot parachuted out successfully.

The monster’s body once again brushed pass Night Raider’s members, and roared out.
“This is impossible! Its speed is too fast!”

One of the members said in powerless.

“Cheng Yu!”

Han Yi wrinkled his brows, then said : “Can you find a way yo make it land? Otherwise we cannot hit it!”

“I am analyzing it! But it need more time!”

Cheng Yu and personnel in computer department were in the middle of analysis, however, the monster’s data were not complete and couldn’t come out with anything.


The monster roared and charged at Night Raider’s members again. This time, its eyes shot out over ten rays of an orange laser, blocking off all of their routes of retreat.


At this moment, a ray of light descended down and smashed the monster down.
This sudden situation made Night Raider’s members stunned, then they became pleasantly surprised.



The monster was smashed down by the light to the ground, creating a deep pit. In the middle of the pit, the monster weakly fell down there.


The light died down, revealing a blue and red Giant kneeling on the monster’s body. The Zero Sluggers were illuminated by the sunlight, giving out sparking cold edge.

Now they could clearly see the monster’s appearance, sharp beak, orange body as majority. There were two enormous wings on its back. It could be said with a look that it was a flying-type monster, however this monster now was thrashing on the ground.

“That’s good, it’s really Zero……”

Everyone relieved a breath. Fortunately Zero smashed this monster down. Now they could finally hit it.

“Name : Melba

Status : lv1

Height : 49 meters

Weight : 2,600 tons

The surviving super-ancient creature on Earth, it is the overlord of the sky. Its speed can reach up to the speed of light.”
(tl : I thought It was Soiger at first)

“Hehe! Melba is it?”

Jiang Qi rubbed the tip of his nose with his thumb, and his eyes shone with light.

The next is this young master’s showtime!

Melba was paralyzed from Jiang Qi’s sudden attack, however it should wear off after a while.

Without any bit of hesitation, Jiang Qi Immediately grabbed Melba’s wings. He didn’t forget the information saying that Melba was the overlord of the sky, so its wings must be disposed, otherwise……


The Zero Sluggers separated. With the power of light in them, they cut off Melba’s wings without the slightest of sound.


Hurting from its wings being cut, Melba returned to its sense and began to violently struggle.

An enormous force suddenly burst out under Melba and lifted off unguarded Jiang Qi.


Melba quickly stood up and screamed. Its eyes immediately shot out light rays one after another.

Jiang Qi hastily dodged, but Melba’s light rays kept on coming. Under this kind of attacks, there’s no guarantee that he would not be hit.


Upon seeing this, Han Yi immediately shot lasers at Melba’s back. Melba cried out in pain and stop shooting light rays. It turned its head to looked at the aircraft in the sky, its eyes was charging with the red lightning.

After seeing this, Jiang Qi hastily held Melba and turned it back. Then he heavily punched it several times, causing Melba to shriek out repeatedly.

Following with a backhand strike to its neck and ferociously hammering at the back of its head. Then with his fist covering in light, he punched at Melba’s eyes, causing the sparkling on its eyes to die out.

Releasing Melba, Jiang Qi round-housed kick Melba to the ground, then he rode on its body.

He grabbed its beak and sent out a punch after punch at its mandible.

Then Jiang Qi stood up and drew back a few steps. He half-kneeled on the ground and pulled his right hand, gathering energy while looking at Melba weakly stood up staggering.


Jiang Qi heavily shouted and made an L-shape with his arms. Wide Zero Shot was shot out and penetrated Melba’s body.

Melba’s body stood there stiffly, then it exploded.

Seeing Melba’s death, Jiang Qi lowered his hands, changed into light.

Seeing that Jiang Qi had disappeared, Han Yi deeply said : “Return!”



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