Chapter 135 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (9)

Chapter 135 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (9)

This punch of Jiang Qi Immediately roused up human’s morale. If it went on like this, then the monster could be killed.

The situation of the following battle lean to another side, Liang Huang totally didn’t dare to confront head-on with Jiang Qi


The light on Jiang Qi’s body shook, and without any power to resist, Liang Huang was shaken and flew away.


She was lying on the ground and looked extremely downtrodden, without the slightest bit of the previous valiant appearance.


Jiang Qi spread his arms and the light surged. The surrounding light was continuously gathered and entered into his body.


He clenched his fists and crossed his arms at his chest. The light vanished, but the color timer emitted out the never before brilliant light.


After a while, Jiang Qi seemed to hesitate a bit, then he abruptly opened his arms. The infinite light burst out from Jiang Qi’s body, illuminating the entire Gaoyang City as if it was on daytime.


Even Jiang Liu couldn’t help but have to put down his treasure coffee and covered his eyes to prevent eyes’ injuries.


The infinite light suddenly shrouded Liang Huang. She gave out a horrible shriek and her body abruptly shook emitting black gas out. Then the black gas was rapidly evaporated by the light.


Jiang Qi was using all his might to release light from his body, the light around also became more and more. Liang Huang’s body also started to evaporate. With just a few seconds of time, she almost disappeared to nothing, along with students and teachers’ body.


Seeing that Huang Liang had disappeared, Jiang Qi stopped releasing light. The surrounding suddenly became dark, and Jiang Qi also kneeled down on the ground.

This move was really too energy-consuming and this was the first time Jiang Qi had used it and he still hadn’t a good grasp on it. He was even afraid that he wouldn’t have time to transform back later.

Jiang Qi looked around. He managed to prop himself up and then disappeared from there.


Everyone was dubbed for a while, then returned to their senses and said : “Finally over……”

“Oh yes! We are safe!!”

It could be said that after going through the crisis of life and death, people would treasure their life more.

“Everyone is fine.”

Chen Lin looked around in relieved and relaxingly said.

Suddenly, Jiang Xue said in a soft voice : “I will go find little Jiang.”

But Jiang Xue had just walked a few steps when Jiang Qi suddenly scurried out of nowhere with a pale face and messy clothes.

“Aa! Little Jiang!”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s appearance, Jiang Xue screamed and ran to support Jiang Qi.

“I’m fine. I’m just frightened by those zombies.”

Jiang Qi waved his hand gesturing that he’s fine.

“Everyone is really fine.”

Chen Lin smiled and took everyone out of the school’s gate. Everyone returned to their family, after all what they’d gone through, they wanted some time of peace.

“It seems sometimes Zero uses too much energy.”

After Jiang Liu and others got in the car, Jiang Liu suddenly spoke without turning his head.

Hearing that, Jiang sisters looked at each others and signed.


After Jiang Qi fastened seatbelt, he looked at Jiang Liu through the rear-view mirror and saw that Jiang Liu was looking at the scenery outside the window. He could help but curled his mouth and casually said : “At least he’s not dead.”

“Hey!! You can’t say that to my idol!”

Little Jiang qi unexpectedly exploded from that words, making Jiang Qi sweat.

“Able to learn to bring out one own’s strong point, pretty good.”

When the car was about to drive off, Jiang Liu suddenly said.

“What did you say?”

Jiang Qi didn’t hear that and puzzling looked at Jiang Liu.


Jiang Liu shook his head, then said to Jiang Qi : “Go, I want to buy a cup of coffee.”

“Fuck! I’s just returned from the gate of hell, and you actually say this to me?”

Hearing this, Jiang Qi almost spurted out a mouthful of blood. No human sympathy at all!!

Angrily grabbing his head, Jiang Qi didn’t know why he suddenly recalled the fight previously.

“You may be able to kill a demon me, but can you kill the demon inside human’s mind?”

Liang Huang’s words were still reverberating in his mind.

“There is no retreating from walking onto this path, can you bear with it?”

I surely can!


I was called Xian Jie. I was just an ordinary girl in an ordinary family, no lofty aim, no superpower.

I was always afraid when I was alone at home. I was always afraid of cockroaches crawling at my side. I was always afraid of staying at home alone after watching a horror movie. I was afraid of the girl bullying at school. But what I was afraid the most was those who regarded me as different and weak with cold eyes.

I don’t understand! Why are they rejecting me?

And not just those people, even my father and mother were the same. In their eyes, there seemed to only have achievement as their daughter.

In teacher’s eyes, I was merely an dispensable goods. Whether good or bad didn’t concern him.

He always cursed at students and yet he had the appearance of a splendid teacher in from of headmaster and parents.

That smile, was so shameless!! Under that sincere outer shell concealed such a hideous demon!!!

Why!! What have we done wrong?? To treating us like this!!

I hate this ugly world!! If there was a day when the earth was flooded, the seas rise, I wish to wash away my sin.

At last, I can’t bear living in this ugly world anymore. I choose to commit suicide by jumping off the building. There is already a letter inside my pocket, I won’t push responsibility to anyone!

Finally, I jump down, but it might be better not doing it, because I become half-dead-half-alive.

The more using resplendent clothing on me and the thicker makeup on my lifeless face, the more I felt myself rotting from the inside. It felt like with just a poke on my skin and pus and fat would come out.

Who am I? Why am I here?

Someone has found my secret and he wanted to report to teacher!!

That greedy guys, for the sake of being famous, he will use whatever means to send himself to graduate school. After getting a good result from the graduate school, he would obtain a good name.

Therefore, I kill him, and also the people who had committed wrong.

But, She didn’t know why, when she saw blood, it felt like seeing poppy. It was as if she cannot stop her hand anymore.

She could feel that the whole school was cursed with the vengeance spirit, but she couldn’t turn back anymore.

Switching on the lamp, wanting to borrow a little bit of light’s warmth. The faint light hit onto the pale wall, also calling out the shadows in the room. Accompanying the ticking sound from the beginning, they started the noiseless carnival, just like……The Hundred Ghosts Night Parade?

This is The Hundred Demons……Night Parade!
(tl :ō)

I will make this world remember me!! I won’t be used as a tool ever again!!

As for the sole light in this world, he will end himself, from their sinful hands……


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