Chapter 134 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (8)

Chapter 134 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (8)

A round moon hang above the black screen of the sky, shining moonlight onto the human world, making a layer if red fine gauze onto the dark world.

Several people far away from the battlers looked at slowly standing up Jiang Qi and recalled that strange ability of Liang Huang, and felt chilled in their hearts.

“What is happening?”

Someone couldn’t help but shout out. He didn’t understand why Zero’s attack didn’t hit Liang Huang, but Liang Huang could attack Zero?

“It should be swapping of the real body!”

Didn’t know when he took out a cup of coffee, Jiang Liu softly said while drinking.
(tl : another coffee!?)

“Then what should he do?”

Little Jiang qi became Zero’s loyal fan, upon hearing that Liang Huang had such an ability, she couldn’t help but nervously asked.

“How can you aren’t worried at all!”

Some policemen couldn’t bear with Jiang Liu’s attitude anymore and questioned him.
“What’s the point of being worry?”

Jiang Liu slowly drank coffee, then said : “From what I see, Zero isn’t unnecessarily lost to this guy.”

“?? Father, where did that confident come from?”

Jiang Xue was dumbfounded hearing this. She looked at Jiang Liu and asked in doubt.
“Zero should still have some cards he hasn’t used.”

Jiang Liu deeply looked at standing up Jiang Qi, then lowered his head and stopped speaking. Although others were still very doubtful, but they also didn’t inquire more.


In the center of the battlefield, Jiang Qi managed to stand up. Because of the Liang Huang’s previous attack attached with black mist, with just a light chop, even if Jiang Qi continued to resist, he could still feel that bone-corroding pain after a long time.


Jiang Qi gloomily shouted and charged over. He lifted his right fist and strike, but, Liang Huang didn’t dodge nor defense, allowing Jiang Qi to attack her.

Jiang Qi’s fist passed through Liang Huang’s body again. Immediately after, Jiang Qi suddenly used momentum to turn around and did a roundhouse kick at her head.


With no surprise, Jiang Qi’s attack passed through her body.


Liang Huang punched Jiang Qi with her fist covering in a clump of black mist, casing Jiang Qi to fly back again. He fell onto a small building, collapsing it into ruins.

Due to their battle, many people already evacuated from the surrounding. But Jiang Qi still felt that it was his fault causing hundreds of people to die.


Numerous balls of soul emerged from under Jiang Qi’s body, turned into energy and fused with Liang Huang.

Jiang Qi could feel that Liang Huang become even stronger, although only a little, but Jiang Qi could still feel her advance.

This was not a fair battle, Jiang Qi’s energy was limited, while Liang Huang was not. As long as there were deaths from the battle, she could continue to become stronger, while he would disappear first.

Depending on her ability of unable to be hit, she already established herself in an invincible position, not to mention other…….

Frankly speaking, Jiang Qi didn’t have any measure. The information from the Shield of Baraji said that, Liang Huang’s weakness was very obvious, but what the hell is that weakness!

Jiang Qi carefully examined Liang Huang who was floating mid-air, but he couldn’t notice any weakness.

But, Jiang Qi knew that, he couldn’t win relying on only physical attacks.
Thinking to this, Jiang Qi half kneeled to the ground and shot a light ray from his palm.


Liang Huang faintly moved, dodging Jiang Qi’s light ray attack.

She dodges?

Jiang Qi was slightly stunned. A thought appeared in his mind. At this moment, Liang Huang suddenly appeared before Jiang Qi and clutched his neck, lifting him up.

“You lose!”

Liang Huang lifted Jiang Qi up and spoke to Jiang Qi using a voice only they could hear with unconcealed pleasing.


Jiang Qi difficultly laughed, then said : “It’s still too early… conclude that……”

“You can’t touch me and yet you talking about defeating me?”

Liang Huang faintly lifted her head and said in disdain : “This fight is destined to be your lose from the start……”

“You……are too careless…..”

Jiang Qi looked at Liang Huang and slowly spoke.

“How’s that?”

Liang Huang coldly snorted and indifferently said : “You already lose anyway.”

“That’s why….I said, you are too careless!!!”

Jiang Qi’s final syllable was just shouted out, and at the same time, he suddenly shook. A ball of flame fiercely erupted, then a kick flew toward Liang Huang.

Liang Huang totally didn’t expect this and was unexpectedly kicked by Jiang Qi, flying back a few streets.


Freeing from Liang Huang’s binding, Jiang Qi fell to the ground and heavily panted, then he lightly said : “Thanks to you telling me your weakness.”

“What did you said?”

Liang Huang’s injury was not heavy and fell to the ground. She clenched her fist. Upon hearing Jiang Qi’s words, she looked at him with a sharp light in her eyes.

“You have that ability to render any attack ineffective, and yet you dodge a laser I fired previously.”

Jiang Qi stood up and laughed at Liang Huang : “It seems you are really afraid of light. The weakness, sure enough is extremely obvious. Is it because if this that you want to get rid of me?”

Liang Huang didn’t make any sound, but stood there quietly, looking at Jiang Qi.

“Why did you sacrifice the life to live under the sun and seek this kind of flaw power?”
Jiang Qi looked at Liang Huang, at that little girl and asked : “The merits and demerits in it, could it be that you don’t understand that?”

“Want to know?”

Surprisingly, Liang Huang softly tilted her head, then said : “Kill me, then I will tell you……Kill me, and you’ll know……”

Hearing Liang Huang’s words, Jiang Qi took a deep breath. He gathered his entire energy into his four limbs.


Jiang Qi raised his fist and charged over. Seeing this, Liang Huang narrowed her eyes in doubt.

Fully aware that normal attacks weren’t no use, then why……

But, what was more surprising was that Liang Huang also didn’t dodge, but rather stood there.

The other onlookers also believed that the scene would play the same as before.

However, the instant when Jiang Qi’s fist was about to pass through Liang Huang’s body, a ray of light burst, and his punch unexpectedly solidly hit at her, beating her back tens of steps.

How can that be?

Liang Huang looked at both of her hands in disbelief, seemingly to not react to everything that happened.

Concealing the light in arms and feet, although it was very energy-consuming, but it did hit on her weakness. By holding the initiative in his hands, the next was how to kill her, he……should have some idea, right?

Jiang Liu looked at everything that happened on the battlefield and immersive analyzed how the outcome was going to be, and smiled.


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