Chapter 133 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (7)

Chapter 133 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (7)

The night was very deep.

The moon drilled through the dark clouds, rising higher and higher. It looked especially strange, as if there was some frightening force within the silence.

At this moment, the buzzing of the day couldn’t be seen, the calm wind blew pass. On the wall beside the street glimmered a few shadows, breaking the previous calmness.
Suddenly, a little figure appeared at the corner.


After the meowing appeared a cat, it looked at the tall building with its fur stood up. It fixedly stared there.

The atmosphere in the supervisor control room became even heavier, nobody had said anything.

“I am going to save little Jiang.”

Jiang Xue suddenly stood up and was about to leave the room.

“You going out right now was courting death!”

Chen Lin stopped Jiang Qi and scolded.

“Wasn’t there no movement before?”

Jiang Xue struggled, however as Chen Lin had the SWAT background, she unexpectedly couldn’t struggle free.

“There is now……”

Jiang Liu suddenly said, making everyone’s gaze concentrated on him, didn’t understand what’d he said.

“What are you looking at me for?”

Seeing everyone looking at him, Jiang Liu could not help but rolled his eyes. He pointed finger at outside the window and said : “Look there!”


Everyone simultaneously looked at the outside of the window and suddenly widened their mouth, not just that, widened their eyes……also not just that, almost pissed themselves.

Outside the window, was scenery of hell. A large crowd of student rushed at them like an army of ants, stomping the barricades the policemen had set up there.

But, what really shocked the policemen was that, these people’s posture was like the zombies.

A large crowd of children wearing student uniforms appeared in the night in such a strange way truly made people felt cold on their back.


Suddenly, a student stopped, turned his head and looked at everyone in the supervisor control room. He opened his stiff mouth and stiffly smiled and them.

Jiang Liu and others were familiar with this person. He was the student who resolutely wanted to get inside the school in the morning. However, his condition seemed to be not very good right now.

Green and black color around the eyes, yellow pupils, shrivel face, how come the lively and exuberant middle school youth from before becoming like this? And further with sharp teeth, made them had cold sweat.

However, he only stood there for a while, then followed the crowd walking away.
“There is really no one alive in this school.”

Jiang Liu sip coffee, the softly said : “This crowd should be going to the thing that make them felt threatened.”

“After it finish dealing with that thing…..”

Little Jiang qi’s softly muttered, her eyes was somewhat blurred.

“……Then it would be our turn……”

Chen Lin stroked a gun at her waist and lowered her head.

“Just us this number of people, aren’t you afraid that it’s not enough to fill their teeth?”
Jiang Qi’s light words pressed everyone’s idea down.

“Then what should we do now?”

Chen Lin was restless and walking around, but she couldn’t come up with any good way, so she couldn’t help but ask.

“Wait and see……the following, perhaps we don’t need to worry about it…….”

Jiang Liu drank coffee with a face fulled of satisfaction and lightly said : “I also want to verify if that conjecture is really……..”
(tl : Ohh)

“Verify what conjecture?”

Jiang Xue’s gaze shifted. She always felt that Jiang Liu seemed to have some assurance they didn’t know about.

“Never mind…..”

Jiang Liu shook his head then drank coffee, he asked Chen Lim : “This coffee is pretty good, where did you buy it? I will buy some next time…..”
(tl : that answer my question why the hell Jiang Liu drink so much coffee.)



“Without any assurance, who would make a move?”

The girl shook her head and softly said.

“This is your assurance?”

Jiang Qi’s five senses were extremely sensitive. The sound of movement below, even from high building here, didn’t escape from him.

“This thing isn’t still not enough to fill our teeth.”

The girl shook her head and waved her hand. Several transparent souls appeared on the sky revolving around her. Immediately after that, the souls continued to appear and enveloped her.

Jiang Qi could sense the feeling inside these souls; indignant, despair, death, grief, excitement and so on, as well as the owner of these souls.

Could it be these are from those students downstairs?

Along with the removal of souls, every student fell to the ground, as if they were already dead.

With the souls enveloping the girl, her energy sharply increases. Jiang Qi also dared not to be careless. The Shield of Baraji flashed and Zero Eyes flew up and worn on Jiang Qi’s face.


A ray of light flew to the sky and smashed onto the center of the city. Under a second, the light died down, and a blue and red giant appeared.

As expect!! He comes!
Jiang Qi pushed the wheelchair out of the supervisor control room without emotion on his face, looking at Zero. No one knew what he was thinking.


Seeing the students fall to the ground and not getting up, other people came over and then saw Zero’s domineering appearance, became flabbergasted.

Could it be that Zero knows of their crisis? And come specially to save them?

However, without waiting for them to feel happy much longer, a ball of black gas appeared above Zero and slowly descended.


Jiang Qi moved his wrist and drew back a few steps. He looked carefully at a ball of black gas slowly descending.


The black gas didn’t fell to the ground. It stopped at 10 meters above the ground and then suddenly dispersed. A purple silhouette then ‘float’ out from within.

Purple skin, with the black gas behind her like tentacles. Her pupils were pitch dark and her body looked illusory.

“Name : Liang Huang
(tln : 魉皇(liang huang) = spirit ruler)

Status : Nascent (Incomplete)

Height : ??

Weight : ??

One of the four wielder of Death, born from resentment, parasitic to human body. The more death it hold, the stronger it become. But its weakness is also extremely obvious.



The Shield of Baraji once again popped out an information, however, it seemed that Liang Huang didn’t saw it.

But Jiang Qi’s main attention wasn’t on this, but rather what was the wielder of life and death? Furthermore, the more she kill, the stronger she become, then how many people had she killed until now. And the most important thing was, what was her weakness?


While Jiang Qi’s mind was wandering, Liang Huang suddenly waved her hand and black energy pulled on the high building and threw it at Jiang Qi. If not for Jiang Qi’s instinctual reaction from being thrashed from Leo, then he would really be smashed.


Jiang Qi raised his fist and charged at Kiang Huang, but Liang Huang seemed to not see this and allowed Jiang Qi to get close.



What made Jiang Qi stunned was that his fist unexpectedly pass through Liang Huang’s body. And not just his body, his entire body also pass through.

Just when Jiang Qi was dumbfounded, Liang Huang suddenly caught his shoulder, and raised another hand covered with black gas, chopped down at Jiang Qi’s back.


Jiang Qi cried out in pain and fell down on the multistoried building. Red blood gushed out. This was not Jiang Qi’s, but from the innocent people who didn’t run away.

At this moment, numerous black gas came out from the multistoried building and flew to Liang Huang’s body……

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