Chapter 132 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade(6)

Chapter 132 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade(6)

The night darkened. The gloomy night was like a layer of boundless dark ink spreader to the horizon, without ant starlight to be seen.

“What is going on?”

Someone stood up and flusteredly asked.

“I am having goosebumps.”

Another policeman rubbed his arm and was also flustered.

“Calm down!!”

Seeing the room fell into frenetic, Chen Lin furrowed her brows and knocked the table in displease,

Seeing Superintendent Chen Lin made a noise, the others also stop making noises and looked at her in silence.

“It seemed this case involve with some mystical force.”

Jiang Qi looked at the recording while drinking coffee, softly said.

“Don’t rush to the decision.”

Chen Lin looked at the flurried policemen and but her lips, she said in a soft voice : “Just this recording didn’t prove anything.”

“Then can you explain how that girl doesn’t have any injury at all?”

Jiang Liu rolled his eyes at Chen Lin and softly said.

“If there is cushions after the fall from high altitude, it might be possible to not receive injury.”

One of the policemen stood up and spoke to Jiang Liu.

“Oh? Then this girl’s life must be really good!”

Jiang Liu looked at that policeman like a smile yet not a smile, he laughed, then said : “Can you demonstrate to me once?”


That policeman rubbed his nose and didn’t know what to say, then he retreated.

“If I don’t judge wrongly, the girl we saw before couldn’t be called human anymore?”
Jiang Liu drank a mouthful of coffee, then softly said : “What is even more possible is that, there should be no living human in this school.

These words of Jiang Liu made some who had poor tolerance fell to the ground.

“Can you hear me?”

Some impatient policemen made a phone call, but only got busy signals.

“The communication isn’t useable!”

“Then shouldn’t we return to report at the headquarter first?”

Some policeman made a suggestion, wishing to request people from other departments to lend a hand.

“If I was that girl, I wouldn’t allow you to leave.”

Holding a cup of coffee, Jiang Liu’s soft voice passed on everybody’s ears.

“I don’t believe that a single girl can do anything to me!”

A rather hot temper man shouted out and was about to leave.

“You can try.”

Jiang Liu spoke in a loud voice : “So that I can see your quick death.”

“According to your words, if that girl can finish us off, then why didn’t she do that earlier, and yet she has been leaving us alone until now?”

That policeman stood at the door and asked with a face full of not understanding.
The room was filled tense atmosphere, like the Judgement Day was about to come.

Jiang Liu looked at everyone’s expression. He shook his head and softly said : “Maybe she was worry about something?”

“Not making a move on us at daytime is understandable. But at night……do they still have something to worry about?”

Jiang Xue tilted her head and asked in not understanding.

“If I know, would I still be drinking coffee here?”

Jiang Liu rolled his eyes at Jiang Xue, making her sweat a bit, she asked : “Aren’t you scared even a little?”

“Being scared cannot save anyone.”

Jiang Liu shook his finger, then said : “This matter is a bit complicated. If we don’t handle this right, we might not make it out alive.”

Jiang Liu played with the cup in his hand and heavily said : “What I particularly want to know is what are they worried about? To actually still not making any move…….”

But after thinking for a half a day, he still didn’t understand. He put a cup of coffee on the table, then paused a bit.

Jiang Liu slowly turned his head, hesitated a bit, and said : “I just remember, a moment ago, didn’t someone leave the room?”


The policemen looked at each other and shook their head, clearly didn’t understand.

“Little Jiang??”

Jiang Xue hit the table and cried out.


The wind blew in the room, everything looked peaceful.

Suddenly, a pale face appeared on the window. Then a lady wearing a white dress slowly crawled inside leaving a trail of bloodstains behind.

Shuddering, Jiang Qi’s pupils unconsciously enlarged and his nails dug into his palm.

“Who are you??”

Jiang Qi cautiously retreated a few steps and shouted.

The lady slowly stood up, her hair hung down, revealing her ash-grey eyes beneath it.


She pointed at herself in surprise. The girl’s graceful voice made people felt chilly.

“I am just an insignificant thing…….who would care about that?”

The girl’s deranged look and her white uniform made Jiang Qi to recall an enemy that was similar to her —— Alice.

“I do!!”

Jiang Qi couldn’t bear the girl’s tone and yelled : “I am asking you! Did you kill that security guard?”

“That is my idea……”

The girl looked at Jiang Qi and unexpectedly admit it, she relaxingly nodded her head.

“Why!! That was a person’s life!”

Jiang Qi gritted his teeth and felt his fury spreading.

“He knew secrets he shouldn’t have known. Therefore, he must be silent.”

The girl’s tender voice made Jiang Qi felt cold in his stomach. What did this girl had to go through to be able to actually say this kind of dark word easily?

“Oh right, it’s not just that security guard either.”

The girl suddenly recalled something and said : “Everyone in this school was killed by me.”

“? What I have seen before……”

Jiang Qi’s heart tightened, recalling to those students he had seen at the school gate before. He wanted to refute but the scene he saw in the classroom appeared in his mind and he couldn’t say anything.

“The people’s most trusted eyes were often the first thing that deceives them.”

The girl wag her head and said, then paused. She looked at Jiang Qi and laughed : “I thought you should already sense it?”


Jiang Qi suppressed the fury in his heart and slowly asked : “Why did you kill everyone in this school?”

“Does killing require a reason?”

The girl slowly stepped toward Jiang Qi, said : “I wanted to make everyone in this world dead! All of them!”

“Also, not just people in this school, including you people…..will also be dead!”

The girl’s tender word reverberated inside the room, making Jiang Qi to closed his eyes.
“However, before that, I must get rid of you first!”

The corners of the girl’s mouth hung down, said : “You has too much light! You are dangerous!”


Hearing the girl’s words, Jiang Qi lightly laughed, then softly said : “So anxious to eat me, aren’t you afraid that you’ll break your teeth?”


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