Chapter 131 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (5)

Chapter 131 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (5)

The night fog came and today’s night was a bit chilly. The stars could not be seen under the dim moonlight. The sky wasn’t completely black. There was a color of dark blue among the blackness, continuously spreading out into the distance.

Jiang Qi yawned and boringly lied on the school’s lawn.

Because the security guard’s body had sent out unbearable stench, the police could only bring him to the morgue in the nearby hospital.

Originally they could return first, but Jiang Liu didn’t agree. He wanted to be more understanding of this case.

Jiang Liu’s character was like this. The more he didn’t know the truth, the more he wanted to know.

Just like Zero, everything inside his computer was data of Zero. As long as he had free time, he would continuously research.

Jiang Qi even suspected that Jiang Liu might understand Zero more than him.

There was also this case, Jiang Qi was still studying at this time. He went to the supervisor control room, trying to find clues.

However, other teacher told him that the monitor devices already broke several ago. Therefore the police didn’t check them.

However, this time Jiang Liu surprisingly decided to check on the recording of this month, making Jiang Qi felt incomparably pain in the ass.

Jiang Liu had no use of him for now, so Jiang Qi came out for fresh air.

Truthfully speaking, Jiang Qi also sensed the unusualness of this case.

The scene he had seen in the classroom previously replayed in his mind again, causing him to feel nauseated.

It was absolutely not a hallucination because of tiredness. It should be the Shield of Baraji was trying to tell him something.

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi stroked the Shield of Baraji again. Feeling the warmth, Jiang Qi began to calm down.

The land full of death, could it be that the security guard was frightened by seeing this?
Also, who killed the security guard? Why did those people die? These were the questions.

Thinking to here, Jiang Qi decided to enter the classroom to take a look again.

Everything became damp in the night. The surface of trees and soils began to fester, and the air had a suffocating taste.

Jiang Qi Immediately entered the classroom building. Relying on his memory, Jiang Qi reached that ‘First Year Class Three’ entrance.

Standing at the classroom’s door, Jiang Qi took a deep breath. He felt his heart rapidly palpitating, seeing ‘things’ from before left a shadow in his mind.

Feeling his fear, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but gloomily cursed : “As Zero, how can I be so timid?”

Boosting himself up, Jiang Qi opened the door. Then the darkness enveloped him. Feeling in the dark, Jiang Qi switched open the light.


The bright light shone the room, and Jiang Qi’s flustered mind immediately calmed down.

He stroked the Shield of Baraji on his wrist, hoping that it could give him that ability like previously on daytime.
(tl : you freak out at daytime, now you want to see it again at night?)

However, the Shield of Baraji didn’t have any reaction this time, disappointing Jiang Qi. If he had that power again, perhaps he might be able to find out who the murderer was.
The Shield of Baraji didn’t respond, Jiang Qi could only gradually inspect the room.


Jiang Qi arrived before the dais and suddenly felt something wrong. He carefully examined the classroom, then retreated a few steps and looked at the lectern.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, when he saw that hell-like scene before, there seemed to be a teacher lying there.

Thinking carefully, this teacher seemed to be that little girl’s father!

Thinking to here, Jiang Qi’s eyelids jumped. He felt that he was already infinitely close to the truth.


Suddenly, a silhouette flashed passed outside of the classroom’s door, causing Jiang Qi to become vigilant.


Feeling something wrong, Jiang Qi chased outside into dark corridor. There was only a faint light pass through the corridor.

By using this light, Jiang Qi could finally see clearly. That silhouette was unexpectedly that little girl who had treated him as a bad guy?

But unlike before, the little girl’s hair became shrivel, her face under dim light looked fierce, her school uniform looked worn-out and her red little shoes was somewhat creepy.


The girl laughed grimly at Jiang Qi then turned around and ran away.

Under this kind of circumstance, if Jiang Qi still didn’t understand anything, then he would truly be a fool. This girl clearly had a problem.


Jiang Qi chased after her.


In the supervisor control room, everyone, including Jiang Xue, yawned.

“This is the recording from ten days ago.”

Chen Lin was holding two cups of coffee in her hands. She gave one of the cups to Jiang Liu and drank one herself.


Jiang Liu nodded and looked at these recordings. This was not just one recording, but 70 recordings from 70 surveillance cameras all over the school.

Just looking at these already tired their eyes, not to mention looking for a clue.


Suddenly, Jiang Liu paused every recording.

Jiang Liu looked carefully, then at one of the recordings and said : “Enlarge this one.”
After hearing this, someone changed that recording to full screen.


Seeing the enlarged scene, everyone stood up at once. They stared closed at the screen and widened their mouth.

The time displaying on the screen was already at midnight. They saw a little girl wearing red shoes standing at the top of the classroom building.

The girl everyone had seen here was the first girl who found the body. However, at midnight, what was this girl doing not sleeping and standing on top of the building.
The scene continued playing. The girl stood on the top of the building for awhile, occasionally rubbed her eyes, as if she was crying.

While everyone was thinking about what the girl was doing, the girl suddenly jumped down.


The people in the supervisor control room were shocked speechless by this scene.

“Not good!!”

Jiang Liu suddenly cried out in low voice. This girl was not right. Under normal circumstances, jumping down from the seventh floor had around 80% of death. Even if that person didn’t die, they couldn’t recover that fast within ten days, without any noticeable injuries.


The color of the night thickened, like the ice-cold black blood flowing out from the decomposed corpse, covering the heaven and earth.

Jiang Qi chased after the girl to the seventh floor. But just as he stepped on the seventh floor, he lost track of that girl.

Where is she?

Jiang Qi was panting while looking around, trying to find the trace of that girl.


Suddenly, A light sound of weeping came from the dark and remote corner.

Jiang Qi jumped up in fright from that sound of weeping, then he thought about the direction the sound came from.

The sound seemed to come from the corner-most of the room.


Jiang Qi clenched his fist, then he raised his hand and was about to open the door.

Just when Jiang Qi’s finger was about to touch the doorknob, black gas suddenly gushed out from the cracks of the door, enveloping him, then pulled him inside.


Jiang Qi was pulled inside, and a young and tender voice rang beside his ear.

“You are……”


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