Chapter 130 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (4)

Chapter 130 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (4)

It was a sunny and clear sky, transparent like the jasper.

The site was a bit chaotic. A number of reporters swarmed to the front of school like flies. If not because of the policeman watching at the front gate, these reported would already have thrown themselves inside.

Jiang Liu wrinkled his brows looking at the crime scene. The security guard’s body was on the lawn surrounding the classroom building’s side.

Looking from the trace on the lawn, it was as if the security guard had violently moved here and trampled the lawn.

Jiang Liu closed his eyes and carefully imagined what might happen here.

The security guard might notice something in the school, so he came to the front of the window and saw something through the window. Then a fight happened, leading to his death.

Jiang Liu extrapolated, but he quickly shook his head. He recalled what Jiang Qi had said previously. The gallbladder burst, should be frightened to death.

This is a dead end……

Thinking this, Jiang Liu lowered his body and extended his hand to press on the corpse’s abdomen.


Suddenly, a hand came over, there was a picture on that hand.

He raised his head and saw Chen Lin holding a picture, she said : “This is our latest investigate data.”


Jiang Liu looked down, then became dumbfounded, as if understood something, he looked at Chen Lin.

“After going through a series of check-up, we found that not only this security guard’s gallbladder had burst, his other organs also appeared different degree of bursting.”
Chen Lin looked into Jiang Liu’s eyes and explained.

“I’m afraid it’s more than that…….”

Jiang Liu lowered his head and looked through the picture, said : “This sign of bursting was not like from being frightened, but more like……”

Jiang Liu spoke with his voice sinking : “…….more like they were shattered from some sort of huge pressure…….”


Chen Lin widened her eyes and was somewhat difficult to accept this answer. She closed her eyes for a while, then said : “You think this is the work of monster?”

“It’s not impossible.”

Chen Lin didn’t expect that Jiang Liu actually nodded his head, then Jiang Liu sighed : “The time from before is over, we cannot exclude the concept of monster.”

“The monster didn’t necessarily be a large creature. Other things such as plant, with size up to 100 meters, or as small as a few nanometers, can be monster.”

Chen Lin unexpectedly hearing Jiang Liu speech couldn’t help but felt ridiculous, then she asked : “Then what about the microorganisms on our bodies?”

“That depends on how you understand yourself.”

Jiang Liu rolled his eyes, then said : “I want to know more about what the security guard had seen.”

Through the window, looking inside the classroom, Jiang Liu narrowed his eyes, then said : “He saw something, perhaps that is the cause of his death.”

“If the monster is the cause of his death, then why didn’t that security guard run away?”

“This is interesting.”

Jiang Liu kneaded his temple and plucked his lips. There was a light of excitement in his eyes, he said : “For example, what he saw didn’t look like a monster which would make him run away, but something like ‘people’.”

Chen Lin stood at his side and quietly listened to Jiang Liu’s analysis. She had no choice but to admit that Jiang Liu’s idea was truly bold and imaginative, it seemed absurd yet couldn’t refute it.

“That being said, you want to go inside and take a look?”

Chen Lin smiled, and asked.

“Of course, how to you catch the tiger cub without enter the tiger’s lair?”

Jiang Liu pushed the wheelchair and said with a smile.

“No need to be like that.”

Chen Lin said without knowing whether to laugh or cry : “Our men have already checked the entire building…..”

Saying that, both of them then walked away.

“Let’s go!!”

Seeing that Jiang Liu had already walked away, Little Jiang qi looked at Jiang Qi who had been ‘looking after’ that little girl, and yelled in a bad mood./>

And Jiang Qi was being occupied with this little girl, but, as soon as he had approached her, this little girl would immediately hid herself from him and didn’t give him a chance to speak at all.

You are scared of me too much! (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

And that teacher also put that child behind his back and looked at Jiang Qi with cautious in his eyes, making Jiang Qi felt as if he was some kind of pervert.

Jiang Qi wanted to cry but had no tear. He really wanted to shout out : “I am really a good person!!”

However, doing that would only end up receiving scornful looks.
Thus, Jiang Qi could only bitterly swallow down his stream of tears.

After hearing Little Jiang qi’s yell, Jiang Qi could only walked away with a face fulled of bitterness.


The entrance of the multistoried building was facing southward. The building had a total of 7 floors. Looking from afar, the multistoried looked clean, simple and elegant.

After entering the first floor of the classroom building from the front door, the first thing they saw was the corridor, and on the wall of corridors were the allusions of the famous person.

Jiang Qi and others were pointing there and there as they walked by. It had to be said that there was no such things in the university. And That was also the same for when Jiang Qi was in middle school. It had a new feeling here.

Jiang Qi and others didn’t walk much before they reached the place. They looked at saw a class plate writing : “Class 1-3”.

The gentle sunlight shone through several window panes at the south, illuminating the apple green on the windowsill, shining the snowy white wall and ceiling. The classroom appeared brightened.

Under the ceiling hanged six fluorescent lamp and behind the dais was a newly installed glasses blackboard. The desks and chairs were orderly arranged and were thoroughly cleaned.

Everything here gave people a comfortable feeling.

Taking the lead, Jiang Liu pushed wheelchair inside and looked around carefully, tried to not let any clue slip by as much as possible.

“This place feels very aesthetic!”

Little Jiang qi entered the room, looked around, and said with a beaming smile.

After hearing that, Jiang Qi also entered the room. However, just as he had entered the room, he felt the hotness on his left wrist.

Jiang Qi lowered his head and looked down. The gem on the Shield of Baraji faintly glimmered, right after that, a warm current flew throughout all over Jiang Qi’s body.

Jiang Qi felt his eyes itching. He rubbed his eyes, then looked again, and his body fiercely shook.

The scene in the classroom in his eyes suddenly became different.

The whole classroom became grey. A boy student was lying on the ground with the black blood pouring out. A female classmate fell at the corner, her eyes opened wide, as if didn’t dare to believe everything. A teacher was lying on the lectern with his hand nailed to the table by a compass.

Jiang Qi couldn’t adapt to this sudden change, he couldn’t help but lowered his head. But from doing this, Jiang Qi almost screamed out.

He saw a person under his feet. That person looked at him with wide eyes and a face fulled of unwillingness. Jiang Qi’s feet was also sticky with blood.

Stiffly turning his head, Jiang Qi saw blood all over on the wall.

“Hey! What happens?”

Jiang Xue walked over and patted on Jiang Qi’s shoulder, and asked with a bit of worry.
Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Xue and saw that she was actually holding a bloody finger in her hand, with blood dripping down from her hand.

“Quickly throw that away!”

Jiang Qi cried out, and couldn’t help but snatched that finger and threw it away.


Everyone was attracted by Jiang Qi’s strange action.

After a while, the warm feeling on his eyes faded away. Jiang Qi gasped heavily while looking around.

There was no blood, no teacher, no student. The thing that he had thrown away was not a bloody finger but a piece of chalk. He didn’t step on a person but a book.

“You are too tired.”

Jiang Xue laughed a bit and patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder.


Jiang Qi stroked the Shield of Baraji and lowered his head.


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