Chapter 13 Going to the Amusement Park?

Chapter 13 Going to the Amusement Park?

He didn’t know how long has passed, but the severe pain in the face began to slowly sting.

In a trance, Jiang Qi seems to see an angel, came to him and slowly wiping his tears.

With warm hands holding his own hands, Jiang Qi felt an unprecedented warmth from this.
“If you were sad, try looking up the sky. Maybe you will forget about it.”

“The sky is so big it can contain all your grievance.”

Her sound was very gentle, like a pair of invisible hand, healing Jiang Qi’s soul.

“We must accept disappointment because it is limited, but never lost hope because it is infinite.”

Listening to the girl’s voice, Jiang Qi raised his head. Looking at the girl in front him, his tears still wanted to come out, but he endured.

“Yes, I won’t cry.”

Jiang Qi whispered while supporting his body to stand up.

“Is it hurt?”

Stroking Jiang Qi red mark face, the girl laughed and ask.

“it’s hurt.”

Jiang Qi wryly smile also said : “but also thanks to chief, if not for his words, I may….”

“I think there was nothing wrong with being hurt.”

Suddenly the girl interrupted Jiang Qi’s word.

“Eh ?”

Jiang Qi tilted his head, confused with what the girl is saying.

“People who have been wounded will be braver because they know what the most painful things are.”

The girl smiled and opened the window beside Jiang Qi bed, facing the moonlight. Her face grew dim, like a fairy.

Didn’t know why Jiang Qi heart began to beat hard, his red face becoming redder.


Watching Jiang Qi face swollen, the girl went to the bedside, took out a wine bottle from the drawer and handed to Jiang Qi, said: “rub with this first, I’ll get some ice.”

Then the girl walks out quickly.

“Jiang Xue…”

When the girl about to leave, Jiang Qi suddenly called her name.

“What’s wrong ?”

Jiang Xue turned around thinking that Jiang Qi need something.

“…… Thank you”

Jiang Qi looked Jiang Xue for a while, and spoke softly.

“Aren’t we friends?”

Jiang Xue heard Jiang Qi thanked, surprised and then asked.


Jiang Qi eyes suddenly brighten up, he did not think that Jiang Xue was willing to be his friends.

Beautiful girls were always proud, Jiang Qi also agreed at this point. And Jiang Xue was not that old; her gentle and elegant character also let Jiang Qi felt very good, but Jiang Qi still knew that her heart still had her pride.

Now, everything about him was not outstanding, but she was willing to become friends with him, this made Jiang Qi surprised.

Watching the girl with sparkling eyes, Jiang Qi nodded his head forcefully.

There was girl who made friends with you, what were you afraid of? Afraid she’d eat you?

“Since we’re friends, don’t say thank you.”

Jiang Xue finished and turned away.


holding the wine with his hand, Jiang Qi hearts once again filled with emotion.

Friends ?

After a long while, Jiang Qi besmeared the wine, while Jiang Xue took wrapped ice.

Walked to the Jiang Qi side, and she put the ice on the red cheeks.

“The way dad did it is too harsh.”

Jiang Xue frowned and said while looking at Jiang Qi’s swollen left face.

Jiang Liu hit Jiang Qi a total of two slaps and a single punch, all hit at his left face.

“There is nothing to gain here.”

Jiang Qi took the ice bag from Jiang Xue hand and said:”At least I woke up..”

“Can I asked….. what just happened ?”

Jiang Xue hesitantly asked, but seeing Jiang Qi ‘heavy’ face she immediately add : ”You don’t need to say about it.”


Jiang Qi suddenly said to Jiang Xue : ”Like the chief said, afraid of facing the past, why being a man?”

Listening to Jiang Qi’s words, Jiang Xue nodded her heads. As long as you can see for your self, it’s okay.

Taking a few deep breath, Jiang Qi slowly said.”My parents are ‘gone’….”

Heard the answer, Jiang Xue is stunning. It’s more serious than they thought, no wonder Jiang Qi made that performance.

“This….. the monster did?”

To Jiang Xue’s question, there was no agreement or objection. He could only silence.

This kind of things, Jiang Qi really couldn’t answer it. He couldn’t just say that his existence in the past was gone right?


Watching Jiang Qi’s silence, Jiang Xue bit her lips and said:” Anyway tomorrow, why don’t we go to the amusement park to play? It’s always good to have fun.”


Jiang Qi has no good impression with the amusement park. He went there 4 times and thrown up 7 times.

But looking at Jiang Xue’s eyes, looking at her moonlight glittering and translucent cheeks, even if he became a ghost, he would still go.

“Get up early and take dad’s car tomorrow.”

Jiang Xue finished and stood up: “it’s late now, have a good sleep.”

Then she left the room, leaving behind a fragrant scent filling the air.

Jiang Qi blanked for a while then suddenly pinched himself.

Staying at home was his style. He also wanted to experience this world’s games and movies!

Roller coaster … Haunted House … Bungee jumping …

Jiang Qi seemed to have seen death waving at him.

With his imagination, Jiang Qi gradually felt his fatigue and fell sleep.

Gaoyang City was already late in the night. There was no car, only road lamps still shining.

Suddenly a huge figure appeared in the Gaoyang City, the chest of the gem shining a slight blue light, like the king overlooking the city, the body revealed strange fluctuations, as if to calling someone.

And in the American’s intelligence service, agents were busy, they just received the news, the mechanical creature appeared again in China.

The Minister of Defense, George, looked gloomy and asked, “Is that all?”

“Only these.”

“We only knew that it appeared in China, but we can’t pinpoint its location.” said an agent in a suit.


George was silent, suddenly a woman broke in.

“Please Leave!”

The agent’s hand was placed between his waist, snapped.


George suddenly stopped him, then went to the lady and asked, “What’s the matter ?”

“I think we need to tighten our defenses against China.”

Without hesitation, the lady made George stunned.
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