Chapter 129 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (3)

Chapter 129 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (3)


The people in the room almost died out of laughter. Little Jiang qi almost fell down from the couch, she said with tears in her eyes : “You are really a talent! Zhao Ritian…….hahaha…….”

This world had a slight alteration, such as the popular jargons weren’t as spread here as the previous world. For example, this ‘Ritian’ term, there was a dog-lover public figure calling Teddy as ‘Tai Ritian’, but that was definitely not a way to address people.

However, Jiang Qi could only play deaf to that. When he heard the name ‘Zhao Hao’ previously, he subconsciously spoke it out loud.

Jiang Xue also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She picked up a peeled apple and handed to Jiang Qi, said : “You have slept for so long, eat some juicy fruit to quench the thirst.”

“Good peeling.”

Jiang Qi took the apple and replied. Then he immediately gnawed it. He chew the sweet flesh of apple in his mouth while the sweet fragrant of the apple hit his nose.

Jiang Liu looked at Jiang Qi who was gnawing the apple and scolded.

“Isn’t the work only just come a moment ago?”

Jiang Qi gnawed the apple, he took a breath off and spoke to Jiang Liu.

Without caring for other’s expression, he picked up the data that ‘Ritian’ left behind. He looked at each of them, and with that, his expression became more and more strange.
Little Jiang qi wanted to go over to look, but hesitated whether to move or not.

“What’s up?”

Jiang Xue, on the contrary, stepped forward and looked at the data with an uncertain expression.


Jiang Qi handed the data to Jiang Xue, then finished the remaining of the apple, then spoke to Jiang Liu who was reading the newspaper: “The case happened two days ago, on the early morning self-study time of the students.

“The deceased : Liu Shan, Sex : Male, 32 years old, he was the patroller of Gaoyang City’s Tian Kun district, and was found dead in the Gaoyang City’s middle school.”

“When the body was found, the corpse already turned half green. From the doctor’s analysis, the time of death is approximately 5 hours. There was a trace of urine on his hip. Through the examination device, his gallbladder had already burst, he should be frightened to death.”

Jiang Qi spoke the data with a heavy expression.

“Frightened to death……”

Jiang Liu lowered his newspaper, knocked his finger on the table and said to Jiang Qi : “Is there any other factor?”

“That’s the strange part.”

Jiang Qi sat on the table, crossed his arms, and looked face to face at Jiang Liu, said : “This Liu Shan had been in this job for more than 5 years, how come he was frightened to death?”


Jiang Xue held the data and spoke in a soft voice : “The most important point is, the body was founded inside a middle school, the patrol is unlikely to enter to check inside……”


Jiang Liu put down his newspaper, smiled and said : “Then I must go take a look.”

Jiang Xue put the clothes on Jiang Liu, then pushed Jiang Liu’s wheelchair and was about to go out, but was stopped by Jiang Qi, he said : “Can I have a breakfast first, I haven’t eaten yet!”

Jiang Liu : “……”(ー_ー)!!
Both lady :“……”( ̄y▽ ̄)~


They spent a bit of time to eat breakfast, then rushed to the crime scene.

Jiang Qi was not very strong, but his driving skill was very good. If it was normal people driving, they would take at least 2 hours, but Jiang Qi unexpectedly only used less than an hour, making Jiang Xue believe that he took a shortcut.

When they arrived at the school, they couldn’t help but inhaled a breath of cold air.
The whole school was sealed. Many students were outside, pointed inside the school from time to time.

“We’ll walk.”

After Jiang Liu had sat on the wheelchair, he said to Jiang Qi and others.


“What’s going on?”
“We have to go to class!”

A number of hot-head student grabbed the a policeman at the school’s gate and questioned him.

“This is the warning, please go home.”

That policeman was also somewhat at wit’s end. Weren’t the middle school students these days not tired of studying? How come they make a ruckus of wanting to go the school?

However, the policeman didn’t have time to ponder over this, because, his duty was to prevent these students to come inside and destroy the crime scene.

Jiang Qi difficultly squeezed through, pushing the wheelchair forward. He said to the policeman : “We are invited to come here!”

That policeman looked at Jiang Qi and didn’t say anything. But when he noticed Jiang Liu on the wheelchair, his expression changed. Because the higher-ups had instructed him that they had invited him to be their assistant, so he respectfully said : “Please come in!”


Jiang Qi nodded his head, then quickly pushed the wheelchair inside, Jiang Xue and others also followed closely from behind.

Seeing this, the students became muddled, then angrily said to the policeman : “Why can they go in but we can’t?”

And that, created new turbulence, however, this didn’t concern Jiang Qi and others.
This school was not very large. Just after they had entered, Jiang Qi and others could already see the crime scene, it was surrounded by the police cordon.

For the sake of preserving the scene, they tried not to touch the corpse as much as possible. After two days passed, the corpse also had some peculiar smell.

Chen Lin was wearing a tidy uniform, portraying her enchanting figure thoroughly. She had a ponytail and wearing a gauze mask. She was looking around the police cordon, hoping to find some leads.

“Sir, Mister Jiang Liu has arrived.”

A policeman at Chen Lin’s side saw Jiang Liu and others coming over.


Upon hearing this, Chen Lin raised her head and looked at the school gate. Sure enough, she saw Jiang Liu and others walking over. She couldn’t help but sighed relievedly inside, then went to welcome them.

“You’ve finally come……”

Chen Lin smiled, walked to Jiang Qi’s side and seamlessly snatched Jiang Qi’s work, pushing the wheelchair away.

The stunned Jiang Qi looked at Chen Lin’s back who was walking away and didn’t know what’s to say.


Jiang Xue also softly sighed. Then went in between the two and pulled Jiang Qi and her sister’s hands, following after them.

The corpse was like in the report. Green face, taut muscles, extremely wide eyes, as if seeing something extremely terrifying.


Jiang Liu didn’t speak anything, he entered the police cordon, pushing his wheelchair around the body, and suddenly found something wrong.

“There is a dead people here, and you guys didn’t see anything?”

Jiang Qi had a look at the corpse and asked the middle-aged man dressing like a teacher beside him.

“We and the students were all sleeping at midnight. How could we know?”

The middle age teacher shook his head, his face was blank. It was clear that he didn’t know at all.

“Then who was the first one to discover this?”

Jiang Xue wrinkled her brows, lightly nodded her head and asked.

“Oh, she is my daughter.”

That teacher patted the girl’s head beside him, and said with a proud face.
(tl : you are proud that your daughter saw a corpse?)

Jiang Qi finally paid attention to that girl. She was wearing a flower patterned one-piece dress, tall white knee socks, also little red leather shoes, though those shoes were a bit dirty.

“Here, come to this brother.”

Jiang Qi smiled and waved at the girl with a gentle face.

The girl weakly looked at Jiang Qi and walked forward a few steps. But her expression suddenly changed, she then immediately hid behind the teacher.

“Am I that scary?”

Jiang Qi scratched his nose and forced a smile, didn’t what he should say.

“Haha, I am sorry. This child has always been shy with strangers.”

The teacher completely hid the girl behind him, then laughed and said


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