Chapter 128 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (2)

Chapter 128 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (2)


Under the redness of the setting sun, two giants clashed into each other, creating a stir of dust.

Jiang Qi was pushed back a few steps. He drew his fist back and looked at Leo in front of him with rapid breath.

This time period, he had entered the dream for two times, and had battled with Leo several times.

Although he always ended up losing, but Jiang Qi could still feel his strength increase upward in a straight line. Compare to when he had first received power was like heaven and earth.


Jiang Qi charged over. He raised his fist, and hit Leo’s face.

Leo slightly raised his head. His arm jolted and caught Jiang Qi’s fist. He then turned his body to shoulder throw him to the ground.

However, Jiang Qi was unlike his previous self now. Although he was thrown away by Leo, but with a flick of his hand, he caught Leo’s hand, and with exerting his strength, also flung Leo away.



Two different sounds rang. This first was the sound of Jiang Qi falling to the ground. The second was from Leo’s landing.

“Damn it!!”

Jiang Qi stood up from the ground clenching his fist. He stared fixedly at Leo.

He absolutely didn’t expect that when Leo was thrown up, he actually flipped over mid-air, mitigating the force, and perfectly landed.

“HuchiHuchi——“(onom. Rapid breathing)

Jiang Qi panted for a while. He looked at Leo and his brain kept thinking how to deal with him.

Suddenly, Leo slightly stepped forward, crossed his wrists, and emitted out red light.

This is……

Jiang Qi looked at Leo’s movement and suddenly had a bad feeling.

Suddenly, Leo put both hands forward, and a red light beam was shot out from Leo’s arm.

Shooting Beam——
(TLN : the raw is 最强光线 but Shooting Beam fits the description)


Shit!! You shameless!!!

Although Jiang Qi’s mouth had said that, but he also knew that Leo did nothing wrong!
It’s just that he couldn’t use any light energy techniques! Bastard!

But Jiang Qi’s cry didn’t have any use, because he already didn’t have any strength left to dodge. He was submerged into the Shooting Beam, then disappeared from this place.


Leo calmly stood there and quietly nodded his head. Then he turned his body, knelt down, and softly said : “King, welcome your highness.”
(TL: KINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In front of Leo, didn’t know when, there appeared an old man draping a grandeur cape. Each and every act of his seemed to connect with heaven and earth.


The strong and solid voice rang up. Leo stood up, quietly stood behind the old man and lowered his head.

“What do you feel about this kid?”

The old man looked at the Jiang Qi had disappeared for a short while, the suddenly asked.

“His progress is extremely fast, his potential is also very high. Within a few years, I might lose to this kid.”
(tl : Don’t overestimate MC.)

Leo lowered his head and spoke softly. There was amazement contained within his tone.

Ultraman’s life was quite long. Mebius was an outstanding young warrior, if his age was converted into Earth’s standard, then his age would already be over 3,000 years old. However that was still considered a kid in their eyes.

In this way, we can know what kind of concept of a few years time is for them.

“However, King……”

Leo spoke, then hesitated a bit.

“If you have something to ask, then there is no harm to speak.”

The old man waved his hand, and said, didn’t mind at all.

Leo softly nodded, then asked : “Why is this kid, each time…….”

“That is his mission.”

The old man suddenly smiled and interrupted Leo’s question. Then he patted Leo’s shoulder and said : “Your mission is to instruct him well!”

Speaking, the old man moved his cape, then walked away, Leo’s younger brother was following behind —— Astra.


Leo looked at the place where Jiang Qi had disappeared for a while, then also followed the old man.

At the moment, the only things left behind were pits and holes proving of the battle that took place.


The blue sky was inlaid by the brilliant golden light of the sun. A sheet of white cloud, like a lonely boat on the blue sea, was drifting back and forth on the clear sky.

Jiang Liu’s office had a mysterious visitor, but the mood inside wasn’t joyous at all.

Jiang Liu was sitting before the desk, turning over the newspaper. Little Jiang qi was holding a pillow watching a drama, while Jiang Xue was sitting at the other side peeling apples.

“Mister Jiang Liu, we are really sincere in invite you this time.”

After a while, a man wearing a western suit and golden rim glasses looked at Jiang Liu who was reading a newspaper. A wave of anger flashed through his eyes, but he instantly pressed it away.


Jiang Liu looked at the newspaper, coldly snorted, and said without looking : “I don’t dare to receive it…….”

”Mister Jiang Liu, we really have a very serious case this time.”

The man took a deep breath, suppressed his rage and said.

“I already knew that.”

Jiang Qi turned over a page of the newspaper, didn’t look at the man and lightly said : “Otherwise you wouldn’t come to find me.”

“Therefore, we want to invite you.”

The man took out the data and put it on the table, said : “This is our investigating data, though it is pitifully small.”

“Still don’t get my meaning?”

Jiang Liu lightly spoke, with the chilling in his tone, said : “I don’t want to get your commission.”

“Mister, please leave.”

Jiang Xue put down the apple and made a gesture at the man.

“I beg you!”

The man gritted his teeth, then suddenly bowed at Jiang Liu, trembling said : “We have really came across a really strange case this time. Superintendent Chen Lin also met with difficulties.”


Jiang Liu suddenly paused turning over the newspaper, his face was calm, unknown what was he thinking.

“Oh? Have a commission?”

Suddenly, there was a sound came from the upstairs. Everyone raised their head and saw Jiang Qi in casual wear holding a glass walking down with face fulled of excitement.

He was beaten silly by that Leo’s light beam. The image of upright and honorable Leo in his mind collapsed. The frightened Jiang Qi took a glass and planned to get water.

He then suddenly saw that there was unexpectedly a person downstairs, with papers on Jiang Liu’s desk. Jiang Qi became excited this time, finally needed not to hold back anymore, thus he hastily ran down.

This smelly brat……

Jiang Liu rolled his eyes and shook his head, didn’t care about him anymore.

“Hello! My name is Zhao Hao.”

The western suit man looked at Jiang Qi coming down from the upstairs, wearing casual clothes. He realized that Jiang Qi could be the office’s personnel, so he hastily turned over, extended his hand, and said.


Jiang Qi also extened his hand to shake. He looked at Zhao Hao and cautiously asked : “Zhao Ritian?”
(tl : this is hard, first, Since Chinese words can be written vertically, sometime 昊(Hao) can be mistaken as 日天(Ritian).)
(tl : from my research, 赵日天(Zhao Ritian) is like the funny meme in Chinese internet, consider being called that embarrassing)


Jiang Qi’s words caused the atmosphere in the room to suddenly change. Little Jiang qi who was watching the drama twitched her ears and laughed. Jiang Xue also covered her mouth, the corners of her eyes arched into a lovable crescent. As for Jiang Liu, the corners of his mouth pointed up, but didn’t have any more reaction.

“I am sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose.”

The other people’s reaction woke Jiang Qi up. Seeing that man’s already black face, Jiang Qi embarrassingly scratched his head and said.

“It’s fine.”

The man squeezed words through his teeth, then said ‘goodbye’ to everyone and left without looking back.

Leaving behind the people laughing hard in the room.


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