Chapter 127 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (1)

Chapter 127 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (1)

The night was pitch-black, cold and gloomy. The sound of cold and gloomy wind breeze outside could be heard rustled through the foliage from time to time. It was at midnight when a shadow suddenly flitted across the window, but the outside was frightfully quiet, as if the darkness had swallowed everything.


A security guard holding a flashlight walked around patrolling on the street. Ever since the monster had appeared, the people’s security issue had become a huge issue.

Elite personnel was not cabbage that grew everywhere. Night Raider people was also not immortal, they could only set out when the monster had appeared.

Therefore, these basic jobs of patrolling fell into these security guards’ body.

With no rest on holidays and festivals, the wage was also not big, and still had to face the danger, if they were average people, they would already quit the job.

But this security guard was different. He treated his job as his most glorious moment of his entire life. Protecting people’s life was the most sacred mission.

However, didn’t know why, today his eyelids had been continuously twitched, signaling bad premonition.

In this pitch-black night, it was as if the boundless black ink had painted the horizon, even the glimmer of stars couldn’t be seen.

The moonlight passed through the slowly moving dark cloud, flickering on a strange shadow standing near the tunnel at the corner of the street.

Under this kind of darkness, his whole body was faced with chilly air. His scalp was tingling, it felt like there were countless pairs of eyes looking at him from everywhere. His body gradually trembled. He closed his eyes, dared not to look into the darkness.

However, in order to do his work, the security still managed to opened his eyes. He shone the flashlight in his hand all around, but there was not a shadow anywhere. He couldn’t help but breath out, his tense mind also loosened up.

“Really……scaring myself..”…”

The security guard wiped a bit of sweat on his forehead and consoled himself.

Soon afterward, the security guard turned around and left, leaving behind a small bird on the tree behind him, coldly looking at the leaving figure of the security guard.


The security guard walked and passed by a middle school. This middle school was quite well known in Gaoyang City. Because its entrance rate was extremely high, and it was extremely strict. And the important part was, this school was the boarding school, so why had the gate opened dazzlingly now?

Didn’t know why, he felt that the school today was extremely strange. His intuition told him that he must take a look.

The moon hung solitarily above the school. The light dimmed, like the tears of resentment on the corner of the woman’s eyes. The edges and corners of the tall building were obscured by the dark. Looking from afar, it looked like the mutilated and mangled face.

Having just stepped in. The security guard’s fine hair stood up. Unconsciously, his body’s instinct wanted to run away.

But the security guard suppressed it down. He was the protector of people, how could he flee just because of this place felt terrifying?

Thinking to this, he blushed in ashamed of his previous action.

Cheering himself up, the security guard continued walking to the school.

The school’s dormitory was in the east. All of the lamps on the first had died down.

What’s going on?

The security guard’s head was full of question marks. Because from what he had known, this school was famous for its strictness. Therefore, the staff stationed in general duty room had opposite active time. They slept on the daytime and stay here during the night to keep an eye on students, prohibiting them from leaving.

Why did the lamps turn off today?

The security guard clenched a flashlight in his hand, took a deep breath and walked before the duty room’s window. He looked through the window inside, and his pupils shrank.

What’s happened?

There is actually no one inside the room?

The security guard couldn’t believe it. He shone the flashlight in his hand back and forth inside several times. In the end, he confirmed that there was really no one inside.

The security guard frowned. Due to the dormitory’s front door was tightly locked, he could only get inside by crawling through the window. And he saw a shocking sight, there was completely no one.

One must know, right now was 13 o’clock midnight. Wasn’t this too strange that there was actually no student in the dormitory, as well as the teachers garrisoning here all year round?

This is too strange!

The security guard knitted his brows, preparing to signal the headquarter. But didn’t know what happened, his communication device unexpectedly didn’t work! Thus he could only give up.

He looked at the classroom building not far from the dormitory, hesitated a bit, then walked toward there. However, he also didn’t hold any hope in his mind.

Going through the dark and gloomy of the small path, the security guard shuddered. He managed to liven up, then walked before the window holding flashlight.

After crawling through the window, with just a casual glance, the security guard became horrified.

There was unexpectedly students on the classroom, and not just one or two students, but the whole lot of them, sitting there with the blank and look in their eyes.

What was even more was, the teacher was also sitting there without spirit in his eyes. The desks were also completely empty.

The ire security guard also felt something fishy. Having a midnight class without any book?

When he was about to look more clearly, a thing suddenly fell down behind the security guard’s back, creating a ‘peng——‘ sound.

The security guard stiffly lowered his head to look. Upon seeing, it immediately scared the hell out of him. There was actually a female student’s corpse behind him.

The security guard difficulty swallowed his saliva and covered his mouth.

Suddenly, he felt cold from behind. With his stiff neck, he turned around, and almost pissed his pant.

He saw the students behind the window opened their eyes with blood flowing down from, and stared dully at him, causing the security guard to turn around and run away in fright.


As he turned his body, the security guard carelessly knocked on the female student corpse and became even more afraid. He flusteringly stood up and ran away,
However, it was unknown whether because of panic or other, he unexpectedly ran circle back to the classroom building. And he could even felt that more and more scarlet eyes started to gaze at him, that made him run even faster.


Suddenly, an ice-cold hand caught his shoulder, immediately caused him to stop. With his back feeling cold, he slowly turned his head back, and almost passed out.

The owner of this pair of hand was actually the teacher from before. Right now he opened his dull eyes looking at the security guard.


After a horrible shriek, everything returned to calmness. The ruckus disappeared, the classroom building’s window was opened wide. The classroom was empty and pitch-black. Then it seemed there was some faint noise, reverberated in this pitch-dark campus.

Leaving behind the startled crows on the female student corpse, flapping their wings and disappeared under the moonlight.

The dreamland, the detail transitioned from blue to grey, the world sank into shadow. The raindrops that were taken their life away stiffly fell from the sky. The vile death story lined up, the resentful voice entangled in the chilly wind, filled everywhere in the sky.
(tl : I know, confusing)

The lightning flashed, instantly shone on the female corpse on the ground. What made people shudder was that there also appeared four human shadows on the ground. No, they couldn’t be said to be the human shadow, there was no one surrounding the wizened tree. There was only chilly wind whizzing carrying along raindrops. These shadows that came out of nowhere were like shadows of the human. Perhaps, they were looking up from the ground. They surrounded the corpse, seeming to welcome their new comrade. After the lightning subsided, they were hidden within the darkness.



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