Chapter 126 The New Teacher(14)

Chapter 126 The New Teacher(14)

“What should we do??”

The humans who had been watching stared blankly at Jiang Qi who was being swatted into the water by Louisiana and became panic.

“! I have long said that he can’t be trusted! Useless thing!!”

A middle-aged man wearing glasses spat out and indignantly said.

“Hey! Why did you say that?!”

A young man looking like a college student was enraged these words and pushed the middle-aged man down, said : “Zero has been doing his best trying to protect us, and for you to say that?”

Finally, the college student looked at the middle-aged man and fiercely said : “Ungrateful son of a bitch!”

“Oi” Disgusting brat! Give me some respect!”

That college student’s words tear open the middle-aged man’s scar, causing him to fly into rage from humiliation and pulled on that college student’s chest.

“Why would I respect you?”

The college student swatted the middle-aged man away, then punched at the middle-aged man staggering back.

“You brat……”

The middle-aged wiped the corner of his mouth and it actually had blood on it. He gritted his teeth and charged at the college student : “Today I will discipline you in place of your parents!”

The two of them started grappling each other. The people around seeing this scene, however, unexpectedly didn’t stop them, but quietly watched on.

This kind of scene happened in many places, and the causes were pretty much the same.


The sea was so clear, like the transparent glass; the sea was so blue, like a big spherical sapphire; the sea was so beautiful, just like the colored ribbon drifting around……

But Jiang Qi entirely didn’t have the mood to appreciate it right now. The sea gave him boundless pressure. It was like the entire sea had rejected him.

This kind of pressure could rip Jiang Qi’s body to pieces anytime. But when Jiang Qi’s body was about to fall apart, that pressure vanished without a trace. And when Jiang Qi let out a sigh, that gigantic pressure pounded on his body again.

Jiang Qi knew that this was entirely Louisiana’s manipulation. As for her aim, it should be because of the Shield of Baraji on his hand.

As for how Louisiana know of Shield of Baraji and why did she want to seize it, Jiang Qi didn’t want to find out now. Right now he only wanted to escape from the binding in the sea, he really couldn’t stand it.

Originally, Ultraman’s body could survive in the universe with their strong physique. So they originally needed not to be afraid of water.

But, this fear of being in the water was the kind of fear that had hidden in the depths of Jiang Qi’s heart, and that lead to this situation.

“If you don’t reject water, the water also won’t reject you. As long as you treat water as your companion……”

Unknown why, Adair’s words suddenly reverberated in his mind.

Partner……Is it possible?

While Jiang Qi was pondering, that kind of force that capable of crushing any matter pounded on Jiang Qi’s body again and caused him to let out a low groan.


The color timer started to blink, and Jiang Qi’s consciousness became blur.
No! I cannot fall here!!

This time Jiang Qi was unlike before that could only wait for death. His whole body was entrusted with the life and death of humanity, and even the Earth!

I beg you! Give me strength!! Give me power!!

Jiang Qi extended his trembling hand toward the depths if the sea, and said with the longing in his heart.

I still want to protect the living beings on this Earth, I absolutely cannot fall here! My partner! I beg you! Give me strength!


Along with the call of Jiang Qi, at the depths of the sea, a blue light glimmered, then it gradually approached Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi also saw that blue light. Subconsciously, he tremblingly crossed his arms at his chest.

(tl : by the way, the power of Ocean, will there power of the Earth? Gaia? Agul?)



Louisiana shook her hand, and suddenly paused, her eyes widened in a bit of surprise.
She actually couldn’t feel Jiang Qi’s existence!

How can that be?

Louisiana’s expression abruptly changed, how could Jiang Qi manage to free himself from her layers of psychokinesis’s force.


Suddenly, Nor far away from Louisiana, the water exploded, and a figure flew up from the water.


A blue light coming out from that figure and charged toward Louisiana.


Louisiana scattered the blue light with a wave of a hand and looked carefully at that figure, it was actually Jiang Qi who had disappeared.

At this moment, Jiang Qi’s whole body was enveloped in blue light. Although his actual strength didn’t increase, but she could sense a threatening feeling from his body.

“The so-called guardian is originally only to protect the sea!”

Jiang Qi was floating in the sky, feeling the unending stream of power from the sea, said : “You cannot truly control the sea?”

“What do you want to say?”

Louisiana coldly snorted, the water columns at her side undulating unpredictably.

“Give up! If this goes on, the only one who loses will be you!”

Jiang Qi looked at Louisiana and said flatly : “There is nothing wrong wanting tp protect the sea.”

“Give up?”

Louisiana narrowed her eyes looking at Jiang Qi, sneered : “Then why didn’t human think about giving up at that time? Why didn’t they think about the ocean’s point of view when they wantonly massacre?”

“Want me to give up, absolutely impossible!”

Louisiana spoke word by word, her eyes were filled with resolve.

“I have my justice, you have your perseverance……”

Jiang Qi sighed once, it seemed there was nothing else to say.

Suddenly, from the sea a huge figure stood up. Looking over, it was actually a monster with a height of 10 meters transformed from the water.


Jiang Qi spread his arms, gathering the boundless power of the sea. Immediately after, his right arm made a 1-shape along with the blue light ray.

It had a name —— Particle Stream.


Particle Stream directly penetrated through the monster’s body, but it didn’t create any harm to the monster.


The monster roared, then slapped its hand at Jiang Qi.


Jiang Qi fell into the water, but the water monster also unexpectedly changed into the water droplets and fell into the sea.

“What’s happened?”

Looking at the battle, when seeing Jiang Qi was slapped down, everyone’s heart touted. But then the water monster disappeared, making them to be at loss.

“You guys look……”

Someone who had keen eyesight immediately noticed something, pointed at Louisiana and blankly said.

“This is……”

Other people also opened their mouths wide, looking at the battlefield, didn’t know what to say.

Jiang Qi stood up from the water, looked at Louisiana and saw the empty hollow at her chest, she also widened her mouth.

Previously, Jiang Qi didn’t intend to kill the water with Particle Stream, but his actual target was Louisiana. As long as he killed her, everything would be solved. Therefore, Jiang Qi’s Particle Stream passed through the monster’s body and penetrated Louisiana’s body?

“I’m sorry……”

Jiang Qi arrived at Louisiana’s side and held her fallen body.

Perhaps he was too selfish, but for the sake of the living beings on the ground, he had to do it.

“It’s…..really you……”

Louisiana’s lips trembled. She caressed Jiang Qi’s cheek, as if the radiance returned to her for the last moment and she became a little excited.

“I should have remembered it sooner. The Ultimate Bracelet only recognizes the owner, not the people.”


Jiang Qi didn’t understand Louisiana’s words, but he also didn’t shake her hand away.

“To be able to die in your arms, is also a blessing…..”

Speaking, Louisiana’s corners evoked into a little bit of smiling expression, a drop of blue tear streak down through her cheek and was wiped by Jiang Qi.

Immediately after, Louisiana unexpectedly turned into ashes and disappeared along with the wind.

Sometimes, heaven loved to make fun of people.

“When you see me, be sure to kill me!”

He always made people see a little bit of light in the dark. Then, I couldn’t see the light anymore.

“Why did you save me, only to kill me later? Why?”

You gave me a little bit of hope when I was thoroughly in despair. Then, you ruthlessly threw me into the bottom of hell.

“This is karma……”

You gave me directions when I was at loss. Then, you abandoned me without leaving any trace behind.

“Since it is so! You shouldn’t save me in the first place! So that I wouldn’t be killed by my savior…..”

This world is actually very simple, but it is the people that are cruel. Being born in this cruel world, in this cruel time, becoming the greatest cruelty.

Jiang Qi was standing on the sea surface. The blue light on his body faded away, leaving only a little bit behind that fused with him.

And the under-ending streaming power underfoot also stop transmitting.

Jiang Qi looked at the color timer blinking on his chest and then left.

“As expected!”

On a high-rise building, a beautiful but cold woman looked at the far away Jiang Qi’s figure, the corners of her mouth lifted into an arc.

“But I really underestimate you! Ultraman Zero, or perhaps…..Jiang…Qi……”


Between the laughters, the woman vanished from that place.

And on the quiet night of the same day, there was suddenly black gas gushing out from the bottom of the sea, then a hoarse voice came out.

“The suppressor finally is dead! My freedom is back!”


After a burst of laughter, the bottom of the sea regained its calm.



At the university’s swimming pool, Jiang Qi rose up from the water, frightening Wang Jian.

“I say, brother.”

Wang Jian sat on the poolside and lightly patted Jiang Qi’s shoulder, said : “Aren’t you afraid of water? Since when have you become such an awesome swimmer?”


Jiang Qi leaned on the poolside, mysteriously smiled and said.

“You were still afraid of water a couple days ago, then you suddenly become this good.

Wang Jian gazed at the Adair who was teaching not far away, mysteriously smiled, then said : “Could it be teacher give you preferential treatment?”


Jiang Qi closed his eyes and didn’t say anything.

“Also, what are you wearing on your neck and your hand?”

Suddenly, Wang Jian pointed at the necklace on Jiang Qi’s neck. It was a blue gem with the tear-shape, it was extremely beautiful. As for the thing on his hand, there was no need to say it.

“Catch me and I will tell you!”

Jiang Qi suddenly splashed water at Wang Jian, wetting him.

“Smelly brat, don’t let me catch you.”

“Come and get me!”

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