Chapter 125 The New Teacher(13)

Chapter 125 The New Teacher(13)


On the sky, two streams of energy intensely clashed against each other. The powerful air flow blew away the aircrafts halting on the sky.

After breaking away from the binding, everyone simultaneously pulled distances away.

“This kind of battle, we simply can’t intervene at all!!”

A defense troop looked at the energy radiating around the battlefield and trembling said, as long as they even drew near a little, they would be shredded to pieces.

“Then we have to do what we can.”

Han Yi wrinkled his brows and said at other people, immediately after that, he flew Eagle to stop on the mountain.

Because Louisiana was having a fierce fight with Jiang Qi, she didn’t have time to flood the land. So the water on the already flood land unexpectedly started to flew back, revealing the destroyed house. And if you looked really carefully, you could see the people who had not left in time there.

Han Yi descended the plane and said : “We are going to rescue these wounded people. As for the mermaid, just leave her for Zero!”

“I have just notified the rescue team.”

A defense troop hearing Han Yi’s words hastily said.

“Our main task is to rescue there people with our best!”

Hearing this, Han Yi couldn’t help but felt angry, but he had to endure, after all this wasn’t China.


Most of the people here understood what’s important, if they couldn’t help battle, they might as well rescue people.

Speaking of Jiang Qi, he didn’t understand many things, but he also didn’t care about that, because he ran into trouble right now.


With fist enveloping in the light, Jiang Qi’s body charged forward like an arrow, leaving behind an after-image.


Louisiana coldly snorted and lightly raised her left hand and the water shield was instantly formed. Jiang Qi’s fist smashed on it and didn’t create even a splash.


Jiang Qi felt that his fist was being sucked into the water shield. As long as Louisiana took this opportunity to attack…….

“This is……”

But, Louisiana didn’t immediately attack. She caught sight of the Shield of Baraji on Jiang Qi’s hand and became stunned.

Taking advantage of when Louisiana was absent-minded, Jiang Qi exerted his strength and pulled his hand back.

But he couldn’t help to look at Louisiana in surprise, not understanding why she didn’t take that opportunity to attack.

At this moment, Louisiana opened her mouth, her gaze was blurred and there was unexpectedly a faint sign of tear on the corner of her eyes.

“Boy! Tell me.”

Suddenly, Louisiana’s manner became different. It became incomparably fierce. The sea water also began to surging, as if affected by her anger.

“Where did that Ultimate Bracelet on your hand come from?”

Louisiana pointed at Jiang Qi’s left hand and sternly asked.


Jiang Qi lowered his head and looked at the Shield of Baraji on his hand. He hesitated a bit then said : “When I woke up, it was already there.”

“How can that be!! You lie!!”

But Louisiana suddenly became frenzied and hysterically yelled.

“Why would I lie to you?”

Jiang Qi felt that this woman was somewhat unreasonable and said : “Don’t tell me you want me to say that I bought it from the toy store, then you would believe?”

Although Louisiana didn’t know what’s the toy store, but she could sense that this Giant of Light in front of her was deceiving her.

“Not speak the truth! Then go die!”

Louisiana’s wrist rotated, and countless water column spurt up from the sea and changed into the tentacles, filling up the sky.


Jiang Qi lifted his head to look at these tentacles and was shocked inside. Because these weren’t just one or two tentacles, but thousands of them, they could even covered the sky.

“Shit! Zero is in danger!!”

A Night Raider’s member looked at the tentacles fluttering in the sky and his face changed. He said in worry and turned his body back, intending to return to the plane, but a hand suddenly stop him from behind.


That member turned to look and saw that the one who stopped him was actually Han Yi. He couldn’t help but said in uncertain : “Zero is in danger right now, we have a responsibility to help him.”

“Think about the reality!”

Han Yi reprimanded at this member : “Based on our equipment, rushing in right now equaled to suicide.”

“Could it be that we can only watch?”

That team member looked at Jiang Qi’s back figure and unwilling asked.

“Our only choice is to believe in Zero.”

Han Yi looked at the distant battlefield and muttered : “We humans are too weak right now.”



Jiang Qi didn’t have time to think. He lumped his leg together and flew into the sky, continued dodging the tentacle.

But, no matter how nimble Jiang Qi was, he couldn’t endlessly dodge the tentacles that fill up the sky.


Jiang Qi dodged too late and was hit by a tentacle. He groaned in low voice. This tentacle seemed to carry the corrosive property. When he was hit by hit, Jiang Qi felt his skin was being burned and the pain bursted into his mind.

The most important point was, being hit by a tentacle meant that countless tentacles were coming.


A series of tentacles hit on Jiang Qi’s back. Because of the strong power of corrosion, there was dense green smoke emitting from Jiang Qi’s back.

Jiang Qi who suffered from a series of attack fell down from the sky.


Just when Jiang Qu was about to fall into the water, suddenly a tentacle flew over and twined at Jiang Qi’s wrist. Immediately after that, many tentacles also flew over and twined on Jiang Qi’s four limbs.


Without waiting for Jiang Qi to struggle, the tentacles unexpectedly froze up into ice. No matter how Jiang Qi struggled, the tentacles didn’t move a single jot.

“Hand over the Ultimate Bracelet, and I might spare you.”

Louisiana prop her hand at her head, looked at Jiang Qi and spoke in a commanding tone.


Jiang Qi tightened his fist, looking at her absolutely imposing momentum,

”You, aren’t qualified to wear it.”

Looking at Jiang Qi, Louisiana spoke a word by word.

“I am not qualified, don’t tell me you are?”

Jiang Qi took a breath, then spoke.

“That’s not up to you to say.”

Unexpectedly, Louisiana actually extended her hand, as if wanting to immediately grab him.

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Jiang Qi roared. His entire body suddenly exploded with the brilliant light, and he actually broke free from Louisiana’s tentacles, then he waved his fist at Louisiana.


Louisiana waved her hand and a clump of energy bound Jiang Qi up

What’s going on?

While Jiang Qi was stunned, Louisiana spoke in a soft voice : “Courting death!”
“Since it is so, then you can just go to hell.”

Speaking, Louisiana pressed her hand down, and Jiang Qi suddenly fell to the sea.

Immediately after that, Jiang Qi could felt the power of the whole sea pounding on his body.

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