Chapter 124 The New Teacher(12)

Chapter 124 The New Teacher(12)

”What to do!!!”

Seeing the battle in the light screen, everyone began to panic.

Some coastal city started to evacuate. Who kept staying there now was as an idiot.

But even more people still paid close attention to the battle, because hiding for a short while was useless. Didn’t you hear what that mermaid had said? She wanted to submerge the whole world. It didn’t matter wherever you hide, humanity would still die.

Only bringing her down would prevent that.

But, how to defeat her? Humanity’s fighters had already been compromised.

At this moment, everyone fell into silence. This time, it seemed a truly disaster for humanity.


Under this circumstance, a woman cried out. And other people looking at her also felt the sorrow.

“Mama, Don’t be afraid.”

Suddenly, a boy wearing a peaked cap and holding a Zero’s rubber toy consoled the crying mama, then raised the toy in his hand, said : “Ultraman Zero will save us.”

The other people who had been dispirited suddenly shone their eyes. That right! We are not losing yet, we still have Zero!
(tl : Zero that can’t swim, if only they know that!)


That sound of waves rumbling about was as if the millions of tank started moving at the same time and came out crushing the ground, as if the earth was being shaken.

“Boohoohoo……mama, mama……”

A boy, who was only seven or eight years old, pushed the mother who fell to the ground. His mother,to save him, died from the fallen cement board.

The tsunami was drawing near, but the boy didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention. Perhaps the only thing in this world that could catch his attention was his mother being alive?

The sea waves were approaching more and more. Just when the wave was about to his the boy, a light quickly enveloped the boy and he immediately vanished.


At this instant, a giant wave hit down, creating a crack on the ground.


The light quickly laid the boy down on the mountain, then charged at the battlefield with utmost speed.

“Finally come……”

The mermaid moved her lips. She looked at the charging light and indifferently said. She waved her hand then the water stream in front of her changed into a layer of water screen.


At a moment, the light bumped against the water screen. It didn’t have any sound, but everyone watching the scene could feel the energy colliding.


Right after that, the light bounced off, while the water screen changed into beads on water falling down into the sea.

“Not bad……”

The mermaid didn’t feel any nervous, on the contrary, she lightly nodded her head, seemingly admiring, and at the same time, not.


The light shed off, revealing the red and blue figure under everyone’s eyes, making humanity to let a big sigh of relief.

Finally…..finally come?

Seeing the Zero’s arrival solving the seemingly unbreakable water shield caused humanity to be even more at ease.

It seems……

But, when no one had paid attention, the mermaid had a fluctuation in her eyes.

She then shook her head. How could that be? Not talking about the breath, the difference in strength was too much. After such a long period of time, how could he become so weak?

At this moment, Jiang Qi also became dumbfounded. The Shield of Baraji on his wrist suddenly sent out a translucent panel.

Name : Louisiana

Height : 59 meters

Weight : 13,000 kilotons

The last to protect the sea. In the sea, she has inexhaustible energy and can manipulate water. Because she was roused awake from sea pollution, she wants to submerge the world and let the human to know the consequences of dipping their fingers in the water.


What is this? System? Is it?

Jiang Qi wanted to hit his head. This seemed to be Shield of Baraiji’s ability, however Jiang Qi couldn’t say thank right now.

“Why do you want to exterminate humanity?”

A defense troop yelled at the mermaid. Perhaps because Jiang Qi’s arrival gave them a bit of confidence.

“Maggot is unqualified to speak with me.”

Louisiana coldly spoke, then lifted her head to look at Jiang Qi and lifted the corner of her mouth : “But you can……”

“Don’t tell me that you cannot put your hand down and calmly discuss with humanity?”

Jiang Qi’s words could be heard by everyone and made their heart taut. Because every time Jiang Qi fought, he always caused huge damage.

“This one had already given humanity a chance, but they didn’t cherish it.”

Louisiana softly said : “What is human’s mind, this one has already deeply understood it.”

“However, that is the source of all this farce. It creates every cause and effect and also destroys it. Human, what a ridiculous existence, hypocrisy, is their veils. They used vanity to fill the garden, they used everything to hold their despair.

Louisiana’s words caused Jiang Qi to become silent. He didn’t refute. He was also human. These words stabbed at his heart. These were the roots of humanity’s existence.

“Even if the sea is really polluted, I believe that the human can still change.”

Jiang Qi took a breath, then softly said.

“Change? Hahaha……”

Upon hearing this, it was as if Louisiana had heard the most hilarious joke of the centuries, she laughed without caring about her image.

After laughing, the mermaid said with cold face : “Even after centuries of freezing, humanity’s inferior roots won’t change.”

Their chat were heard by many people. They absolutely didn’t expect that, because of the pollution caused by human’s activity, this mermaid actually decided to flood the whole world.

“Cheng Yu!”

The expression of Ding Yunfeng who was closing his eyes and listening to their talk sank, he spoke to Cheng Yu.


Cheng Yu understood Ding Yunfeng’s meaning and strike at the keyboard with his fingers. Then, a series of data came up.

The humanity’s pollution toward the sea, the earliest can be trace back to the Pacific War a hundred years ago.”

“There are also many experiments. The most classic example is the explosion at the seabed.”

“Ten years ago, Japan’s nuclear plant leaked……”

“The latest is the movement of oil tanker toward other countries. Because, they were all sank with unknown cause, leading to amassing of pollution at the bottom of the sea. The concerning department had already started to intercept.”

Hearing a string of report, Ding Yunfeng rubbed his forehead and didn’t know what to say.

Louisiana was right, she fought for the living being in the sea. Jiang Qi was right, he fought for the humanity on the land. Both of them were right.

This world was also right. The world had established the laws, but the ones who ultimately decide the laws’ direction were the creatures in these laws.

Humanity had already realized the problem of pollution, and also understood that they had to stop it. However there was almost no action.

Perhaps one day, humanity might do it, but how long before that happen? No one know. But at least it wouldn’t be like the present.

But now, it didn’t matter who was right, the two of them must fight. The one who won was the right one. This might be cruel but this was the eternally unchanging law.


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