Chapter 123 The New Teacher(11)

Chapter 123 The New Teacher(11)

“I am the ancient being guarding this part of the ocean. Humans, you have repeatedly offended me again and again. Today, I will swallow your land into the ocean.”

This dignified voice spread throughout the entire world. Jiang Qi who was about to go underwater paused at once. His expression became erratic.

Swallowed the earth? Who is this?

“Teacher……I have some matter, I am going first…..”

Jiang Qi hesitated a bit, then spoke to Adair.

“You don’t need to be worried, this is probably someone’s prank!”

Adair also heard that voice, but she only shook her head and didn’t think it’s a monster.

“Anyway, teacher, I must take my leave!”

Jiang Qi spoke, didn’t give Adair any chance to speak and quickly left. He knew that this would give others the impression that he was a coward. But he still had to go, because this world’s human still waited for him to save them.


However, Jiang Qi also didn’t notice a gaze glimmered at him from behind.


“My god……”

The Night Raider who had just arrived looked at the land that was already flooded and utter in shocked.

“(English)There are a lot of people on the shore, the situation is critically grave.”

America’s defensive troops’ eyes shone seeing the Night Raider’s Eagle and summarized the situation.

“What about that mermaid?”

Han Yi wrinkled his brows. He looked at the ‘vast ocean’ below then said to Cheng Yu in the headquarter.

“It is advancing toward America’s East Coast.”

Cheng Yu Immediately report the mermaid’s location to Han Yi. He hesitated a bit, then said : “You guys must be careful. She might be able to control the water.”

“I know.”

Han Yi cautiously nodded his head, although he didn’t believe that merely water could take them down.

“Let’s go!”

Han Yi said to the radio’s public frequency and took the lead to charged forward. The other Night Raider’s fighters also followed him.

Other combat troops that arrived late glanced at each other, then also followed them.


Approximately 100 of aircrafts streak across America’s sky. A female reporter stood in the midst of fierce wind, pointed at the aircrafts on the sky and said : “The support of the other country has already arrived. They are going to the war zone. We can only pray for them.”

“For the follow-up situation, the station’s reporter will follow to shoot the entire process!”

Every American, as well as the affected people looked at the huge light screen on the high-rises building. The shooting of the scene was shaking, but they could still clearly see the dense pack of the fighters streak across the sky.

Countless people put their hand together and prayed, wishing for the fight to be finished early, so that they could return to their peaceful life.



Several tens of meters wave hit the shore, instantly covered one-sixth of the land.

The mermaid was sitting expressionlessly on the water column, displaying her empress prestige.

It was as if the sea was her servants. She only had to think and the sea would do everything to fulfill her desire.

“Stop the attack ASAP! If there is any conflict, we can discuss it!”

The captain of America’s defense troops on the aircraft used the megaphone to shout at the mermaid.
(tl : I almost typed Captain America!)


The mermaid still sat there with her face unchanging. She looked over and lightly waved her hand.

Then the aircraft suddenly swayed violently and, a ‘boom——‘ sound of a huge explosion rang out, without any opportunity for the parachute to jump out.

“There is no chance of discussion!”

Han Yi wrinkled his brow, then said : “Everyone pays attention! Scatter attack!”


Of course, only Night Raider heard Han Yi’s words. As for the other defense troops, they wouldn’t necessarily obey his order, even in this juncture.


The laser was shot down like raindrops. The mermaid slightly lifted her eyelids. The water stream came out of thin air and surrounded her, swallowing all of the incoming lasers.

“Unload torpedoes!”

Han Yi frowned, seeing that the laser was unexpectedly ineffective on her, so he ordered the uses of torpedoes, but these were also swallowed into the water stream.

After that, they had employed many methods, but they were all intercepted by a layer of water.


Han Yi hammered on the control instruments and fiercely spatted. If they couldn’t break through the defense, how can they defeat her?

“Water benefits myriad things, stay in inhabitant, close to the Tao.”

Ding Yunfeng in the headquarter of Night Raider far away, looked at the battle in the light screen and said.

This sentences came from《Tao Te Jing》, the meaning was : Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention, It stays in places that people dislike, Therefore it is similar to the ‘Tao’.
(tl :

“Don’t tell me that we can only watch and can’t attack?”

Han Yi at the other side of hemisphere hearing this couldn’t help but ask. Facing this kind of unbreakable defense, he had no mean to fight it.


Ding Yunfeng also didn’t say anything, he tapped his finger on the desk, deep in thought.
“Not good! The water level is rising!”

Cheng Yu looked at the data in the computer and cried out in alarm : “In another half an hour, America’s coastal area would disappear.”

“Could it be that we can only watch?”

A team member upsettingly shouted.

“Continue attacking!”

Han Yi suddenly gave an order and took the lead to attack.


Other team members nodded at each other, then followed Han Yi to attack.


The other defense troops who had already been indignant seeing the Night Raiders actually still persisted, their hearts were influenced and they started attacking again.

“Flies won’t have the second chance to fly in front of me.”

Suddenly, the mermaid who had been silent all this time indifferently spoke and startled everyone.

“What’s that mean?”

Han Yi furrowed his brows and whispered inside.

“Water is the most changeable thing in the world. He can save all creation the same as he can destroy the world.”

Mermaid’s words had just fallen down and caused everyone’s face to change. Without waiting for them to react, the mermaid suddenly opened her eyes at them.


A bizarre blue light wave passed over. But every pilot didn’t what’s going on, their aircrafts also didn’t have any damage.

“Every plane’s instrument is not working!!”

Just as when they had felt something wrong, someone suddenly shouted out.

Everyone lowered their heads to looked, and sure enough, every instrument had stopped working, even the pilot lamp also died out.

“I won’t kill you……”

The mermaid suddenly spoke at this moment, she said in flat tone : “I will let you witness humanity’s doomsday.”


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