Chapter 122 The New Teacher(10)

Chapter 122 The New Teacher(10)

“In fact, the first time swimming must be in the water at the depths around 1.5 meters. Although the water’s buoyancy at 2 meters is great, but the fear of water in human’s psychology is the major obstacle.”

Adair explained slowly to Jiang Qi, and Jiang Qi also kept nodding his head.

“So to speak, if you want to master swimming, you have to first overcome your fear.”

“But how to do that?”

Jiang Qi hurriedly asked.

“Normally you need to slowly adapt.”

Adair’s words made Jiang Qi’s ears to droop down in disappointment.
(tl : hey doggie)

“Actually, you are not that afraid.”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s appearance, Adair felt somewhat funny.

“You people swimming champion don’t understand us ducks on the dry land.”
(tl : ducks on dry land = non-swimmer.)

Jiang Qi looked at Adair and forced a smile.

“I was once afraid of water too.”

Adair’s words made Jiang Qi slightly stunned. He looked at Adair but didn’t know what to say.

“Until one day, my best friend fell into the water. I at that time didn’t think anything and immediately jumped into the water, finally saving him.

Adair smiled, then said to Jiang Qi : “If you don’t reject water, the water also won’t reject you. As long as you treat water as your companion……”


That easy? That was just like on the TV.

Jiang Qi made a wry smiled. Suddenly, the Shield of Baraji on his wrist became scalding hot, and also started to palpitate like heartbeats.


Jiang Qi had experienced this reaction many times before. His mind became taut.
There was a monster!!


Along with the progress of the satellites positioning, humanity could observe the change tendency around the world clearer and clearer.

At the Night Raider’s base, every personnel was extremely busy. After they took on this job, it was already fixed that there wouldn’t be a quiet time for them again.

In the Operation Command Room, many elites were inside, repeatedly debugging the instruments.

Cheng Yu’s both hand tapped on virtual keyboard like a phantom. He then finally uploaded all data to the main screen.

Then, an Earth made up of virtual data appeared before everyone’s eyes.

This ‘Earth’ was in a dark blue color and around 5 meters. You could clearly see seven continents and four oceans on it. Outside it, there was also satellites made up from blue data stream revolving around the globe.


Han Yi’s eyes flashed with a bit of excitement, looking at the ‘Earth’ which was taller than him, and asked.

“The preliminary os already completed.”

Chang Yu looked at this work. His eyes flashed with an expression of satisfaction. He was the one who created the majority of this ‘Earth’.

“Then we can investigate the abnormal situations all around the world now?”

Ding Yunfeng walked forward, he shifted his gaze from the ‘Earth’ to looked at Cheng Yu and asked.

“That’s right.”

Cheng Yu nodded his head in matchless pride, then said : “The estimated error is less than 0.01 seconds.”


Seeing that Cheng Yu could be this certain, Ding Yunfeng also smiled in satisfaction.

This ‘Earth’ was not just a simple investigation system, but rather the pinnacle work being collaborated from every country.

Originally, although the Night Raider’s investigation system was strong, but it was only available in the area of China, and simply couldn’t foresee any situation in other countries. If they carelessly spied outside, they might start a cyber war.

For the sake of changing this situation, the world started the second conference. This conference went through the policy “Share the intelligence network, unite the world’s power”.

Every satellites ‘protecting’ the world were allocated.

In other words, all of their information could be accessed, other countries could also foresee their own information.

This required absolute trust, so it was opposed by many small countries. The reason was : If other countries were to invade them, they would simply lack power to resist. However, this opposition was drowned by the massive support rate.

Because, on the surface, this might seem to lose a lot. But in the long-term, this was the most correct decision.

If there was an abnormality happened in any place, other countries could immediately send supports. This united the world’s power, weaving humanity’s strength to the maximum.

As for the worry of the small countries, they didn’t pay attention to them. Everyone there wasn’t stupid. Right now, Earth was plagued with both internal and external problems. Humans had to unite together. They shouldn’t waster their power with these stupid problems.

“Next, we are going to connect with other countries’ network.”

Chang Yu said, and proceeded to the last step.

But, no one had expected that, Cheng Yu had just connected with the networks, when the virtual ‘Earth’ had something abnormal happened on it.

At the Pacific Ocean of the virtual ‘Earth’, nearby the America’s seacoast, there appeared a red dot, continued to send out red ripples.

“Unusual activity at America’s seacoast!”

Cheng Yu looked at the ‘Earth’ and frowned.

“Bring the image up.”

Ding Yunfeng transformed into a senior officer, and calmly said.


Cheng Yu nodded his head, and quickly transferred the image of America’s seacoast. It had not been possible before, but it was now……

“My god! What is this?”

Cheng Yu who had just put the image into the main screen jumped up. He looked at the main screen with a face full of disbelief.

Ding Yunfeng pursed his lips up and said in deep tone : “Sortie!”


Han Yi nodded his head, then picked up a helmet and rushed out. Behind him, 66 fighting team members also followed him.

At the scene of the originally calm America’s seacoast, right now it was filled with fierce gale screaming and huge wave rising, as if it would hit anytime.

What surprised them was that on the sea surface, a huge column of water continued to rise up, and among one of them, there was a figure in it.

The upper body resembled a female human. The lower body was covered in multicolored scales like, just like a mermaid in the children tale. Only that this mermaid was 50 meters big.

The mermaid had a conch tied on her azure hair, her eyes looked down at the land.

She opened her mouth, and an incomparable gentle yet also making people feel supreme prestige rang out.

“I am the ancient being guarding this part of the ocean. Humans, you have repeatedly offended me again and again. Today, I will swallow your land into the ocean.”


The observing people here still and didn’t hear what’s going on clearly and then the tsunami came!

It was calm a second ago, but it suddenly changed beyond recognition in the next second.

The huge wave whizzing, then it crossed through the coastline by sheer force. It crossed through farmland, it swiftly attacked the village and town on the shore.

That piece of farmland, each and every field of vegetables cared with painstaking effort were instantly swallowed into the water. People vanished within the roaring waves with twist faces filled with despair and agony. The facilities and infrastructures at the harbor were ransacked by the raging waves, collapsed and fell down. Everything was swept with nothing left.


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