Chapter 120 The New Teacher(8)

Chapter 120 The New Teacher(8)

In front of him appeared a clear and beautiful face, with small mouth making a charming smile, the moonlight in her eyes shone through him, just like two dots of stars.
How to describe her? It felt like any words wouldn’t be enough.

Although she had golden blue eyes of the foreigner, but the ancient Chinese prose could be used to describe her : “Soft and tender hand, Smooth, soft and glossy skin, Slender neck, Fine eyebrows, charming smile and tiny beautiful mouth.”

For a moment, Jiang Qi was actually enchanted, and not just Jiang Qi, other people were also captivated by this lady who unexpectedly appeared.


Suddenly, the Shield of Baraji on Jiang Qi’s left hand flashed, and the light flowed through his body, causing him to shiver. Recalling that he had just forgotten himself, Jiang Qi unexpectedly blushed.

Looking at this lady again, that kind of feeling vanished. Then both of them looked at each other, the lady’s eyes flashed with surprise.


Hurriedly adjusting his mood, Jiang Qi got up from the swimming pool and asked.


The lady smiled, then introduced herself.

“???? You are Adair??”

Jiang Qi became dumbfounded and immediately spoke in Chinese, then he turned his head to look at Zhang Jinfang and asked : “Then who is she?”

“She is the assistant the school assign for me.”

Jiang Qi was even more surprise. This Adair could unexpectedly speak Chinese, and was even as good as Chinese people at that.

“You can speak Chinese?”

Jiang Qi was stunned and asked her with flabbergasting. Since she could fluently speak Chinese, why would she speak English with him previously?

“I thought you can’t……”

Adair covered her mouth and light laughed, with the mischievous in her eyes.


Was I just teased by this new teacher?

Jiang Qi sweat a bit, he was choked by Adair’s words and didn’t know what to say.

However, after hearing the conversation between Jiang Qi and Adair, the others also returned to their senses. When they heard that this beauty was their teacher, their eyes sharply lit up and stared at Adair.

Under this kind of gazes, Jiang Qi felt uncomfortable, but Adair seemed to not care at all.

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, a wrathful voice rang up. Everyone jumped up with fright. Jiang Qi looked at the direction of the voice.

He saw Zhang Jinfang looked at Adair with an angry face. She crossed her arms and walked before Adair, berating : “You are a teacher! And you actually left your duty as you pleased?”

“I’m sorry. I had some urgent matters!”

Hearing Zhang Jinfang’s overbearing questioning, Adair softly bowed, then explained.

“You had urgent matters and couldn’t apply for leave in advance?”

Zhang Jinfang wrinkled her brows. Her overbearing manner made students at the side furious, but they dared not to step up, because they were afraid to be spat.

And toward Jiang Qi between them, they could only give him admiration and envy. Admiring him that he could remain calm looking at the ugly aunty. Envy that he could stand beside a beauty.

“I am sorry, because of the matter was very serious, therefore……I am very sorry!”

Adair lowered her head and feebly spoke, as if she was very grievous.

Zhang Jinfang looked at Adair and her chest heaved up and down because of anger.

After hearing Adair’s voice, Jiang Qi was in a trance. He had the thought of hitting Zhang Jinfang.


Once again, the Shield of Baraji’s light flowed through his body, causing Jiang Qi to return to his sense.

It seemed there was something fishy.

Jiang Qi finally felt peculiar. He unobtrusively glanced at Adair, with probing in his eyes.

“Hey!!! She already said sorry! What do you still want!!”

Suddenly, a rather bad temper student stood up and yelled at Zhang Jinfang.

“That’s right!!”

“Everyone can have urgent matter!!”

Other students also chimed in, while Wang Jian also nodded in approval.

“You guys……”

Zhang Jinfang looked at these students, she opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but didn’t say anything in the end.

“Well, pay attention next time.”

Jiang Qi shouted not good inside and hastily spoke, but his words still assist Adair, after all, Zhang Jinfang was being unreasonable.

“Fine……I know……”

Zhang Jinfang exhaled a deep breath, then nodded her head, and slowly walked away
Seeing that hideous aunty walked away, the students shouted and jumped up in joy!!

“Good!! She finally go away!!!”

“That almost scared me to death!”

What was even more was that someone whistled at Zhang Jinfang’s back who was still not far away.

”Everyone, that’s enough!!!”

Jiang Qi looked at Zhang Jinfang’s downtrodden back and loudly yelled at these people. These people’s actions were too excessive.

“Brat!! Looking for trouble??”

The student who was the first one to stand up previously looked at Jiang Qi with flame in his eyes, asked him in extreme anger.


Jiang Qi didn’t say anything. He glanced at that students, his eyes clearly showed the scorn within.


The student subconsciously looked at the silent Adair, thinking that she could sense his fear at Jiang Qi. It was as if his male-esteem received a stimulus.

The flame if fury swallowed his head. Taking advantage of when Jiang Qi was facing his back at him. He clenched his fist and rushed up.


The Wang Jian warned Jiang Qi at the first moment he saw the student’s movement and also rushed up.

But even if there was no Wang Jian’s warning, Jiang Qi could also sense that.

He tiled his body to a side, dodging the student’s fist. Then he used one hand to grab the student’s wrist and did a shoulder throw, throwing him into the water.


The student smashed into the water, creating a big splashed, stupefying everyone,
The watching students, the rushing Wang Jian, and also nearby Adair.


The student stood up from the water, angrily pointed finger at Jiang Qi, but didn’t say anything.

“If you want to swim, just say so, no need to suddenly jump in.”

Jiang Qi looked down on the student, then left. The other students continued to shifted their gaze between the two of them.

The student felt the gazes, these gazes were undoubtedly his humiliation.

“Brother, what should we do?”

Someone pulled the student up, then asked.

“After a class is over, get people to look for him!”

The student sinisterly looked at Jiang Qi’s back and moved his shoulder. He wanted to waste that guy!

At the other side, Wang Jian looked at Jiang QI up and down, as if didn’t recognize him.

“Damn, you brat is pretty good!”

Patting Jiang Qi’s shoulder, Wang Jian sighed emotionally: “You brat hide so deeply!”


Jiang Qi looked at Wang Jian, then took out a mobile phone that had accompanied him in the water. He swiped the screen and it could still work.

“Sure enough, knockoff phone is awesome!”



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