Chapter 12 Live Well

Chapter 12 Live Well


This time, the other end of the phone was a stranger. Making Jiang Qi stunned again.

No way? Is this a lie ?


The voice was full of doubt. Looked at the phone number, and found it’s an unknown number. Thinking it was a wrong number, he was ready to hang up. Suddenly, a very weak voice came out from the phone.

“May I ask who you are ?”

“I’m surnamed, Dong.”

Listening to the voice’s answer, Jiang Qi licked his dried lips. His hearts gradually increased its beating.

“Do you know Jiang?”

“Jiang Sheng?”

The voice was surprised, as if wondered how Jiang Qi know his name.

“Do you know him?”

Hearing his tone, Jiang Qi eyes brighten. It was’t a complete fail as long as there was a glimmer of hope right?.

“We are a classmate, but….”

The person on the phone told their relationship, but he returned asking:”How do you know Jiang Sheng?”


Jiang Qi stunned a bit; he didn’t how to say this?. Do I want to say I’m his son? The world changed, so he still didn’t know to what extent it has changed ! If he rashly told the truth, with the world changed, if they did not know him, that would make the case become even worse!

“Can you tell me about Jiang Sheng’s contact?”

Jiang Qi cautiously asked, because even to guard against the stranger, giving Jiang Sheng contact was still okay right?

“Jiang Sheng…..”

The voice sounded very painful and answering with full hesitation.

“…. …. Jiang Sheng died 23 years ago..….”

Hearing the words, Jiang Qi’s heart skipped a beat and stunned in place. It was a long time before his mind came back.

His mouth opened, and the throat felt like a blockage, blocking all the words in his stomach.

If someone was in Jiang Qi’s room, they could see Jiang Qi’s face becoming red with highlighted blue veins in his head while his hand tightly clenched.


Suddenly with Jiang Qi roared, his sound awakened Jiang Liu. Yawning while rubbing his eyes, Jiang Liu walked out of his room.

“What’s wrong with this damn kid?”

Jiang Liu bit his mouth and went to the living room, but found his two daughters were also in there. Playing with the pillow on the sofa.

“You are not sleeping, why are you girls here?”

Jiang Liu frowned looking at his daughters.

“This is because of that damnable guy!”

Jiang qi angrily said with yawning, ravaging the pillow with her hands.

Blaming that guy for ruining her dream.

“… Little qi, don’t say that. Have a little empathy with other people’s problem.”

Jiang Xue stopped Jiang qi with her eyes, then spoak to Jiang Liu “and from I heard from his sounds, there must be something going on.”

Listening to Jiang Xue, Jiang Liu eyes slightly squint looking at the second floor.


Jiang Qi’s chest went up and down. As if small lion territory being invaded.

“You lie to me! A few days ago we just spoke to each other on the phone, How could he die ?!”

Jiang Qi shouted into the phone.

He already imagined many kind of results, but this kind of truth. He did not accept this!

“Young man, I don’t know what going on. But I want to tell you the truth, he is really dead because of accidentally falling from the site, and the steel wires stabbed through his heart, if you do not believe it. I’ll give you the proof.”

Mr. Dong who at the phone snapped at Jiang Qi worsen mood,

Jiang Qi family wasn’t a wealthy family. His father was a worker while his mother grew some plants in the house and sold it to supplement their family.

At 23 years ago, his father fell, but he knew that Jiang Shen only get stabbed in his left arm by steel.

But now, he didn’t expected that the changed history. With only a single deviation, actually…..

Jiang Qi didn’t know why he suddenly felt dizzy. Sitting on the ground, his body felt empty.

“Then, Jiang Shen’s wife ?”

Jiang Qi asked weakly again.


Mr. Dong was full of question mark:”Jiang Shen has no wife!”

“Originally this is the last project, so after this work done, he wants to marry search for a woman. But he didn’t expect to become like this.”

“Oh? young man? what are you talking about? hello? are you still there…..”

Mr. Dong spoke for a long time, hearing there was no voice on the other end. He stopped and starting to call Jiang Qi.”

As soon as Jiang Qi heard Jiang Shen was a bachelor. Jiang Qi dropped his phone, followed by tears smashing the floor.

Tears one by one dropping out, Jiang Qi didn’t stop.

Soon, his jeans were wet. The deep, shallow color with some kind of dark, mocking breath, seems to be grinning at Jiang Qi.

But it doesn’t matter, who cares about me ?.

Letting the tears flow out from his cheek, Jiang Qi’s eyes ashen.


“Why there is no sound?”

Jiang qi eavesdropped the room with her small eyes but finding no sound, couldn’t help to pout and said: “Should we open the door?”

Judging from the noise of the Jiang Qi, there should be something important to him making him distress.

Was it from the previous monster?

Eyes slightly darken, looking up the room upstairs. Jiang Xue stood up from the sofa, wanting to go upstairs. Suddenly there is a figure flashed behind her.

Jiang Xue unexpectedly looked distracted, looking up her step in the ladder. She follows up while she smiled.

“Hey, where are you going ?”

Seeing her father and sister abandoned her, Jiang qi jumped up from the sofa following them.


Jiang Liu came to the door, not saying anything and kicked the door. Entering the dark room.


Jiang Liu turning on the lamp, saw the Jiang holding his legs sitting in the corner of the wall, with tear face still hanging. His eyes become little red and swollen, staring blankly in front of him, pupil devoid of color.


Seeing Jiang Qi appearance making the two girls startled when arrived.

Looking at Jiang Qi, Jiang Xue feels heartache.

Monster took away the smile on the people, making them fall into endless pain.

Jiang Liu saw Jiang Qi; he walked to Jiang Qi with his dark complexion.


Squatting, Jiang Liu first reaction was not to consoled him, but slapped Jiang Qi in the face.

Behind, Jiang Xue and Jiang qi was surprised, watching their dad.


Looking at the still eyes of Jiang Qi, saw him not reacting, Jiang Liu slapped him again.


Jiang Liu expressionlessly asked again to the fallen Jiang Qi.


Jiang qi who seems to be scared pulled Jiang Xue sleeve. Jiang Xue looked at her, rubbing her head while still looked at unresponsive Jiang Qi.

Jiang Liu grabbed Jiang Qi’s collar, pulled him up and punched him, Knocking him onto the bed.

Red slap-print, dry tears, messy clothes, making Jiang Qi appearance incomparable miserable.


Looking at Jiang Qi, Jiang Liu spat out a word.

“Not daring to face the fate, Not look for the future, Only know to cry here, Only passively submit to it, what kind of man is this? ”

Jiang Liu came to Jiang Qi’s side, while his finger touched his heart. saying word by word : “If your important one is dead, you will have to live on and live well for that person instead.”

Finished, Jiang Liu not turning his head, only left the still crying Jiang Qi.

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