Chapter 119 The New Teacher(7)

Chapter 119 The New Teacher(7)

“Students! The most thing you have to pay attention of in the swimming is, to take a breath!”

The canteen aunty’s saliva splattered as she lectured. Everyone here, Jiang Qi included, twitched their mouths.

Looking over, it was as if this place was shrouded in the dark cloud.

“……therefore, taking breaths is very important. Next, I will look for a student to do the example.”

The canteen aunty spoke and looked at 32 male students lowering their head like ostrich, she couldn’t help but feel trouble.

32 handsome boys, so difficult to choose!

The canteen aunty thought shyly, then looked at……Jiang Qi, causing him to explode inside.

It’s you then! Cheerful and warming boy!

“Hey! I have an idea! Do you want to know?”

At this moment, Wang Jian at Jiang Qi’s side suddenly spoke in low voice.

“……what rotten idea you have?”

Jiang Qi’s lips lightly squirmed, he said : “This is bad, this fellow wants to call me!”
“Look at me!”

Saying this, Wang Jian lifted his hand high, making other 30 people looked at him in admiration, they simultaneously erected their thumbs at him and shouted in their mind : What a man!

And the canteen aunty was also surprised by Wang Jian, then she blushed.

So that anxious to interact with me? It seems you has a good sense of judgment, there are incalculable people wanting to get close to this lady. Since I am in a good mood today, seeing that you take the initiative, I will give you a chance!

“The student raising his hand over there!”

Thinking to this, the canteen aunty called out to Wang Jian.
“Hehe, teacher, look at me!”

Wang Jian endured the nauseated feeling inside, after he smiled at the teacher, with a ‘plop’ sound, he jumped into the water.

Everyone on the scene stared blankly at Wang Jian, Jiang Qi quietly turned his head away.

Brother, you still hadn’t changed clothes!

Wang Jian was as if didn’t realize this, in his school uniform, he started swimming in the water.

All kind of posture, butterfly stroke, backstroke……

Then he started his exhibition again.

Seeing that other people already had gaping expression, Jiang Qi curled his lips and shook his head.

“I have a cramp——“
(tl : as expect)

Suddenly, Wang Jian screamed from the water, then sank down. Everyone’s nerve became taut. Jiang Qi stood up and was about to jumped into the water. But there was someone even quicker than him. Just when Wang Jian had shouted, the canteen aunty already plunged into the water.

Then she swiftly pulled Wang Jian into her embrace, then swam toward Jiang Qi’s feet. jiang Qi extended his hand using all his strength to pull both of them up.

“Wang Jian!! Are you alright!!”

Jiang Qi pressed on Wang Jian’s chest while worriedly asking. And the canteen aunty was massaging Wang Jian’s legs. Taking advantage of when the canteen aunty wasn’t paying attention, Wang Jian unexpectedly opened his eyes and winked at Jiang Qi.


Jiang Qi became dumbfounded, his eyelids twitched. He then remembered that Wang Jian was not like a duck on the ground, he can swim!

Thinking back to when Wang Jian had said : He had a way. It was obvious that he had pretended to drown so that they could send him out to the infirmary.

Due to that, Wang Jian was now lying flat on the ground. Therefore, everyone could see Wang Jian opened his eyes. Everyone on the scene was not stupid, they immediately connected the dots. For a moment, everyone cursed in their head : “This trick is too despicable!”


They were still brothers after all, so he had to assist. Thus Jiang Qi coughed a bit, then said : “Teacher, we will send him to the infirmary!”

“No need.”

Unexpectedly, the canteen aunty actually waved her hand, then said to the students : “This is just in time for this kind of situation. We will employ the artificial respiration to save him.”


It was unknown that was coming from whom, as everyone almost broke into laugher.

Jiang Qi opened his mouth wide and didn’t know what to say. He helplessly looked at the canteen aunty who was about to kiss. He was actually looking forward seeing it.


Just when the two of them was about to stick together, Wang Jian opened his eyes, and drilled out from the canteen aunty’s embrace, then smiled : “Teacher, I am fine.”

“Are you sure?”

The canteen aunty stared at Wang Jian and said : “There might be some internal injuries on you, I’d still better help you!”

“No……No need.”

Wang Jian’s face was white, he spoke trembly and hastily plunged into the crowd.


The canteen aunty nodded her head in disappointment, then shouted at Wang Jian’s back : “My name is Zhang Jinfang. I live in xx community xx door. If the old injury doesn’t heal, you can go looking for me!”

Hearing that, Wang Jian staggered, almost falling down. Only ghost would come to you!
Then he quickly went back to the crowd, receiving these people’s ‘admiring’ tone.

Perhaps this boy wouldn’t be so daring like this again?

Jiang Qu couldn’t resist shaking his head, then he looked at the canteen aunty, who was Zhang Jinfang.

When he was following Jiang Liu, he also learned a bit of reading the meaning of someone’s body language. From Zhang Jinfang’s previous action, it was as if unintentional yet felt intentional, for example, warning Wang Jian.

This teacher was also not simple.

Jiang Qi looked at Zhang Jinfang, thinking inside. As if feeling Jiang Qi’s gaze, Zhang Jinfang glanced at Jiang Qi, seeing his gaze, she became startled, then winked at him.
“This student, do you want a try?”

Zhang Jinfang looked at Jiang Qi and teased him.

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

Jiang Qu slowly spoke while walking to the side of the swimming pool and looked at it, as if to determine how deep it was.

He really didn’t want to go underwater!!

“You don’t act like a man?”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s appearance, Zhang Jinfang patted his shoulder.

“I’ll go!!!”

Jiang Qi only felt his shoulder was thrust with tremendous force, then he was shoved into water without any time to resist.


Jiang Qi flustering moved his legs in the water, while shouting.

And the crowd looked blankly at Jiang Qi, Zhang Jinfang included.

“Hey! Stand up!”

Wang Jian couldn’t look on anymore, he said

Hearing that, Jiang Qi pressed his feet…..and stood up from the water.

He slightly opened his mouth and looked at the water level under his armpit, and became a bit dazed.

Originally, Gaoyang University’s swimming pool was separated into two areas. One was deep water are, while another was shallow area. The shallow area was used for train the students who couldn’t swim. The deep area was used in competition. The area where Wang Jian had jumped into was deep area, with depths no less than 3.5 meters.

“I was just easing the mood.”

Jiang Qo coughed once then said.


Wang Jian curled his mouth and walked back.


Suddenly, a voice came up, startled Jiang Qi a bit.


Jiang Qi subconsciously answered in English, then he looked at the direction of the voice.

Upon looking, he became dumbfounded.
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