Chapter 118 The New Teacher(6)

Chapter 118 The New Teacher(6)


Jiang Qi’s face twitched, then he stiffly nodded his head and greeted : “Hi…..”

“Hello, handsome……”

Looking at Jiang Qi, her eyes shone and she warmly greeted,


And Wang Jian at the side already stood in place and stared blankly at the woman.

Jiang Qi couldn’t help but grabbed Wang Jian’s neck, then smiled at the lady : “Excuse me, I need to talk with him a bit.”


Dragging Wang Jian to the corner, Jiang Qi’s body exploded out with the black aura, he roared at Wang Jian : “This is Adair you’re talking about???? She is clearly our canteen aunt!!!!”

That person left a deep impression in Jiang Qi’s mind. He recalled going to the dining hall to eat, and she smiled affectionately at him, then he had never gone to the dining hall again.

Later, because more and more students did not go to the cafeteria for this reason, the school transferred the woman to other units. Where was that, Jiang Qi did not know. From that time, he had never dare to go to the cafeteria again.

Never expect that he would meet her here, such was fate.

“That, I also have never seen Adair before……”

Wang Jian lowered his head, scratched his ears and weakly said.


Jiang Qi pointed finger at Wang Jiang while his other hand covered his chest, unable to say anything. He was afraid he would have heart attack angrying ay this brat.

“Why do I know this guy……”

Wang Jian scratched his head and seemed to be very puzzled by the school’s action. If this continued, who would return to the swimming pool? What was the point of opening the swimming pool?


Jiang Qu took a deep breath, then turned back to look at the canteen aunty.

How to describe this lady? She had a back like a tiger’s and a waist like a bear’s. Her arms were as wide as Jiang Qi’s thigh. She had yellowish brown skin like the dry bark.
Her head was very big. She had a mole as large as thumb on the corner of her mouth. There was beard surrounded on her big lips. It seemed she also put on lipstick.

The aunty seeing Jiang Qi looked at her stuck out her mouth and sent him a kiss. This almost made Jiang Qi throw out the food he eats for the entire year.

Relying on his strong willpower and also the urge to sleep in his mind, Jiang Qi had managed to keep clam. Then he smiled at the aunty, only that smile was unsightly like he was weeping.

“What to do now?”

Wang Jian sullenly asked Jiang Qi in low voice.

“Be cool!”

Jiang Qi cast a supercilious glance at him, then said : “Can we leave?”

“It seems unlikely……”

Wang Jian’s words almost made Jiang Qi go into berserk again. He asked in irritation: “I don’t want to sit on a plane, can’t we refund the tickets?”

“Have you seen anyone flying midway got a refund?”

Wang Jian wept at Jiang Qi : “I have used my father’s authority to add two more slots. If we go now, that would be a slap to my father’s face.”

“……Why didn’t you look through Adele first and then pull me here?”

Jiang Qi close his eyes and said after a while.

“Aren’t we suppose to enjoying the fortune together?”

Wang Jian also frantically said : “I am just waiting for you to say that. Let both of us take it together.”

“Now it had become bearing difficultly together……”

Jiang Qi opened his eyes, took a deep breath. His entire being gave off the aura of facing death calmly : “Isn’t this just a swimming training class? What are we afraid……”

Hearing Jiang Qi’s words, Wang Jian looked at Jiang Qi in admiration, he didn’t expect that Jiang Qi would be this courageous, waiting for the class in front of this woman.

“However, can you take me to eat after this?”

Jiang Qi’s imposing aura collapses, then he said to Wang Jian in a pleading manner : “I’m afraid that I will collapse vomiting after a while.”

“I know it……”

Wang Jiang couldn’t help but cast a scornful glance at Jiang Qi, then magnanimous said : “Food on me!!”

“Good brother!”

Jiang Qi excitedly extended his fist.

“Good brother!”

Hearing this, Wang Jian said in understanding, then extended his fist to bump at Jiang Qi’s.

But, these two ‘good brother’ together glanced at the canteen aunty and unexpectedly became terrified at the same time.


Ocean, she had the power to swallow mountains and rivers, she had the capacity to contain all creation; she bore the weight of the history, she support large ships, gave birth to life, and impart the civilizations.

But, who knew that the ocean was also like a person, she had happiness, anger, grief and joy.

The shore of East Sea China was the important fortress of China. Here, there were rich of natural resources. There were large amounts of petroleum and natural gas, to the extent that one-fifth of the Night Raider’s resources came from here.

As usual, more than dozens of cruise ship ran through the sea level, creating wave of white ocean spray,

To these people who were going to ship natural resources to all over the world, this was their only ground.

But, no one could see that in front of them, there was a figure quietly standing there without any ripple.

Seeing the vessels coming toward her, that figure lifted her red amorous lips, said with sluggish voice : “Here they are……”

On the shop, a group of specialized crews were inspecting the instrument. And the pass-50 years old captain also nodded his head in satisfaction. As long as today had passed, he could retire and gave the young people opportunities.


Suddenly, a crew scurried toward him, picked up the telescope and gave it to the old man.

“Captain, there is people 500 meters in front of us!”

That crew spoke in a shock tone.


The old man seeing the crew’s expression was unlikely to be false, so he picked up the telescope and looked at the direction the crew was pointing.

Sure enough, he saw a person standing on the sea level crossing her arm.

“Open the siren! Steer left to avoid her!”

Seeing that figure, the old man first thought of mirage, and also other illusions.

However, the experience old Captain Immediately made the most proper decision, he couldn’t play with human’s life on his ship.


The sound of hooter rang up, the woman on the sea level seeing this couldn’t help but sneered : “Pretty smart, however……”

Her expression became cold, said : “……it won’t change your upcoming fate!”

Saying that, the woman put her index finger on the lips, then pointed at the ship, softly blowing a kiss.


Almost at the same time, the ship suddenly bursted into flame. And it was not just this ship, the other dozen of ships were also annihilated at the same time.

Right after that, dozens of ship transporting hundreds of tons of petroleum sank into the sea, covering the sea surface with ink color.

The woman looked down under her feet, piercing through the oil covering the sea surface, down to 10,000 kilometers to the seabed, looking at the thing there, and let out a mysterious smile.


After a while, the grating scream bursted out from the seabed, piercing through the ocean.

At the same time, the waterfront around the world all was swallowed by the gigantic tsunamis, causing the loss of several hundred billions dollars.


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