Chapter 117 The New Teacher(5)

Chapter 117 The New Teacher(5)


The class ending’s bell rang, Jiang Qi lowered his head and entered the classroom, just in time to pass by the professor’s side.


The old professor snorted, waved his hand, then left without looking back.

At this, Jiang Qi could only shrug. This matter was not something that could be settled with just words.

Returning to his seat, Jiang Qi sat down and stretched himself.

“Hey! Brother, you know too much!”

Wang Jian stuff the bento into Jiang Qi’s hand, patted his shoulder, then teased him : “What primary speed of light, what a sly. You didn’t see when that professor’s face had turned green.”

Jiang Qi took the bento, then forced a smile : “Say no more, I really offends him this time.”

“In the end, How do you know all those?”

Wang Jiang was sitting on the desk, made a teasing face, then asked.

“I have dreams.”

Jiang Qi casually spoke, then opened the bento box. At a glance, he saw that Wang Jian actually ate it completely.
(tl : Erm, it is estrogen in the woman’s medicine right? So what happen when man eat that?)

“You ate it all?”

Jiang Qi widened his eyes staring at Wang Jian, and asked in surprise.

“What? You give it to me.”

Wang Jiang spoke and still smacked his lips, as if he still wanted more.

“That’s true.”

Jiang Qi listlessly threw away the bento box, then picked up the study’s utensils and left the room.

“Ei? Where are you going?”

Wang Jiang was startled seeing Jiang Qi leaving the classroom. He pulled Jiang Qi and asked.

“Of course to a lecture, for credit.”

Jiang Qi picked up his note to run through today’s lecture courses.

“Law and Political Science Basic, Cultural Economic Management, Computer……”

Counting, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but irritably grabbed his head, the complained : “Why did I register so many irrelevant courses at that time? I study computer, do I have to add ‘Long Live Marx’ at the end of the list?”
(tl : I presume he mean Karl Marx)
(tl :

“Therefore I said that you’d lose your mind at that time…..”

Wang Jiang scrunched his nose and looked at him with disdain.

“Stop speaking, I am going to class!!”

Jiang Qi calmly spoke and was about to leave, but was pulled by Wang Jian again.

“Don’t go!”


Jiang Qi holding the notes drew back a few steps and vigilantly asked.

“Hear me out, you don’t need to go the remaining two courses.

Wang Jian slapped his own chest and spoke like he had a plan.

“I am going!”

Jiang Qi’s face remained unchanged, then he looked at Wang Jian and said : “If my credits are not enough,

“I will introduce you to a new gorgeous teacher, aren’t you interest?”

Wang Jiang hooked with Jiang Qi’s neck and raised his brows at Jiang Qi.

“I am not going, if you want to go then go by yourself.”

Jiang Qi rejected without a second thought. Are you kidding? Just these few courses already made him want to go crazy, you actually wanted to add some more?

“Hey! This teacher will be teaching swimming.
(tl : well, MC do need swimming lesson)

Wang Jiang suddenly yelled, causing Jiang Qi to pause.

“And this teacher’s figure is electrifying, she has S-shape figure, doesn’t lack where there should be and has more than one could wish……”

Seeing Jiang Qi pause, Wang Jiang smiled a bit, then listed out the teacher’s good point.

But little did he know, Jiang Qi didn’t listen to him at all. Jiang Qi only heard that this teacher taught swimming.

The battle with the spicy crab last time already made him aware of his own shortcoming. There would bound to be more battles in the water in the future. So regarding this fear of water, he had to overcome it.

Even if he didn’t go this time, he would eventually look from someone to teach him anyway.

“A good opportunity must not be wasted. It doesn’t matter if you miss today’s courses, but this teacher’s class is only once a month. Not going would be really a waste.”

Wang Jian hooked Jiang Q’ shoulder and convinced Jiang Qi. Finally, Jiang Qi nodded, making him to smile.

“Boy, follow my lead! Run, I will bring you there!”

Wang Jian spoke, then brought Jiang Qi out of the classroom.


Gaoyang University’s swimming pool was not much different from the common one. But didn’t know why, it was not desolated like always. There were unexpectedly many people. Looking over, there were actually no less than a thousand people, but they were all stopped outside.

“This is almost emptying half of the classroom building!”

Jiang Qi opened his mouth wide, hesitated a bit, then said : “With so many people here, that teacher probably can’t teach them all. I better go, staying here would only be a waste of time.”

Jiang Qi was about to leave but Wang Jian pulled him again. Then he spoke to Jiang Qi : “Don’t worry, the school has its rules and regulations. They will only take 30 students.”

“30 from 1,000 people?”

Jiang Qi threw a glance at Wang Jiang, coldly laughed ‘hehe’, then said : “Goodbye!”


Wang Jian hastily pulled Jiang Qu back and said : “You don’t have to worry!”

“I won’t gamble on 3% chance.”

Jiang Qi couldn’t help but bury his head in his hand, then said.

“Did you forget that my father is a head teacher?”

Wang Jian crossed his arms and said : “This teacher still has to teach, therefore by relying on my father’s position, obtaining merely two slots is a piece of cake!”

Finished speaking, Wang Jiang dragged Jiang Qi to squeeze through the crowd. In the process, Jiang Qi didn’t know how many people stepped on his feet, how many fist he had to suffer until they finally squeezed through.

The door was blocked by 5 school guards. Wang Jian arrived before one of them and whispered something in his ears. That school guard nodded his head then spoke to the people behind : “Open the door.”


One of the school guard put his palm on the hand-mark scanner on the door, and the door then opened.

Wang Jiang quickly pulled Jiang Qi inside. After the two went in, the door firmly closed, creating a ‘Boom’ sound behind, frightening Jiang Qi to think that the monster had appeared.

Turning to look back, Jiang Qi saw those students were exploding seeing that both of them could easily get inside, they were confused and unwilling. They started arguing with the school guard and even surrounded them.

“Why are they like this?”

Jiang Qu looked at these people in disbelief. He couldn’t understand their strange behavior.

“That is because you still haven’t see this teacher. After you see her, you’ll also become enchanted.”

Wang Jian hooked Jiang Qi’s neck, then said in infatuation: “That figure, that face, that voice…..”

“Your saliva is flowing down.”

Jiang Qi patted Wang Jian’s face in disdain, then asked in astonishment: “Who is this teacher anyway to be able to make you this infatuated?”

“Adair·Vivs, the world-class swimming warrior, 3 times Olympic champion and dozens times of world champion. 7 of them broke the world record.”


Jiang Qi repeated in surprise. He knew of her, but Adair was extremely mysterious. She always wore a mask every time she appeared, so no one knew her real face.

But what was surprising was that how can the university manage to invited her to be a coach? Although Gaoyang University was famous, but its ranking was merely wandering around 500 in the world. Normally, Adair should go to a university with better influence! For example, Yandu.

“The Adair you guys are looking for, is it me?”

Suddenly, a voice rang up from behind both of them. Jiang Qi’s body shook. Speak of the devil.

Turning to look, Jiang Qi who had seen how big the world was also contracted his pupils, opened his mouth wide, and became dumbfounded on the spot.


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