Chapter 116 The New Teacher(4)

Chapter 116 The New Teacher(4)

Jiang Xue wearing apron came out from the kitchen, looked at the door that just closed, then asked : “Has little Jiang gone to school?”


Jiang Liu lowered his head to look at the newspaper in his hand and softly nodded.
“Eh? What about my bento?”
(tl : bento mean boxed meal, usually use this term in Japan)

Jiang Xue was about to sit down when she suddenly became stunned. She searched around the dining table and said : “I made it for the little sister next-door, little Liang. There is also medicine from the doctor inside!”


Jiang Liu’s brows jumped and asked in curiosity: “I don’t remember little Liang has any ailment?”

“Ai! Father! That is woman’s physiology issue!”

Jiang Xue’s face was red, she shouted in dissatisfaction.


Hearing that, Jiang Liu almost spurted congee out, he asked : “Are you kidding me?”⊙▽⊙
(tl : it is at this moment that Jiang Liu look like an uncle-version of MC)

“Why would I deceive you?”→_→

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes, then narrowed them and looked at Jiang Liu, said : “Don’t tell me you steal the food again?”

“I have something to eat, why would I touch your bento?”

Jiang Liu shrugged his shoulder and continued to eat congee. He thought in his mind : You brat, I wish you good luck!

This might be the only time Jiang Liu didn’t intend to but still accidentally dug a hole for Jiang Qi, this was truly divine will.


Early morning, everything was quiet. The eastern horizon appeared a little bit of thread of sunlight, very carefully permeated with the light blue color of the sky, gradually marking the beginning of a new day.

The pitiful Jiang Qi could only hurry to the school and swallowed his tear.

Jiang Qi who had finally caught up with the last shift of the public bus didn’t know that he was virtually entrapped again.

However, fortunately, there was no empty seat on the bus, so Jiang Qi could only stand. He planned to eat the bento while sitting but he had to give that up now.

The bus ran quickly and soon reached school. Jiang Qi got down from the bus and ran toward the school with extreme speed.

This school had one particular trait, that was if you were to attend class, being late was not allowed. Each time you were late, you would be deducted 10 credits.

Jiang Qi already only had a few credits left, if he was to be deducted another 10 credits, then he could only nibble a bread.


Jiang Qi finally entered the school before the class bell rang, he strongly exhaled a breath.

At least he wouldn’t lose more credit, right?

Jiang Qi didn’t worry now, he looked for his major’s building class.

Gaoyang City University all divided into 6 areas. Each area had their own tasks and also 13 classroom buildings, separated the university’s 13 courses and distributed into these six areas.

Therefore, Gaoyang University looked particularly large. Once there was a student who didn’t come out from the classroom building for a long time, until one day, he left for the toilet and couldn’t find his way back.

However, this kind of thing won’t happen on Jiang Qi. Because after that student’s tragedy, the school had placed signs on every building. If he still got lost, he should just kill himself with tofu.

After slipping into the classroom building, Jiang Qi’s classroom was on the first floor, so he could finally take a breather.

He entered the classroom. The students inside were talking buzzingly. Jiang Qi lowered his head and entered the room holding a bento and necessary document in his hand.

“Hey! Brother, why did you come?”

Jiang Qu had just sat down when a man tilted his head and asked in curiosity.

This man was his buddy, Wang Jian. He looked at Jiang Qi in jeering, then said : “You are like the proud dragon, never bother to come.”

“I have some matters.”

Jiang Qi could only tell him like this, then he took out a bento. He was really hungry now.

“Wow! So luxurious!”

Wang Jiang looked at the bento in astonishment: “There are hams, vegetables, eggs, complete nutrition set!”


Jiang Qi smiled a bit then took a pair of chopsticks from the box to put a ham into his mouth, tasting the fine flavor.


Jiang Qi chewed a bit then frowned with bitter expression. What’s wrong with the taste?
“Why do you have that expression?”

Seeing Jiang Qi’s expression, Wang Jiang asked in surprise, then he picked up Jiang Qi’s chopsticks and also taste a ham.

“How’s that?”

Jiang Qi stared at Wang Jiang. But his expression didn’t change, so Jiang Qi asked.

“I…..have a cold, I can’t taste it……”

Wang Jian’s word almost made Jiang Qi to go berserk, he endured it, then quietly shoved the bento to Wang Jian. The meaning was clear.
(tl : and the more unfortunate one is MC’s buddy.)


Wang Jiang excitedly thanked, then picked up the chopsticks and happily ate.


Jiang Qi silently nodded his head. His intuition told him, if he didn’t eat, he would be hungry, if he ate, he would cry.

“Teacher’s here!”

Someone shouted, causing the whole class to become quiet.


A professor around 40 years old wearing glasses and formal clothes with a bit of baldness looked below and sternly said.

“Good morning!”

They shouted out a the same time, then took out their materials, preparing for the class.

“Our today lecture will talk about the most mysterious matter in the universe——Light, this light……”

The professor started his lullaby. And Jiang Qi who was bored to death listening lied on the desk and yawn.

“……that student who is lying on the desk and yawning, stand up!”

Suddenly, hearing that, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but raised up from the desk. He saw the whole class was looking at him, he couldn’t help but scratched his head and asked : “Do you mean me?”

“Stand up!”

The old professor yelled with an ashen face, and Jiang Qi hastily stood up.

“I want this student to explain your understanding toward light.”

Hearing the old professor’s question, Jiang Qi sighed in relief, not bad, it was about light.
“Light is matter, yet also not matter in the universe. It can exist anywhere in the universe.”

Jiang Qu spoke, coughed a bit, then gestured at the professor’s writing on the blackboard : The speed of light is 300,000 km per seconds.

He said : “I think this is the light’s primary speed under the absolute balanced condition. But it is not the light’s constant speed.

“The speed of light can be infinitely increased, if it reached the critical point, it might be able to cross through time.”

Jiang Qi put his finger on his jaw while speaking.

“Get out!!”


Jiang Qi still didn’t finish speaking when the professor suddenly pointed outside and shouted in the ashen face.

“I just speak the truth!!”

Jiang Qi widened his eyes and said.

“Who can prove it?”

The old professor looked at Jiang Qi and gravely said.

“I can prove it!”
(tl : how? And why?)

Jiang Qi raised his hand and solemnly spoke.

“Get out?!!”

Looking at Jiang Qi who was driven away by his roar, the old professor whispered : “Dare to deny me in front of the whole class?”


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