Chapter 115 The New Teacher(3)

Chapter 115 The New Teacher(3)


Jiang Qi opened his eyes, looked around, and saw a red fist flying at him.

He subconsciously raised his hands to block, but he was still jolted back a few steps from this tremendous strength.


Right after was a kick toward him, Jiang Qi faintly moved his body to dodge, then retreated a few steps, creating distances and looking at the one who attacked him.


Jiang Qi widened his eyes and looked at the surrounding. Sure enough, this was the unchanging Planet K76.

Recently, Jiang Qi had often entered this place, then after he was brutally beaten by Leo, he would exit this place.

During this time, his improvement in strength couldn’t be unrelated with Leo’s training.

But this kind of entering couldn’t be controlled by Jiang Qi. He didn’t have a way to control when to enter and when not to.

After such a long time, Jiang Qi could conclude 2 points. One was that when he entered the dream, he had to be in the dormant state. Another was that each time he was in the dream, his body would disappear.

But these two conclusions didn’t have any use. For instance now, without any preparation, no matter how Jiang Qi had improved, he would still be sent off by Leo.


After Leo spoke to Jiang Qi, he took a fighting pose, looking at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qu took a deep breath and adjusted his condition, then also took a fighting pose at Leo.

Both of them didn’t make any rash movement. But, Jiang Qi didn’t have time to waste. Don’t forget that he was still wearing Techtor Gear on his body! This pressure was no joke.


Just when Jiang Qi was about to make a move, Leo suddenly shouted and rushed at him.

Hey!? What about your demeanor? Even if you didn’t speak anything to your student, shouldn’t you at least give me 3 moves?

Jiang Qi shouted at Leo in his mind, but it didn’t have any use, Leo was still rushing at him.

Leo punched at Jiang Qi’s face, which was dodged by Jiang Qi. Then Leo punched him again, but was blocked by Jiang Qi

Under the red color of the setting sun, two giant figures bumped into each other, stirring a large amount of dust.

Both of them continued to fight, the sound of fist and feet colliding blended with the sound of shouting.

Under the exchanging blows, Jiang Qi gradually fell into disadvantage. Leo also sensed that and began to press on.

It can’t go on like this.
A thought flashed in his mind and he made a decision.

Leo waved his fist at Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi originally wanted to block it with his hand, but he suddenly changed direction and hit at Leo’s chest.



Both of them hit each other’s chest at the same time. Leo retreated half a step, while Jiang Qi drew back five.

Looking at Jiang Qi who was panting loudly, Leo didn’t show any expression on the outside, but he approved Jiang Qi’s courage inside.

If only his courage could match with his strength.

Leo charged at Jiang Qi and hit his face.

Jiang Qi hastily extended his hand to block, but was shaken by Leo’s fist at his chest, causing him to draw back a few step. Following by Leo’s assaults like heavy rainstorms, causing Jiang Qi to helplessly ward them off and fell to the ground.


Leo moved his leg, intending to kick Jiang Qi but was dodged. But Leo also chased after to kick him.

Don’t underestimate me!

Jiang Qi’s eyes flashed, he grabbed Leo’s leg, then pulled, causing Leo to fall down.

Then Jiang Qi turned his body and stood up. He looked at Leo had fallen to the ground for the first time because of him, there was an indescribable feeling in his mind.


But, without waiting for Jiang Qi to enjoy too long, Leo stood up, looked at Jiang Qi, and suddenly shook his bones.


Suddenly, Leo moved. With extreme speed, he punched at Jiang Qi’s chest.


Just this almost made Jiang Qi to throw up.
(tl : I want to see)


Leo once again vanished, then he appeared in front of Jiang Qi and punched at him again.

However, relying on his instinct, Jiang Qi unexpectedly managed to block this. He then used another hand to punch at Leo, but it was also blocked by Leo.

Both of them fell into deadlock again. But if one carefully looked, one could see that Jiang Qi was in disadvantage side.

Suddenly, Leo’s hands deviated from Jiang Qi’s wrists into gripping Jiang Qi’s arms, causing both of them change to wrestling.

Jiang Qi was panic inside right now. Wrestling was not his strong suit.

Sure enough, Leo basically didn’t waster any strength, making Jiang Qi to fall down.
This time Leo didn’t choose to follow up, but rater crossed his arms and calmly looked at Jiang Qi standing up.

Jiang Qi at first wanted to employ light beam, but under the strong pressure from Techtor Gear, light stream in his body moved incredibly slow, making him to simply cannot shoot any light skill.

In other words, if you could shoot light energy out, King of Ultra would have to walk upside down!

The Zero Sluggers on his head were also shackled, and couldn’t be used, he could only use his fists and feet. Thinking to here, Jiang Qi’s face became dark.

This trial was truly hard!”

However, Techtor Gear also didn’t completely useless. Its defense power was at the max level. If not for it, Jiang Qi would be killed by Leo many times over.

The reason Leo could attack freely was also related a bit to this.

Because he knew this, that he wouldn’t kill Jiang Qi, therefore, he could fight with Jiang Qi with no scruples. Jiang Qi could also, with no scruples……took a beating!

He won’t die anyway……

The result of this duel was still the same, Jiang Qi lose again.

But Leo didn’t continue this time, he instead left, leaving the dumbfounded Jiang Qi in place.


The sweating Jiang Qi abruptly opened his eyes, panting. He looked around and found himself unexpectedly return?

Jiang Qi was very surprised, Leo didn’t brutally beat him this time?

But Jiang Qi didn’t have any masochistic tendency. Leo didn’t give him Leo Kick helped him lessened his psychological shadow.

Jiang Qi stretched himself and smilingly looked outside the window, enjoying the early morning’s sunshine hitting on his face, then……his smile froze……


Jiang Liu who was eating breakfast in the office frowned hearing the youth’s scream. He saw a youth ran wildly from upstairs, holding papers in his mouth, frantically wearing school uniform.

“Why didn’t you guys call me??
(tl : let me guess, late for exam?)

Jiang Qi didn’t even have time to wash his face, he hastily changed a pair of shoes. The original ones had fishy smell and couldn’t be used anymore.

“Little Xue went to your room and called you, but you weren’t there.”

Jiang Liu calmly ate breakfast while speaking.

“I went to the toilet……”

Jiang Qi’s figure who was wearing shoes paused a bit, then spoke.

“Aren’t you awake then?”

Jiang Liu softly raised his brows and asked.
“I forgot I have to go to school today and went back to sleep.”

Jiang Qi ‘awkwardly’ scratched his head. His ability to lie was terrible compared to his fighting strength.

“Serve you right.”

Jiang Liu couldn’t help but shook his head, then picked up breakfast at the side and threw to Jiang Qi.

“I will be eating.”

Jiang Qi caught the food the rushed out.


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