Chapter 114 The New Teacher(2)

Chapter 114 The New Teacher(2)

“So he is also not omnipotent……”

Han Yi was choked for half a day then he finally spoke out, causing team members behind him unable to hold back laughing.

Jiang Qi flopped his legs in the water for a while. Both of his hands were clamped by the monster. He gathered the strength to his left leg, then kicked at the monster’s belly, driving it back.

Jiang Qi then Immediately stood up, and staggered, almost fell into the water again.


Jiang Qi lightly gasped. He fiercely lifted his head up and very cautiously looked at the monster.


The monster roared, then charged at Jiang Qi again.

Jiang Qu hastily dodged. Although he dodged the monster’s pounce, but he still fell into the water again.

Without waiting for Jiang Qi to stand up, the monster pounced onto Jiang Qi’s body again. It opened its mouth trying to bite him, but was stopped from Jiang Qi. Then he gathered his entire strength and managed to get out from under its body.

He then managed to stand up and looked at the monster.

“It seems Zero is unreliable this time.”

Han Yi spoke, them said to the people behind : “Everyone take aim, the target is the monster’s eyes.”


The team members responded, then immediately switched to artillery fire and wantonly bombarded the monster.

But, a majority of them didn’t hit the mark and only a portion of them hit the monster, however it had no effect on the monster.

“Everyone will get more training after we return!!!”

Han Yi angrily spoke, what the hell are these accuracies of them?

And the member sitting behind Han Yi was slightly dumbfounded. He looked at Han Yi with the dead fish eyes.

That says, isn’t you captain’s attacks also didn’t hit it?

As if feeling the gaze from behind, Han Yi awkwardly coughed, then said to the radio : “We have to quickly stop this monster.”

Just when Han Yi was about to issue an attack command, the monster suddenly dived down under the water. While they were looking for it, Jiang Qi was the first to feel something wrong and was about to fly up. But his ankles were suddenly caught, without anyway to dodge, Jiang Qi was pulled into the water.

“Not good!!!”

Han Yi and others looked at Jiang Qi being pulled down without any chance to stop it.


Jiang Qi struggled under the water. As Zero, he was capable to live in the water, but, his consciousness as human rejected this kind of thing.

Who made him to be afflicted with the strange sickness similar to the deep water phobia? This kind of strange sickness wasn’t only made him afraid of deep water it also had other symptoms as well,


Jiang Qi struggled several time, but his feet was gripped firmly.

The Zero Sluggers flew out and immediately cut open the monster’s pincers.

He then flew toward the surface while the monster also followed closely behind.


The water surface exploded, then a red and blue giant figure rushed out and flew to the sky. Follow after that, the water surface exploded again and a red monster chased up.

“After it!”

Han Yi immediately gave an order, and the team members also adjusted their flight pursuing.

You actually dare to chase up?

Jiang Qi, hearing the sound of the monster flying from behind, became angry. If it isn’t because I can’t swim, you’d already be dead 800 times over!
(tl : wait, crab can fly!??)

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi changed direction and finally landed on the uninhabited island.


After Jiang Qi had landed, the monster chasing after him also landed here.


Jiang Qi wiped his thumb at the tip of his nose, then turned his body and looked at the monster.

“I will let you know what is pain!”

Jiang Qi spoke, then charged forward.


The monster fearlessly roared, then it also rushed over and lifted its pincers at Jiang Qi.
The monster was quite slow. If it was in the water, Jiang Qi wouldn’t be able to dodge it, but now he could dodge even if he closed his eyes.


Jiang Qi didn’t choose to dodge but rather used his hand to stop this attack. Then he raised his right fist and hit at the monster’s neck.


The monster cried out in pain, followed by a fist from Jiang Qi, almost causing to fall down.

He then grabbed its shell and turned it over, then gave it two punches and a kick, even if the monster was lying on the ground, it still continues to struggle.

Right after that, Jiang Qi rode onto the monster’s body and gave it a beating, making the monster to started foaming.

Yet unknown how, the monster suddenly erupted with tremendous strength, shoving Jiang Qi off its body.

The monster managed to stand up, then of its pincers unexpectedly flew out toward Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi hastily somersaulted to evade them. And after the monster’s pincers flew out, they unexpectedly regrew on its arms, then flew out toward Jiang Qi again, and again.

Jiang Qi repeatedly dodged and felt that the situation was not good. The Zero Sluggers rapidly flew toward the monster.



The monster’s eyes on its head was cut. It cried out in pain and couldn’t pay attention to Jiang Qi anymore.

Seeing the chance, Jiang Qi left hand moved, drawing an L-shape, shooting Wide Zero Shot at the monster.


The monster didn’t have time to roar before it was penetrated by the light beam. Then under its shriek, it exploded, only leaving behind a ball of flame.


At this moment, the Eagles finally arrived, but, the battle was already over, Jiang Qi had won.

“We didn’t do anything this time.”

Many pf the team members had similar thought in their mind. They looked at the giant figure and had the mixed feeling.

But Jiang Qu didn’t know what’s in their mind, he transformed into light and vanished from this place.


Han Yi stopped at the same place for while, then ordered the others.



It was almost dusk, Jiang Qi with his whole body being drenched was walking on the street, dragging his heavy clothes back to the office.

“I am, ptui——“

Jiang Qi wiped his mouth. There was still unexpectedly remnants of waterweed in his mouth, his face couldn’t help but become black.


Jiang Qi moved his hand and opened the office’s door.


Jiang Xue was wearing an apron, her hair was tied behind her head.

Jiang Xue who was tidying the room hearing the sound of the door opening, looked at Jiang Qi in surprise. Seeing that he was unexpectedly drenched from head to toes, she hastily grabbed the towel and help wiping his head, and asked : “What happened to you getting drenched all over?”

“Don’t bring it up.”

Jiang Qi curled his mouth and pretended to said in depress : “I had thought of catching fish to eat, but not only did I get nothing, I even fell into the water.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xue smiled and shook her head. On the contrary, Jiang Liu who had come out from the kitchen stared at Jiang Qi with dead fish eyes and said : “Hehe! I say how the fishy smell is so big?”

“Stealing food again?”

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes looking at the greasy stain on Jiang Liu’s mouth and expressionlessly said.


Jiang Xue frowned looking at Jiang Liu and said strictly : “This was left for little Jiang, father, how could you eat it?”


Jiang Liu’s mouth twitched, this daughter actually side with an outsider.

“Brat, I heard your semester is about to end?”

Jiang Liu suddenly smiled at Jiang Qi

“So what?”

Jiang Qi retreated a few steps, sensing Jiang Liu’s evil intention.

“You has played truant so many time, your credit……”

Jiang Qi’s expression froze up, after a good while, he spitted out a syllable.



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