Chapter 113 The New Teacher(1)

Chapter 113 The New Teacher(1)

Xin Gulf was the largest freshwater lake in entire China. 40% of entire China’s seafood product are originated from here. The environment here was also very beautiful.

Of course, that was until now.

“How’s the harvest today?”

A man wearing western suit walked to the side of an uncle who was fishing and warmly asked.

“Don’t bring it up.”

The uncle had a worried expression. Then he said to the youth : “I don’t know what’s going on in this two day, there is no fish at all. Our main income depends on fishery here. What can I do like this!”

“Uncle, don’t worry, everything will get better.”

The man patted the uncle’s shoulder, then left. This was the tenth person he asked, and they were the same, they didn’t catch anything at all.

This greatly puzzled the man. If it was said because of they didn’t understand cycle, catching and kill more than they could reproduce, but this reason couldn’t stand. Because even if the fish were all killed, but there should have at least some signs. But it was clearly the income was still very good several days before, how could it changed so much under a night time?

The man thought that there’s something more to this than meet the eye. Hence he invited the professional supervisor and prepare for the inspection.

They formed a small group and threw the sonar sounding set into water.
After that, they got into the tent near the riverbank and endlessly waited.


They were looking at the sonar probing radar scanning bit by bit on the monitor, yet there was still nothing unusual.

This was without a doubt boring, but, if you can endure this dull activity, you would eventually gain results.

“You guys, look!!”

Someone saw something had entered into the radar scope, so he pointed at the screen and spoke.

“This is……”

They frowned and looked at the group of little red dots quickly flit across the screen.

“It seems like a group of chum salmon, they look like they were chased by something.”
Someone analyzed.

“Could it be that there are natural enemies appearing, causing their population to decrease?”

One of them also spoke.

“Then their population must be large enough to do that.”

“Good, then will change to observe them.”

One of the youth among them clapped his hand, interrupting their discussion.

However, before that, they had to fish out the sonar sounding set first.


The speedboat was running extremely quickly on the water. There were two people on it. One if them already worn the diving suit equipped with Oxygen. He gave the driver ‘ok’ hand signal, then jumped into the water.

The driver had been waiting on the boatfor a long time, until he felt something wrong.

“How weird? This is taking too long?”

“Gududu, Gududu……”

Suddenly, the enormous bubbles appeared on the water. The driver stood dumbfounded, these bubbles’ height were twice of his.


Suddenly, a screech came up, at the same time, a red figure stood up from the water.

This figure was like coral reefs, its body took appearance of red shell. It had two gigantic blue eyes and two enormous pincers. It looked like a cooked crab, er, maybe savory spicy crab.
(tl : now I’m hungry!)


The driver pointed at the monster and yelled, then hastily started up the boat. As for the diver, who had the time to care about him now?

The monster seemed to notice the driver, its enormous pincers slapped onto the water, creating an over ten meters of a wave toward the driver.


The desperate driver seeing this, shifted the motorboat to its highest speed, but he was still swept up by the wave. He was fluttering on the water and saw a huge pincer moving toward him.

“Aa——Save me——“

He swam to his best, but still couldn’t compare to the monster’s extent. He was pinched up, then……was thrown into the monster’s mouth.


With only a few seconds, that man disappeared in the monster’s mouth without leaking any blood.

“Quickly run!!”

Seeing the monster ate that man, the people on the shore threw the things on their hands and run.

“So it was because if this guy?”

A group of people came out of the tent, looked at the monster and said.

“Why did it come up?”

One of them asked.

“Because there is already no food in the water.”



Just when the monster was waving its arm arrogantly, several aircrafts swiftly flew through the sky. They were exactly the Night Raider’s exclusive fighters —— Eagle.

“Captain, please give an order!”

Hearing the other member’s request, Han Yi looked at the monster and said : “Immediately stop it from getting ashore with bombard fire!”


With the replies, the Eagle initiated the bombard attacks. Although the accuracy was a bit low, but they succeeded in drawing the monster’s attention. However, the monster only spared them a glance, then continued moving toward the shore.

“Torpedoes are ready! Start unloading!”

An Eagle flew above its monster’s head. The pilot operated the computer, then dropped over ten torpedoes onto the monster.



The monster cried out in pain from the torpedoes, then it roared toward the Eagles.

“Our attacks work!”

The team members started to cheer, Han Yi’s mouth also formed a smile.

Perhaps the monster had realized that its attacks couldn’t reach the Eagles, it shifted its sight toward the shore again.

This time, the monster didn’t care no matter how the Eagles harassed it, it wholeheartedly walked to the shore.

“Damn it!!”

While the Night Raiders were flustering, the light descended from the sky and stayed in midair, the shot two light rays at the monster, making it to pause. Right after, the light died down, revealing the red and blue body.


“Just in time!”

The people on ashore seeing Zero’s appearance also stopped running and stayed in place looking.


Zero kicked down at the monster’s head, making it move back over a dozen steps, then fell down to the water.


Without waiting for them to finish speaking, Zero suddenly fell into the water, making their eyes to fall to the ground.

“Damn it! Forget that I cannot swim!”
(tl : wowww…….)

Jiang Qi inwardly gritted his teeth and stood up from the water. He could control the density and mass of his body so he could float on the water. But this didn’t save him from being unable to swim.


The monster stood up, looked at the body with similar size to itself and cried out in excitement. This could be enough for eating for a long time!

Thus it rushed at Jiang Qi in excitement. Jiang Qi, who had not still stood firmly on the water surface, seeing the monster rushing at him, hastily grabbed on the shell on the monster’s back. Then he waved his left fist, intending to hit its face. But, his feet paddled, and then Jiang Qi once again fell into the water.

“Er…..Captain, it seems like Zero can’t swim……”

On the aircrafts, the stupefied Night Raiders returned to their sense and asked Han Yi.


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