Chapter 112 The Infatuated Artist (7)

Chapter 112 The Infatuated Artist (7)


At the Night Raider Headquarter, the alarm which had not been activated lately rang again, causing every members to stand up.

Cheng Yu’s fingers tapped on the keyboard like phantom, a 3D image showed up in front of everyone’s eyes : “The location this time is Gaoyang City’s national exhibition hall!”


Ding Yunfeng who was playing a pen with his hand looked at the image, then shouted.


The Night Raider members all put their right hands before their chest and replied at the same time, then took their helmets and ran off.

“Cheng Yu, put the image to the main screen.”

Ding Yunfeng put down a pen, softly sighed, then spoke.


Cheng Yu’s fingers tapped a few times, then Alice’s figure appeared on the light screen.

“What the hell is this?”

Cheng Yu looked at Alice and frowned, feeling a bit creepy.

“That reminds me of Japan’s Sadako.”

The member operating the computer beside Cheng Yu drew in a clod breath, then spoke.


At this moment, the light flashed on the light screen. After the light died down, Zero’s figure was revealed.

“That’s good, he’s timely this time.”

Seeing Zero’s appearance, Cheng Yu’s originally wrinkled brow relaxed, he softly let out a breath.

“Don’t lower your’s guard.”

The silent Ding Yunfeng at the side suddenly said, slightly stunned Cheng Yu, then he strictly spoke to the members on the fighters through the radio : “Zero has appeared, our battle might be easy, but don’t think that it will be a certain win!”


A member replied back to the radio, pondered for a while, then asked Han Yi at the front : “Why is it Gaoyang City again?”


Han Yi who was checking the Eagle stopped his hand , then slightly turned his head and asked : “What do you want to say?”

“Has Gaoyang City offended the heaven? For example, there are too many graveyards, perhaps that’s why there are so many ghost and monster and so on?”
(tl : Nah, It’s because MC is here.)

Hearing a few words from behind, Han Yi thrown him a supercilious glance, then said : “You think too much!”

“Tut! What!”

The member at the back rubbed his nose and flung his mouth.

“The Eagle inspection is completed! Ready to set off!”

Han Yi’s hand gripped the advance lever, then slightly pushed it forward. At the same time, the Eagle’s engine also slowly burned up.


The Eagle flew off, immediately after that, the other Eagle also flew off one after another.



Jiang Qi fiercely shouted, then charged forward. He kicked at Alice’s belly, his right left hand blocking Alice’s chopping hand, his right fist clenched then fiercely hammered on Alice’s shoulder.


Alice retreated continuously by his hit, giving out a scream.

Jiang Qi chased after her and gave her two punches. He then caught her shoulders, rolled on his back and threw her up.


Alice fell to the ground, giving out a miserable cry, but Jiang Qi didn’t care about these.
He rode on Alice’s body and continuously attacks. Alice’s strength couldn’t compare to Jiang Qi, so she could only took a beating for a moment and was screaming repeatedly.
(tl : Rapist!!!)


Perhaps feeling that Alice’s sound was too grating to his ears, Jiang Qi got down from Alice’s body, took a few steps back, and looked cautiously at Alice.


Didn’t know how, Alice unexpectedly sat up on the ground crying, stunning Jiang Qi.
(tl : Ermmm……)

He had come across many monster and each of them had a bitter fight with him. But this was the first time he met one that cried from his beating. Jiang Qi didn’t know what to do now.


Alice’s cry became more and more tragic. Jiang Qi also didn’t what’s going on, he suddenly felt that Alice is pitiful and wanted to console her.

This, Jiang Qi unexpectedly lowered his guard and walked over to Alice.

“Father, She is so pitiful!”
(tl : in RAW, she say the name Alice, don’t know if it’s author’s mistake or not. )

Little Jiang qi unexpected cried out of the sudden.


Jiang Liu ruthlessly knocked little Jiang qi’s head, then said : “This is hypnotism!”
(tl : ……)

Then Jiang Liu opened the window and shouted : “Hey!!! Idiot!! Be careful!!”

Jiang Liu’s voice transmitted to Jiang Qi’s ears, making him to tremble and return to his sense.

What has just happened to me!?

But while Jiang Qi was confused, Alice suddenly lifted her head. Jiang Qi then felt a force was binding him, then lifted him into the sky.

Then he fell heavily to the ground, stirring up a spark.

After that, Alice pointed her finger, Jiang Qi unexpectedly float up, then heavily fell down again.

Damn it!

Jiang Qi felt that he was bound by some power and couldn’t struggle free!


Alice waved her hand forward, pushing Jiang Qi into the multistoried building, creating a 大 symbol on it.


Alice hummed a song and hopped toward Jiang Qi. She extended her hand and stroked on Jiang Qi’s body, finally stopped on the color timer on his chest.

Staring at the color timer, her dull gaze, for the first time, revealed a desire.


Just when Jiang Qi was feeling ominous, several blue light rays hit Alice, making her to cry put in pain. She turned her body too looked at flying aircrafts.

“It seems this bro here is not in good state!”

Seeing Zero on the building, the Night Raider members cruelly let out a breath. When they were defeated before, Zero showed up and displayed his power. What about now? Weren’t he saved by them?


Looking at Alice, they started the attack again. And Alice waved her hand and changed the direction of the flying light beam into hitting the other buildings.

Without waiting for team members to return to their sense, Alice extended her hand at their aircrafts.


They thought that Alice was going to shoot some light ray out, so they prepared to evade, but there was nothing.

As they were confused, a member suddenly screamed : Aa! Not good! All instrument is not working!!”


Upon hearing this, other members hastily moved their control lever, but their aircrafts didn’t move at all and stayed still on the air.

“What’s going on?”

While they were confused, Alice once again waved her hand.


The sparks suddenly appeared inside cabins, followed by all aircrafts falling down like a string was cut. Fortunately, they all managed to bail out in time.


The instance the Night Raider’s aircrafts fell, Jiang Qi’s body shone with light, then he struggled free from his binding.


Zero Sluggers flew out from his head, rapidly severed one of Alice’s hand. Jiang Qi then grabbed on Zero Sluggers. Without giving time to Alice to gasp, he charged forward, then cut off another of Alice’s hand.

Jiang Qi then retreated a few step. The Zero Sluggers then assembled on his chest and his entire energy was gathered. Right after that, from Zero Sluggers, the enormous energy swallowed Alice whole.

Zero Twin Shoot——“


Seeing this scene, the man suddenly shouted and extended his hand at Alice. And Alice who was erased bit by bit also turned her head looking at the man. Her lips softly moved a bit and then her head disappeared in the light.

After wiping out Alice, Jiang Qi transformed into light and vanished.


The man’s face was full of disbelief, he dared not to believe this, his greatest work was actually defeated.

“Raises your hand up!”

At this moment, a crowd of policemen swarmed in and aimed their guns at him.

The man slowly turned his head, looking at these policemen, there was also a man on the wheelchair accompanied them.

“You think you can catch me??”

The man looked at these policemen in madness.

“Give up!”

Suddenly, a voice came up from the corner. Everyone looked over and saw a youth with dusty face and messy clothes.

“Jiang Qi!!”

After Jiang Xue saw this, she hurriedly walked to his side and asked : “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!”

Jiang Qi made Jiang Xue at ease, then walked to the man and said : “You lost!”

“Nonsense!! I’m not!!”

The man agitatedly shouted : “I must kill you!! As long as I kill you…….”

“But it won’t change the fact that you have lost!”

Jiang Qi looked at the disoriented man and said : “You are wrong!! There is no perfect art in this world! But it is precisely because of this, that these works of art are so precious!”

“No……No…….I can….I can be the most perfect artist!!”

The man covered his head and retreated step by step. He looked at Jiang Qi with dazed expression.

“Right, you have a point.”

Jiang Qi looked at the disoriented man and slowly said.


The man slowly calmed down. He looked at Jiang Qi in doubt.

“That was your daughter, Alice. She was your most perfect work!”

Jiang Qi looked at the man and spoke in flat tone : “As a father, you have the most perfect daughter!”


The man lowered his head, the scene of Alice’s death appeared in front of him again. The movement of her lips, if you looked carefully, you could recognize the word she was saying.


The man’s tears dropped down. He believed that his daughter was already dead, but……

“Your daughter was always by your side protecting you. Even if she was killed by her father’s hands, she never resent him.

Jiang Qi spoke as his expression became gloomy : “Human are like this. Only when they lost something, when they realized its value, isn’t that right?……”


The man suddenly laughed as his tear flew down his cheeks. The thick flame spilled out from his whole body, corroding his body bit by bit.

I am alive but wish I am dead,
Because I have seen the evil,
And I am stained by it,
Please let me use myself,
To create art,
Tear my throat,
And let the wound,
Blossom into the most beautiful flower……



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