Chapter 111 The Infatuated Artist (6)

Chapter 111 The Infatuated Artist (6)

On the asphalt road, over ten police cars were passing, leaving behind dense smoke.

Jiang Xue and others sat in the car, while Chen Lin was driving. No one had spoken anything, at this moment, the atmosphere looked heavy.


The little Jiang qi who had lively nature couldn’t take it anymore and broke the ice.

Suddenly hearing little Jiang qi’s words, Jiang Liu turned his head to looked at her and asked : “What’s up?”

“Are you guys are really sure that person will make a move on that security guard?”

Hesitated a bit, Jiang qi’s eyes flashed.

“Of course.”

Jiang Liu smiled a bit, then said : “If the so-called art is really important to him.”


Little Jiang qi softly nodded, then didn’t speak again.

Seeing that little Jiang qi didn’t speak again, Jiang Liu turned to look at Jiang Xue, seeing her expression was gloomy, he then asked : “It seems you also want to say something!”


Hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Xue nodded, then said : “Since that person is confidence in killing that security guard, then he must have some means, I am worried……”

“You are worried that brat will meet danger?”

Jiang Liu finished her words, then smiled and said : “We still don’t understand that brat’s talent, didn’t you know that?”

“It is easier to avoid open attacks than the hidden ones.”

Jiang Xue wrinkled her brows, then said : “I am just worried that little Jiang will be plotted against.”

“That brat is sly like monkeys, be at ease.”

Jiang Liu patted Jiang Xue’s shoulder consoling her.

“If Jiang…….Qi couldn’t find that man, weren’t we catching empty air?”

Chen Lin who was quietly driving suddenly spoke at this moment.

“He will find him.”

Jiang Liu gazed at the exhibition hall as it became closer and closer and slowly said : “Even if that man succeeded in killing the security guard, from that brat’s nature, he definitely wouldn’t allow him to leave.”


Witnessing Jiang Liu’s stubbornness, the rest could only nod.

“Father! What’s that?”

Little Jiang qi who was looking outside the window widened her eyes, patted Jiang Liu and pointed her finger at the sky asking.


Jiang Liu and others looked along Jiang qi’s finger and immediately became dumbfounded.

They saw the red light cut open the sky. Right after that, the light intensified. The dazzling red light caused them to close their eye. After they opened their eyes, their eyes shook and their mouth opened.

“This is……”

What they saw, the red light had disappeared, replaced by the enormous monster with height up to dozens of meters.

The monster was wearing a white dress, the dress was dirty, messy and had some torn parts on its skirt. The monster’s hair fell down to its shoulder, fastening with clip at its sideburn. Its eyes were dull. There were bruises in some place, also finger bruises on its neck. There were also some cracks but it was sewed by needlework.

“Isn’t this the doll held by that man?”

Little Jiang qi stared at the monster for a while, then yelled.

“Not good! Little Jiang is in danger!!”

Hearing Jiang qi’s words, Jiang Xue anxiously said.

The appearance of the doll very signified that Jiang Qi managed to hold off that man. Perhaps after hearing the police siren, that man became desperate, causing the doll to transform.

However, why did that doll transform, they didn’t have time to ponder about that.


Chen Lin didn’t say a word, her gaze focused. She stomped on the throttle and the police car sped up like a bullet.


“This is your trump card?”

Jiang Qi returned to his sense, then said to the man.

“This is my most pride work.”

The man looked satisfying at the gigantic doll, then looked at Jiang Qi and slowly spoke : “My —— Alice.”


Jiang Qi whispered in soft voice, looking at the giant doll.

As if she could hear someone called her name, Alice unexpectedly started to sing.

“Little birdie on the tree laughing haha,
Baby o baby why did you cry?
Is it because you remember mama?
Baby o baby don’t cry again,
You can tell me anything on your mind,

I also had a family,
With beloved papa and mama,
One day papa drank till drunk,
He picked up an axe and ran at mama,
Papa o papa chopping many chop,
O red blood dying red wall!
Mama’s head rolled under the bed,
Her eyes was still looking at me,

Papa, mama, Why? Why?
And then! Papa called me to help him,
We buried mama under the tree,
Then papa raised his axe
Flaying my skin to make a doll,
Bury it under the tree to accompany mama……”

The light and melodious voice rang up, without any accompanying instrument, it still made people’s hearts palpitating.

“She is your daughter??”

Hearing Alice’s song, Jiang Qi widened his eyes, looked at the man. The wrath in his chest was fully packed.

“Therefore I can say that this is my most pride work.”

The man said, pointed at Alice : “Don’t tell me you don’t feel how perfect this work is?”

“I only see a cruel father!”

Jiang Qi endured the fury to punch the man to death, he gritted his teeth and said to the man.


After the man heard Jiang Qi’s comment, he bursted into laughter, then he yelled : “I make her become the eternal art! She should be happy!”


The Shield of Baraji on Jiang Qi’s wrist bursted out a dazzling light, then Jiang Qi waved his wrist, the Zero Eyes flew out and quickly attached itself to Jiang Qi’s eyes.

Under the astonished gaze of the man, Jiang Qi changed into light, flew up, then smashed onto the ground nor fat away from Alice.


The light died down, revealing a red and blue giant half-kneeling on the ground. His sharp eyes glanced at the man, causing him to return to his sense.

“I can’t believe it, Zero is actually human?”

The man muttered in soft voice, then raised his mouth into smile, said : “This strengthens my conviction to collect you.”

And for the speeding police car, they also saw the appearance of Zero, especially little Jiang qi. Seeing Zero, her eyes already became little stars.


Chen Lin looked complicatedly at Zero once, then stop paying attention at him.

“His appearance is timely this time.”

Jiang Liu nodded in satisfaction, his taut nerves relaxed a bit.

Then he looked at Chen Lin and said : “Although that brat is probably safe for a moment, we still have to be fast. The longer this drag out, the more dangerous it become.”


Chen Lin nodded, then spoke to the pager : “Immediately surround the exhibition hall, no one isn’t allowed to leave!”


Chen Lin’s words just fell, the policeman immediately replied.



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