Chapter 110 The Infatuated Artist (5)

Chapter 110 The Infatuated Artist (5)


Just as when the man had prepared to leave, a roar rang. He lifted his head to looked up and saw a youth wearing casual clothes, this youth was looking at him with incessantly wrath.


The man licked blood on his fingers, evilly smiled at the youth then stood up and asked : “You are……”

“Jiang Qi, we have met before……”

This youth was exactly Jiang Qi. He took a deep breath trying to calm his fury as much as possible. He asked : “Why did you do that?”

“These filth want to tarnish an art!!! I won’t allow that!”

The man lowered his head, looked at the security guard’s corpse, and said word by word.

“Just because of an art, you actually took another people’s life?”

Jiang Qi spoke, with the fury in his eyes wanting to come out.

“Life, is what makes art blossom!”

The man closed his eyes and said in indifference : “Dying for the sake of art, this is his honor.”

“What a pompous reason!”

Jiang Qi clenched his fist, stared at the man and the blue veins popped up on his forehead.

But the man didn’t care at all, he used his fingers that the blood on was still not dry to knock at his head, then smiled and asked : “I am very curious, how can you know that I would kill him?”

“The smell on your body.”


The man sniffed at his sleeve, then asked : “What did you smell?”

Jiang Qi looked at the man, then said : “The stinky smell on you that nauseated people. Majority of people wouldn’t want draw close to you, but yesterday when you passed by my side, I smelled it, that smell……”

Speaking, Jiang Qi looked at the man, slowly said : “……should be formalin, right?”
“And, your rag doll also dry with blood, now it seems……”

Jiang Qi looked at the rag doll emitting red light from its eyes and coldly snorted : “……it’s strange as expected!”

“Later, I deduced that if you were really infatuated with art to the extreme, you would make a move on this security guard, so I came here, however I’m still too late.”

Jiang Qi spoke, with remorse in his eyes, if only he come a little bit earlier…….

The man didn’t speak, he looked at Jiang Qi, revealing admiration in his eyes. Finally, he unexpectedly clapped his hands and laughed heartily: “Good good! Very good deduction.”

In fact, the reason Jiang Qi could identify formalin’s smell was that he had carelessly knocked a whole formalin’s jar over himself in the chemistry lab before.

Covered with that smell, Jiang Qi had to return home and scrubbed all his skin, so he was naturally familiar with formalin’s smell.

But the man didn’t know that, he laughed for a while then slowly said : “I just realized many good things. The piano string is good thing, it can cut my corpse into perfect pieces to use in any work of art.”

“The dagger is a good thing, it allow me to witness the blood splattering all over, outlining the most perfect crime.

“The Formalin is a good thing, it can preserve body from rotting like jade clothes sewn with gold thread.”

“The Potassium Cyanide is a good thing, it make me see something I couldn’t see when I was alive, although it is one-way ticket.”

“The sleeping pill is a good thing, it allow me to sleep soundly, far away from the disturbance.”

“The opium poppy is a good thing, it make me forget many thing, and finally let go of them.”

“The Sodium Hydroxide is a good thing, it can slowly dissolve my skin and burn my bone, until they become a pool of blood.”
(tln : 鐢酸 not sure about this one, but from my research and the content, NaOH fit.)
(tl :

Jiang Qi twitched his eyebrows hearing the man’s words. This artist was clearly a psychopath!

After the man had finished speaking, he suddenly looked at Jiang Qi with a bit of excitement in his eyes, then said : “I suddenly have an idea. I wanted to collect that clever brain of your.”


Jiang Qi’s sound had just dropped and he swiftly charged at the man. He waved his left fist to hit the man’s cheek.

“Too naive!”

The man leisurely said, and the res light in the rag doll’s eyes suddenly flickered. Jiang Qi then realized that his fist was stopped by strange power in less than 10cm before the man’s face.

“This rag doll!”

Jiang Qi’s pupil shrank looking at the rag doll. He was startled in his mind, as expected, it was really strange!

“Since I could kill him, I can do the same to you!”

The man now spoke in soft tone : “Thus I say you are naive!”

“Don’t count your chickens too early!”

Jiang Qi’s words startled the man, followed by a flash from the Shield of Baraji on Jiang Qi’s wrist, immediately shattered that strange power.

The man didn’t have time to react when a fist hit his face, made him flying.

With ‘peng——‘, the man fell to the ground. He slowly stood up. There was a little bit of blood on the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t care one bit, instead he became even more excited.

“I become even more interest in you!”

“But I am not!”

Jiang Qi shook his finger at the man in contempt, then said : “You better quickly surrender!”

“Oh? Why should I do that?”

The man became daze, looking at Jiang Qi in surprise. Although he had been punched, but catching him wasn’t that simple. He still had some cards!

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang from outside.


“This is……”

The man narrowed his eyes looking at Jiang Qi, said : “Police?”

“That’s right!”

Jiang Qi smiled, this was his and Jiang Liu’s arrangement. They predicted the possibility of incident happening, therefore reported the police. But on what basis to say someone was going to kill people without evidence?

Therefore, Jiang Liu wanted to request Chen Lin to made a move. Originally, Jiang Qi also went with Jiang Liu, but he was worried about the security guard, thus he didn’t go with him, but he was still unsuccessful in prevent the security guard’s death.
(tln : Chen Lin first appeared in chapter 52, in case you guys forget)

“But, do you really think the police can stop me?”

But contrary to his expectation, the man didn’t panic. He stared at Jiang Qi and kissed the rag doll in his hands, then gently caress it.

“Darling, I want you to take action today, please don’t blame me……”

The man softly spoke to the rag doll with an incomparably gentle expression.

While Jiang Qu was frowning, a burst of red light emitted out from the rag doll’s eyes.
“I will show you my pride work!”

The man suddenly excitedly yelled at Jiang Qi, then threw his precious doll out.

Jiang Qi looked at the doll being thrown in shock, he closely fixed his eyes at the doll.

The doll being thrown sent out a burst of violent red light, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but used his hand to obstruct the light. After he lowered his hand, his pupils shrank.



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