Chapter 11 The World Changed

Chapter 11 The World Changed

For such father, Jiang Qi was also somewhat speechless.

Took out his phone, he wanted to check. Because he suddenly felt that there something wrong with this world.

Half a minute later, Jiang Qi put down his phone. How could he be this stupid, how can I browse without a sim card?

With no choice, Jiang wore his shoes and went to find Jiang Liu, so that he got a sim card from him and then got back to his room.

Seeing the reaction of the passersby made him worried, why they made that expression? Why his fighting video was uploaded? And why this was turned into reality.

On the phone, searching: monster, Golza appeared.

However, there was no information about Golza on the internet; the only related search was monster appeared in Nanxing city.

How was this possible?

Jiang Qi expression was not good, how come there was no information about Golza?. As the greatest influence in the Heisei series, he will not forget it even after many kaiju appeared after it.

At the first appearance of Golza destroying two statues and was defeated by Tiga. Luckily able to escape, after getting strengthed in episode 18, it got destroyed again by Tiga. It can be said that Golza was a representative monster in Tiga, while its strength was not the strongest. It successfully opened the beginning of Ultraman Tiga. It became a typical Tsuburaya Production modern shaped kaiju, so later in Ultraman Dyna, Golza appeared again. But the result, well…. was different from people’s expectation.

Sipping water with trembling lips. Jiang Qi once again searched Tsuburaya Productions.

On the page; No, another site; No, Tsuburaya Production English; still none !.

Jiang Qi once again searched Ultraman, still the same, not found.

Jiang Qi started to search the internet crazily.

Entertainment Area: “Congratulations to Wang Ziqi becoming the China’s second Oscar-winning actress.”


There’s nothing else ??

Jiang Qi also searched for sports: ” Chinese first defeat, unprecedented Belgium.”

Jiang Qi: “……..”

Well, finally there was something wrong.

Jiang Qi continued to search for the economic area: “Alibaba successfully listed in the USA.”

What is this rise of the country?

Jiang Qi rubbed his temple, again searching up technology: “American Joe Dayton successfully invented the first human light brain.”

After reading the last sentence, he froze for a moment, what is this light brain? And then look at the next half: “……………………….. the successful realization of the reality version of ‘Jarvis’”

Well, human beings have exploded in technology.


Throughout the day, Jiang Qi put himself down in the house. Searching information on the world.

Comparing one bye one, until dizziness occurred. Jiang Qi put down his phone and lying in his bed while rubbing his head.

The world was really changed, all of the fields had some minor and major change.

Took out the phone and dialed a number, that was his childhood friend and the big brother – Zhang Shuo, from primary to high school they were classmate and sharing a table. Just because of his family condition, in the third year, he dropped out. Failed to completed their oath of getting in the college examination entrance.

Now Jiang Qi admitted to the university, the best college in Gaoyang city. And Zhang Shuo back at home opened a noodle shop. Although this two people never met each other again, they never lost contact.


The Phone connected, Jiang Qi rubbed his temple while weakly asked. “Hey? Shuo ? What are you doing ?”


The phone silent for a moment and hesitantly asked: “Who are you?”

“I’m Jiang Qi. I’ve changed my number.”

Jiang Qi put off his hand and explained.

“Jiang Qi…. ? I don’t know any Jiang Qi ?”

Zhang Shuo at the end of the phone still puzzled hesitantly asked

“Don’t mess with me! I’ve met monster here, Can’t I find a friend to talk to ?”

Jiang Qi shouted to Zhang Shuo at the end of the phone, complained.

“…… Who the hell are you ?”

Seeing Zhang Shuo still not “submit” Jiang Qi releasing the big gun.

“If you don’t admit it, I’ll tell your aunt that you took a peep at her’s bathing.”

For the two people who have been in the light of the buttocks, they have learned about their bones, and these two have no secrets.

The thing was when he was 17 years old he wanted to peek at his aunt bathing because of puberty, so….

But that did not happen,because he was caught by Jiang Qi red-handed, and then this became a Jiang Qi’s “Zhang Shuo killer,” as long as he used this thing to threaten him, no matter what, it was always successful.

“…… How do you know? Who the hell are you?” However, the killer did not have the intended effect.

“You really don’t know Jiang Qi ?”

For Zhang Shuo not knowing Jiang Qi at this moment mean he didn’t lie.

“There is no Jiang in all the people I know.”

Zhang Shuo said, Jiang Qi also know the only one that Zhang Shuo with surname Jiang is himself.

“I’m sorry, I could have to make a mistake.”

Finished, Jiang Qi hanged up the phone. Zhang Shuo looked at the hanged phone, his mouth muttered: “it’s very odd.”

The one that is receiving is not Zhang Shuo, Jiang Qi heart knew more than anyone else, he knew this voice of his from small. How could he be mistaken?

In his mind, he suddenly thought of something, Jiang Qi immediately called to other people who he know the phone number.

Jiang Qi again dialed a number, uneasy rotated his eyes.

“Hello ! Teacher…. This is Jiang Qi…”

The one Jiang Qi called was his high school teacher, Jiang Qi’s top grade made his teachers particularly like him, So he specially left a number to Jiang Qi.

“Jiang Qi….”

The voice of the teacher was still familiar, but still having a trace of doubt.

Jiang Qi mind has been shouting: “You must know….. You must know me, teacher !”

“I’m sorry…… I don’t know any Jiang Qi.”

Listening to the teacher words, Jiang Qi’s heart sank to the bottom.

“I’m sorry, wrong number….”

“It’s ok.”

Endured the uneasiness in his heart, Jiang Qi crazily contacted the primary school, students, teacher, Jr.high teacher, Jr.high students. And so on…

As long as there is contact with him, Jiang Qi called them. Only asking one question: “Do you remember a student called Jiang Qi?”

But there was only one answer : ”don’t know.”

After Jiang Qi’s careful investigation, he asked all his friend, finally, the time was shorten to the last two years, only friends of the last two years recognized him.

How the hell did this happen?

This time, Jiang Qi was really flustered, anyone whose sign of existence was inexplicably shortened to the last two years would be panic, it seems that he had not existed before.

But there is hope ! I just called him four days ago?

Trembling picked up the phone and looked at the familiar number, Jiang Qi dialed out.

Jiang Qi’s pale lips trembled, and the nails of his right hand had dug into the flesh but he did not feel it.

This time… absolutely… absolutely… it can’t be wrong. But Jiang Qi couldn’t feel confidence.


The phone connected.


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