Chapter 109 The Infatuated Artist (4)

Chapter 109 The Infatuated Artist (4)

The night was still like deep water, as if every living already fell asleep, everything was tranquil.

The exhibition this time extended to 8 hours, gathering all of the greatest art in Gaoyang City here. On the second day, the third floor would be opened, at that time, they could see even higher level pieces of art.


A security guard holding a flashing was patrolling and humming a song. His mind was however thinking of when he was off duty, he wanted to drink more wine!


Suddenly, a sound of collision came from the nearby corner.


The security guard immediately flashed his flashlight at the direction the sound came from and shouted.

But when the flashlight flashed passed there, there was nothing there.

The security guard couldn’t help but become cautious. The things protected here were very precious treasures. There were countless thieves wanting to steal them, so he couldn’t be careless.

The security guard tightened a baton at his waist, then he slowly walked to that corner. In order to not beating the grass and startling the snake, he softened his step, until he slowly got near the place where the sound came from, he hid behind the blind spot.

Counting in his mind, 3, 2, 1——

“Don’t move!”


The night was still like deep water, as if every living already fell asleep, everything was tranquil.

The security guard rushed out, but found out that the one who made a noise was actually just a cat.

He suddenly scared the cat fleeing, it couldn’t be seen anymore.


The security guard lightly breathed out, relaxed his taut nerve and wiped of the sweat on his forehead.

It seemed the pressure was too high……how come he was this nervous?

The security guard though and couldn’t help but laugh. He was about to leave when another sound came up.


The security guard scratched his head in uncertainty, how many cats were here today?

He didn’t want to care about it at first and was about to leave. But he realized that the sound didn’t stop, instead it was approaching him.


It sounded like a man’s step. The security guard’s pupils contracted. He looked at the place where the sound came from.

Didn’t why, the white mist started to fill the air, making him unable to see anything in the mist.

“Exhibition hall southeast! There’s a situation! Exhibition hall southeast! There’s a situation!”

Taking out the pager from his shoulder, the security guard yelled at it. These unknown footsteps frightened him, therefore he immediately called for other people.


But the sound that came out from the pager was fuzzy. What made him even more frantic was that the newly bought pager began to send out smoke!


The security guard flustering thew the pager off, then yelled at the footsteps : “Stop for me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

But, the footsteps didn’t halt, approaching more and more……


The security guard swallowed his saliva, then he took out a baton and threw it at the source of the sound.
(tl : bad move)

As for why he didn’t hold the baton and charged, it was only because he didn’t dare to do so.


The baton was thrown, but it was like being thrown into the cotton, there wasn’t even a wee bit of sound coming out.


The security guard was scared. He staggering ran to the security guard room. There were guns there, and his colleagues were also there.


But after running for a short while, the security guard realized that the sound of footsteps was become even closer, from all direction.

The security guard from the countryside started to feel like he was tangled with a ghost, thus he ran even faster.

After running for a while, the security guard sprained his foot and fell to the ground. He wanted to quickly stand up but realized that the sound that had been haunting him had disappeared. He couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

He sat on the ground, covered his chest and wanted to calm his heartbeat down.

“Blaspheming the artist, die……”

Suddenly, a chilly breath touched his ear, making his hair stood up.

His already stiff head slowly turned to look bit by bit, the security guard saw a familiar figure at the corner of his eye.

The unkempt hair covered his bloodshot eyes, wearing the clothes with unknown amount of holes. His body sent out unbearable stink, holding a doll in his embrace. The doll’s eyes glimmered with bewitching light.


“I am the beggar you had thrown out before…..”

The man’s voice was even chiller, causing the security guard’s legs to tremble.

“I am sorry!!! The great one does not take offense from the lowly one!! I was wrong!!!”

The security guard flutteringly knelt down, he kowtowed whiled speaking.

“If apology is useful, there wouldn’t be many death in the world……”

Licking his dry lips, the calmness on the man’s face became bloodthirsty.

“Still remember what you said before?”


The security guard gulped down his saliva and asked timidly.

“You said that my work was not a work of art?”

The man squatted down, stared into the security guard’s eyes, and gently asked.


The security guard immediately said, afraid of answering wrong and made the man unhappy.

“Then does your word from before still counted?”

The corner of the man’s mouth lifted into a mysterious smiled, he looked at the security guard.

“What…..what word?”

The security guard suddenly had an ominous premonition in his mind, and stammering asked.

“You said……if my work is an art……”

The man stroked the security guard’s eyes, softly said : “……you will swallow your eyeballs.”


The moment he heard the man’s words, he immediately yelled. But without waiting for him to react, his eyes suddenly felt a piecing pain. He could only feel the man’s finger digging into his brain, this pain almost made him to faint.


Seeing the bright red blood spurting out like a fountain cause the man’s eyes to be filled with excitement. Feeling the warm blood splashing on his face, the man closed his eyes. The security guard’s screaming was like musical notes to him and intoxicated him.


It was unknown how long, the security guard’s screaming nor blood stop coming out. The man wrinkled his brows.

He looked down at the security guard who already became a corpse with angry in his eyes.


The man coldly snorted, with the ‘chi——“ sound, his hand immediately penetrated through the security guard’s head. And the security guard only twitched once, then stop living. His blood spurted out, then there was no more.

“I am not satisfied!!”

The man dug out the security guard’s eyeball, enjoying its tactile impression beyond words, his mouth turned into smile, then he stuffed it into the security guard’s mouth.



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