Chapter 108 The Infatuated Artist (3)

Chapter 108 The Infatuated Artist (3)

“There is no trace of your existence in my database.”

The light brain Elly who was floating spoke to Jiang Qi.

“……I have been studying at Gaoyang University in these two years, you tell me I don’t have a trace there?”

Jiang Qi was frightened and filled with cold sweat, but he didn’t show any reaction on the surface. The corner of his mouth twitched, he remained silent looking at Elly.


Elly’s eyes glimmered, after a while, she raised herself slightly at Jiang Qi and said : “I am sorry, there is an error in the data. Please forgive me for the inconvenience.”

“It’s fine.”

Jiang Qi also didn’t expect that this light brain would be so easy to deceive, then he stepped forward and asked : “Is there only one of you light brain? Or……”

“Each of China’s 36 districts is allocated with a light brain. And the greatest light brain is located in Night Raider’s base, the Ultimate light brain, Zeus.”

Elly said, looked at Jiang Qi, then asked : “Do you have any question?”
“Ultimate light brain? What’s that?”

Jiang Qi tilted his head, then asked.

“It has the highest authority to manage all light brain.”

Elly’s soft voice was like scratching in his heart, making him itching to know more.
“Then what’s the limit of your authority?”

Jiang Qi’s eyes shone, he asked actively.

“Mr. Jiang Qi, if you don’t follow after Mr. Jiang Liu now, you will really lost with him.”
Elly didn’t answer him, but instead reminded him with goodwill.


Jiang Qi turned to look, indeed, he already didn’t know where they were.
How to find them?

Jiang Qi was a little startled. He was thinking about these useful informations here, causing him to forget about them.

This exhibition hall was as big as 3 football stadium, had 3 floors and also a basement. If Jiang Liu disappeared, he really couldn’t find him.

“Mr. Jiang Qi, you can walking straight eastward and you can meet someone.”

Elly’s advise mad Jiang Qi’s eyes shone. He thanked Elly and then ran eastward.

After several steps, Jiang Qi suddenly stopped and turned his head. He didn’t know why but he felt something wrong, though he couldn’t put his hand on it.

“Hey! Little Jiang! Here!”

While Jiang Qi was thinking, suddenly, Jiang Xue’s voice rang up. Jiang Qi turned and saw Jiang Xue waving at him.

“Where have you gone?”

Jiang Qi smiled at Jiang Qi, but didn’t give time for him to smile back, she pulled his hand and walked.

“We should hurry up, father and others are waiting.”

Being pulled by Jiang Xue, Jiang Qi returned to his sense. As for the strange feeling before, he already put it to the back of his mind.


Jiang Xue pulled him to the second floor. The level of standard here was higher. Looking around, unlike the visitors on the first floor, people here were wearing western suits, perhaps Chinese tunic suit, some even had a cane supporting them.

It was as if there was a wall separating into two worlds. This floor represented the rich, and below represented the poor. Yet this floor didn’t have light brain!

Jiang Qi seemed to have some lack of interest, anyway, he didn’t know much about these things, he just looked at them.

After walking for a short while, both of them found Jiang Liu and little Jiang qi pushing the wheelchair. They would a little while pointed at something then looked at something, seemingly very excited.

“Are you brat a child? Actually getting lost!”

Sure enough, when they had arrived at Jiang Liu’s side, what they heard was not anything comforting.


Jiang Qi didn’t make a scene this time, but instead looked at the painting in front of him. The painting was perfectly straight bamboos, and these bamboos unexpectedly grew out from a rock. The ink brush on this painting was extremely strong. The painter was definitely famous. As for the dynasty, Jiang Qi was not too clear about that.

When you encounter difficulties, you continue to challenge it. Even if you know that is wrong, you still want to challenge it.”

Jiang Liu was silent for a while, then spoke, making Jiang Qi to look at him in surprise.

Then Jiang Qi said : “My hometown has a saying, to recognize one’s mistakes and be able to reform oneself.”

“My point is the spirit of having the courage to challenge.”

Jiang Liu’s head had many ‘井’ character appearing. This smelly brat……

“My point is also the basic of human conducts.” ( ̄y▽ ̄)~*

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Liu and saw his face wasn’t good, couldn’t help but felt smug in his mind. Them he lightly coughed and said : “Could it be that the exhibition this time don’t have a presenter?”

The works of art here, regardless of old and new, their values didn’t differ much.
Jiang Xue covered her mouth and softly laughed.

“In other words, there is nothing to represent?”

Jiang Qi yawned and lazily spoke.


Little Jiang qi looked left and right, suddenly her eyes shone, then she pulled them to the corner.

Contrast with the peacefulness of the other places, the place was filled with daggers. A group of security guards were surrounding this place, looking overbearing.


Although some people were afraid, but they also followed along.

“This place doesn’t welcome beggars!”

Drawing near a bit, they heard a talk. They turned to look and squeezed to go in.

“I am not a beggar, I am an artist!”

Just as they had squeezed through, Jiang Liu’s nose slightly moved, and his expression changed.

The person in front, his clothes wasn’t in tattered but also not clean. It was unknown how many months he didn’t take bath, his body had very strong stinking smell.

“You are an artist?”

A security guard looked at him and laughed in contempt, then asked : “What’s your work?”

“This is it!”

The man spoke as he lifted his hand. It was a rag doll less than half a meter, but after the security guards saw it, they bursted out a laugh.

This rag doll was very worn-out. Its ten fingers had traces of sewing. It was wearing an old skirt. Its hair was untidy and shrivel.

Except from the production material of this rag doll, they couldn’t see it as a work of art.

“This rag doll……”

Little Jiang qi looked for a while but also couldn’t see anything special. She extended her hand wanting to touch it, but she was stared by the man.

“I won’t allow my work to be tarnished!”

“Let me tell you, if this thing of you are a work of art, I will swallow my own eyeball!”

A security guard smiled for a while, them said to that man with contempt.


That man narrowed his eyes, then looked at the security guard and asked : “Are you serious?”

“Serious what? Quickly roll away!”

The security guards then joined hands and moved him out. Halfway, the man didn’t put up the struggle, he only held the rag doll in his embrace like a treasure and didn’t say anything.

When he passed from Jiang Qi’s side, Jiang Qi’s pupil contracted, he looked at that man’s moving figure.

“You also smell it?”

Jiang Liu suddenly asked out of nowhere.

“En! Very heavy!

Jiang Qi nodded.

“?? What are you guys saying?”

Little Jiang qi looked left and right at them acting mysterious and was confused.



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