Chapter 107 The Infatuated Artist (2)

Chapter 107 The Infatuated Artist (2)

Saying that this exhibition was bustling wasn’t bragging at all. Just only in the exhibition hall already had 64 calligraphy works. Some were like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing, natural and unrestrained cursive script-song lay. Some were dignified and serious regular script. Some were distinct and beautiful small characters.

The main hall also had other paintings, the girl crying because of losing ice-cream, the woman holding broken bowl with her withered hand begging yet still had graceful and poised bearing of noble, all were lifelike.

Not only that, there were still many rare treasures of many faction, Jiang Qi even had never heard of some.

What was even more fascinating was that, Jiang Qi finally experienced the long await, the real ‘Jarvis’, it was being displayed on the smart light screen.

Locating on the centermost of the exhibition hall, was a technology similar to the nuclear reaction furnace. It projected an image at the above, a human figure composed of light particles, fluttering long hair with a face that couldn’t be seen clearly, however one could still distinguish from the upper body that she was a woman, her lower body was made up of particles.

“Welcome to this honor visit, Mr. Jiang Liu

Jiang Liu had just drawn close when that figure suddenly raised her body toward Jiang Liu and respectfully spoke. Her voice was particularly soft, completely didn’t have the feeling of the machine at all.

This made Jiang Qi to become dumbstruck.

“Long time no see, Elly.”
(tl : 艾莉 = Elly, in fact there are many pronunciations, but since this is female AI in Ultraman fanfic, I choose Elly, can you guess why? )

Jiang Liu smiled and nodded, then said : “Please give me a copy of the complete map of the exhibition hall.”


Jiang Liu’s words just came out, when that Elly’s eyes projected out a ray of light. The ray of light continue to scan downward, and a light screen around 20cm appeared on Jiang Liu’s hand.
(tl : So high-tech!)

“I wish you a happy tour.”

Jiang Qi widened his eyes. He hastily stepped forward and examined the light screen.
The light screen was floating blue color, just like in the sci-fi movie, like a map. On it had various routes clearly being marked, there was also a green dot continuously blinking, clearly this dot represented them.

“Country bumpkin.”

Jiang Liu cast a sideways glance at Jiang Qi, his mouth lifted with disdain : “It’s time to let you see the world.”


Jiang Qi’s forehead suddenly emerges a cross, he clenched his fists and roared at Jiang Liu : “Uncle! You wanna fight!!?”

“Come at me then!”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu actually coldly snorted and said in high-hand attitude.

“Don’t say I bully you!”

Jiang Qi also didn’t care, he rolled his sleeves and said to Jiang Liu : “I will only use one hand!”

“This is your saying.”

Jiang Liu moved his neck, then looked at Jiang Qi with a mysterious smile and said.

“I did say it!”

Jiang Qi this time absolutely wanted to let this shameless uncle to understand why flower was so red.

“Jiang Xue! No need to worry about me! Wipe him out!”

But Jiang Qi clearly underestimated Jiang Liu’s extent of shamelessness, he unexpectedly turned to spoke to Jiang Xue who was pushing the wheelchair, and looked provokingly at Jiang Qi.

“Ah! Shameless!”

Jiang Qi couldn’t help but roar, he gnashed his teeth looking at Jiang Liu, then he angrily said : “Don’t hide behind a girl! Fight me one on one!”
(tl : your opponent is sitting on a wheelchair)

“Me hiding behind a girl is my skill, as for you……”

Jiang Liu spoke, his mouth once again smiled in disdain. He looked at Jiang Qi and said : “……you also live your life hiding behind a girl!”


Jiang Qi was choked. He closed his eyes and took deep breathes, telling himself not to be angry. Once he was angry, he would fall into the evil plot of this shameless uncle.

“I see you brat has been eating dog food all your life.”

Jiang Liu seeing Jiang Qi’s appearance, taunted him again.

If this could be tolerated, what couldn’t!!!


Jiang Qi was about to charge out like a man, but little comrade Jiang qi behind suddenly pulled his clothes, making Jiang Qi turn to look.

Jiang Liu looked at little Jiang qi in surprise, he narrowed his eyes, but didn’t say anything.

At these two clowns, Jiang Xue only smiled wryly and shook her head, then continued to push the wheelchair.

“What are you doing?”

Waiting until the two of them was gone, Jiang Qi then looked at Jiang qi in doubt and asked.

“I just saved you.”

Little Jiang qi looked at Jiang Qi like looking at an idiot, and Jiang Qi couldn’t stand it.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t believe that I can beat that shameless uncle?”

Jiang Qi was like being provoked from Jiang qi, he might be weak, but he couldn’t be so weak that he couldn’t defeat a handicapped person, right?

“What do you think of my big sis?”

Little Jiang qi didn’t answer him directly but asked about Jiang Xue’s strength instead.

“Very beautiful and gentle, if I could marry her……Aiyou——“

Jiang Qi had just finished saying when he felt a stab of pain at his waist. He looked down and saw a small evil hand had just drawn back.


Little Jiang qi’s face was red. She fiercely stared at Jiang Qi.

“What are you doing?”

Rubbing his waist, Jiang Qi looked at little Jiang qi with some grievance. Didn’t you ask me what did I think of Jiang Xue?

“I was talking about what did you feel about my sister’s skill.”

Jiang qi earnestly ‘repeated’ her words, and also added the true meaning of her question.


Realizing his misunderstanding, Jiang Qi coughed to alleviate awkwardness, then he thought seriously.

Jiang Qi’s actual strength was weak, was only relatively speaking. If he was placed within the whole of humanity, he was absolutely top-notched. But that didn’t count fighting techniques, that made Jiang Qi feel that he wasn’t Jiang Xue’s match.

“Very strong.”

Although he didn’t want to admit it, but he still knew himself, although it was a little embarrassing couldn’t compare to a girl.

“My big sis can singlehandedly crush a professional boxer!”

Little Jiang qi proudly spoke, then mysteriously said : “Do you know who taught my big sis?”


Jiang Qi had a glint in his eyes, he really wanted to know. If there was really someone like that, he would fly over to become their student. He truly needed this kind of teacher.

As for the training with Leo in the dream, although it was very effective, he couldn’t find a way to enter it at will. After such a long time, he only entered that dream twice.

“My father.”

Little Jiang qi’s words made Jiang Qi’s eyes wanted to pop out.

“Whatareyoutalkingabout?(in English)”

Don’t joke with me!!! That shameless uncle!! Teaching a student like Jiang Xue?


Little Jiang qi nodded, then said : “My father is also proficient in every kind of firearms, he can even pilot a plane!”

Hearing Jiang qi’s words, The impression of Jiang Liu in Jiang Qi’s mind collapsed.

“Don’t tell me that shameless uncle was a former special force?”

After being in daze for a long time, Jiang Qi finally uttered a question, that shameless uncle was too much! Flying a plane? That was completely a winner in the novel!

“My father is just a retired professor, he is now a detective!”

After little Jiang qi finished, she then hopped at the direction that Jiang Liu had gone.


Retire at around 49 years old? Who are you fooling?

Jiang Qi looked at the running little Jiang qi, then looked at the light brain. He was about to walk away, when the light brain suddenly made a sound.


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