Chapter 106 The Infatuated Artist (1)

Chapter 106 The Infatuated Artist (1)

The fierce gale, the bright red dusk, illuminated the ground as if dyed in blood.
Rows of mountains, countless rocks fell to the ground. Normally, this region shouldn’t have people here, but……


A loud sound, a huge body fell to the ground, after a rolled of his body, he managed to stand up.

This body was covered in silvery white armor, revealing only the joints part, couldn’t clearly make out his concrete appearance.

In front of him, was a blazing red, lion-like giant, shouting at him : “Zero! Stand up for me!”

The person covered in armor was actually Jiang Qi, and the giant in front of him was exactly Leo. This place was the training venue from his previous dream.

Touching his chest that was kicked, Jiang Qi’s tears already flowed into river in his mind.

The same setting, the same feeling, the same pain.

He didn’t understand, why did he return to here? Don’t tell me that the true meaning of this dream was to scare him?

But, after receiving a kick, he suddenly realized, how was he able to feel the pain here?
There was only one reason, that was Bai Chengyu gifted this to him before he departed, probably to train him in the dream.

Thinking to here, Jiang Qi was somewhat moved. This was just right. What he lacked the most was this kind of training, and his coach was Leo! The King of CQC!

Jiang Qi already imagined himself maturing to become as strong as Zero in the movie.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Qi got ready to fight Leo. But when he was about to raise his hand, he found difficulty to do so.

The Techtor Gear’s pressure on him was no joke, made him feel like carrying a mountain. Moreover, the pressure from his whole body also greatly reduced his speed.


At this moment, Leo’s body vanished like phantom, a kick was heading toward Jiang Qi.
Fortunately, Jiang Qi was on guard, he dodged to a side. When he saw Leo kicking at him, there was an opening, if he seized this chance, he could hit Leo back!

He tightened his fist and waved it at Leo with full power, but without even reaching half of its target, his fist was caught like pincer by Leo and couldn’t struggle free.

“Too slow!”

Leo’s belittle words reached Jiang Qi’s ears, greatly annoyed him. Then Leo pulled him over, and kicked him again.

“If you don’t take this seriously, you will be beaten to death!”

Looking at Jiang Qi, Leo spoke in low tone, he was very surprised, Zero was clearly one of the representatives of the younger generation, but why was his strength so weak? Was it because of wearing Rechtor Gear?
(tl : Character in dream can think?)

“Who are you looking down on?”

Being influenced by Zero’s nature Jiang Qi yelled : “Bird head, you still didn’t defeat me, and yet you dare to say that?”
(tl : wow, even Zero in the movie had never said that!)

The words just got out and Jiang Qi became dumbfounded, he wished to slap his mouth. What’s wrong with his mouth? Clearly aware that he wasn’t Leo’s opponent and still provoke him? What could he do if Leo was so angry and killed him?

But Jiang Qi immediately shook his head. Leo was, after all, the King of Fist-fighting, he probably wouldn’t lower himself to the same level as a junior.

Thinking to this, Jiang Qi looked up, and almost cried.

Leo’s hands slowly lowered, his legs opened, his body leaned forward. His entire being was like a lion polishing its teeth, absolutely terrified Jiang Qi.

Pardon??? Is there a need to be this narrow-mind?? Where is your magnanimity as the King of Fistfight? Your bearing? It is just only an improper remark!! Why are you so serious??

But at this moment, Jiang Qi”s beg for mercy wouldn’t have any use. Because Leo was serious, he realized that he must defeat Zero to evoke Zero’s competitive mind and became serious in training.

As for other aim…….absolutely nothing!! It was absolutely not a revenge!!

Immediately after, Leo gathered his entire energy to concentrate on his right leg. He sprung up, with his right leg covered in bloody blazing flame, and kicked at Jiang Qi.


The sound of air-ripping, like a lion’s roar.

Jiang Qi wanted to dodge, but he was enveloped in a terrifying atmosphere, and simply couldn’t move. He looked up, as if to see a blazing lion pouncing at him.

Jiang Qi finally understood Leo’s true power. With just Leo Kick, it already shown that they were on a different realm.

Jiang Qi’s Zero Ultra Kick was just having flame on his leg, but for Leo’s, just the terrifying momentum already left him don’t know how far apart.


Leo Kick hit on Jiang Qi, the enormous explosion engulfed his whole body.



Jiang Qi loudly yelled and sat up on the bed. His clothes was soaked with perspiration. The sweat on his face was dripping along with Jiang Qi’s movement. He looked at the surrounding gasping for breath.

A blue wardrobe, white floor, as well as the bodybuilding tools at the corner, making Jiang Qi to loosen his breath.

This was his room, he had returned……

But waves after waves of sharp pain suddenly attacked his chest. Jiang Qi held his chest and fell to the bed. This kind of pain made him wanting to dig his heart out.

Fortunately, this feeling only continued for a little while then subsided.

What’s going on?

Jiang Qu wiped the sweat on his head and was somewhat stunned from what had happened. Could it be that him woke up from dream was because of being hit by Leo? But what about the pain? Was it the after effect from Leo Kick?

Thinking but not understanding, Jiang Qi just lied down and grabbed a cup of water overhead, drank a mouthful and enjoyed the feeling of cool water flowing in his body.

He sighed in his heart……it was good to be alive! Leo this guy actually didn’t afraid of kicking him to death!

After drinking several mouthful of water, the door was suddenly opened.

“Yi? You are here?”

Jiang Xue seeing Jiang Qi lying on the bed was stunned, then asked : “Where have you been? I have been looking for you for half a day?”

“I am in the room all this time!”

Jiang Qi drank water, then smiled.

“But when I had come here, you weren’t there.”

Jiang Xue tilted her head, thought for a while, then said.


Jiang Qi put down a cup of water in his hand, the corners of his mouth twitched. Thanks to the battle with the lizardman, leaving his body with internal injuries, he had been recuperating in his room and never came out.

Jiang Xue didn’t see him, he afraid the reason was……when he had a showdown with Leo, he had disappeared…..

His mind was a mess right now, he didn’t understand what’s going on, but he kept his face calm and said : “I previously went to the toilet.”

“I see.”

Jiang Xue lightly nodded, then said : “You quickly go wash up, we will be going to attend an exhibition.”

“I also has to go too?”

“Father said to let you see the world.”



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