Chapter 105 The Devil in the Mirror (11)

Chapter 105 The Devil in the Mirror (11)


The lizardman roared and charged at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi moved to the side, dodging the lizardman’s charged. He caught its still unfinished regenerating tail, then lifted it up. He lifted it into the air and swung it around several, then threw it to the sky.


Jiang Qi joined his legs and leap up into the sky, then he kicked at the monster. Then he rode its body and hit it.

Finally, Jiang Qi got up from its body, stood in front of it, and looked at it slowly standing up.


Suddenly, the azure Eagle streaked out from the sky. Han Yi in the aircraft commanded to other members : “Everyone gets ready! Fire!”


With firm replies, large amounts of light rays were shot at the monster. At that moment, sparks flew in all directions, causing the monster to shriek repeatedly.


At the time the Eagles’ attack weakened, Jiang Qi sprung to his feet, his leg emitted out a surging flame, immediately penetrated the monster’s body.

Instantly, the world became quiet. Everyone looked at the monster.


The monster moved, the cavity on its chest unexpectedly rapidly healed. The monster charged toward a recently multistoried building.

Jiang Qi understood immediately, it wanted to return to the Mirror World.

When he was intending to pull it back, Jiang Qi unexpectedly notice that, in the building the monster was charging at, Zheng Yue was standing there. She was standing behind a mirror, looking at the battle.

My great aunt!!!

Jiang Qi didn’t has enough time to run there, he pulled his arms, and quickly formed an L-shape.

Wide Zero Shot——

When the monster charged at the multistoried building, it suddenly became stunned. Unexpectedly, It turned around and stretched out both its arms, and, receiving Wide Zero Shot.


Jiang Qi didn’t have time to feel surprised, when Eagles also initiated a new round of bombing attack. The monster that had fallen down unexpectedly stood up again and spread both its arm and ate all attack.

Night Raider’s members became surprised, they wanted to attack again, but was blocked by Jiang Qi.


The Night Raider’s members didn’t what to do, so they asked Han Yi.

“Cease attack!”

Looking deeply at Jiang Qi’s huge figure, Han Yi made an order.


After stopping Night Raider’s attack, Jiang Qi slowly turned his head to look monster. An idea flashed in his mind, that this monster might still not lose his reason, in other words, he was Zheng Zuoyi……


Jiang Qi was somewhat unable to accept this fact……

The monster, slowly turned his head, looked at Zheng Yue, there were tears in its eyes.

Looking at the monster shedding tears, Zheng Yue blankly looked at him.

Didn’t know why, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest. This kind of heartrending cause her tear to flow down.

“Wuwu……I am……why…….”

Looking at the monster collapsing down bit by bit, Zheng Yue’s tears became more and more.

The expression in the monster’s eyes before her was like lightning streak across, Zheng Yue finally understood why the monster’s expression was so familiar. This was actually the same as when her father looked at her!

“Your father has already become a monster……”

The words of the boy from before rang inside her ears, she looked at the monster extending it hand at her, and shouted.

“Father……you are father!???”

But, he was already incapable of reply. His body, like a mountain, fell down.
Although he forgot this world, forgot his home, but he remembered his daughter!

Although he went frenzied, out of control, he wanted to destroy the world, but he never forgot, he wanted to protect you!

Although he hated mankind, it was them who changed him into this appearance, but he never forgot, he still loved her!

It was because, he was your father! He was your family……

Originally, Zheng Zuoyi indeed lost his reason. He found that dregs from the remaining memory in his mind. After killing him, he acted according to his instinct to arrive at the girl’s home.

But, Zheng Yue’s crying made him to regain his reason. He didn’t know who this girl was, but the instant he saw her, he had only one thought in his mind, that was, protect her.

Therefore, Zheng Zuoyi returned to Psytech Corporation, killed those scientists who had experimented on him.

But, he came across Jiang Qi. Both of them exchanged a blow, and that made him feel danger. He realized that he might not necessarily be Jiang Qi’s opponent.

He withdrew, he still wanted to protect the girl, so he couldn’t die.

When he had returned to the girl’s home, he also found Jiang Qi. He thought that Jiang Qu wanted to get his hand on the girl, so he immediately appeared and brought the girl into the Mirror World.

He thought that she would be safe this time, but he didn’t expect that Jiang Qi could actually followed them, and also brought the girl away.

He went berserk, originally he shouldn’t return to the real world since he would become weak, but he only knew that he must saved her.

The following intense fight with Jiang Qi caused him to became mortally harm. His instinct made him return to the Mirror World to recover, but, he noticed the girl.

Facing with the devastating light beam, he chose to endure it, he wanted to protect the girl. The blotting out the sky ammunition hit on his body, but there was only the girl in his eyes.

In the end, he finally remembered his identity, a name as human. Tears covered his eyes, he extended his hand toward the girl and wanted to speak something.

But what came out from his mouth, was not human words, but wail.

Finally, he collapsed, he unwillingly fell down. He still wanted to protect his daughter. He still wanted to see the day his daughter get married. He still didn’t accomplish many promises he made. If he left like this, who in this world would protect his daughter?

Perhaps, the only thing that could relieve him was Zheng Yue’s voice “Father”?


With a loud sound, Zheng Zuoyi fell to the ground. The huge body turned into ash, flying along the wind to the distance.


Zheng Yue was whimpering, grabbing absent-mindedly at the sky, wanting to grab the flying ash, but, she couldn’t catch anything.

Jiang Qi looked, then lowered his head for a while, then he disappeared in the place, leaving only the confusing Night Raider’s members on the sky.


It was early morning in another day. The sun still rose up from the east, but what’s not the same was, Jiang Qi got up early, that made little Jiang qi to shout out in surprise, and annoyingly followed him along.

Following Jiang Qi to the flower shop, when Jiang Qi bought a bouquet of flower, she lifted her mouth very high, like someone was deceiving her.

“Who are you buying this flower for?”

Looking at holding flower Jiang Qi, little Jiang qi frowned and insistingly asked.

“You will know in a moment……”

Jiang Qi mysteriously smiled, causing her to almost go berserk.

Afterward, both of them drove the car, arriving at a garden.

Because it was winter right now, although they weren’t cold here, but there were still some snowflakes falling down. This garden was also famous because if this. In winter, small amount of snow would gather on the trees, forming snow trees.

Jiang qi looked at Jiang Qi at her side with some doubt. Although the scenery here was good, but people with free time would not come here, because this place was cemetery.
Jiang qi didn’t speak this time, she cleverly followed Jiang Qi.

Not far away, they came to a place where the tombstones were neatly arranged. Jiang Qi held the flowers and came to a gravestone. He put the bouquet there and knelt down to kowtow.

And Jiang qi strangely looked at the name on this gravestone, it read : Zheng Zuoyi.

“Didn’t expect you to also come.”

Just when Jiang qi was about to ask, suddenly, a soft and gentle voice passed on. Jiang qi turned to look and saw a woman.

She was wearing a snowy white dress, her short hair reached her ears which had stud earrings on. Her expression was gentle and she was also holding a bouquet of flower.


Jiang Qi faintly said, then he stood up and looked at the gravestone.

The woman also put the flower down, then quietly paid respect to the gravestone.

“Zheng Yue, actually, I am also responsible……”

After being silent for half a day, suddenly, Jiang Qi softly spoke to the woman.

Zheng Yue smile softly hearing that, she looked at the gravestone and said to Jiang Qi : “This is not your fault……”

“You don’t understand……”

Jiang Qi bitterly smiled, then shook his head. How could she understand? He was the one who killed her father!

“I understand!”

Zheng Yue suddenly laughed, she turned to looked at the surprised Jiang Qi and said : “Your secret!”

“You know?? How?”

Jiang Qi almost bit his tongue, he asked in flustered.

“Don’t underestimate lady’s intuition.”

Zheng Yue softly laughed, then said in a low voice : “Actually, I also wants to thanks you.”


Jiang Qi became silent, then he laughed and said : “Congratulate on being promoted to the higher level of Psytech Corporation! Replacing that dreg.”

“Just congratulation?”

Zheng Yue also laughed, then asked him : “Don’t tell me that you don’t have something to give me?”

“You want something?”

Slightly startled, Jiang Qi smiled and asked.

Zheng Yue had a mysterious expression on her face and drew close to Jiang Qi ear, as if wanting whisper at him.

“Actually…….I am your fans……can I kiss my idol… the welfare?”

Just as the whisper just reached his ear, Jiang Qi still didn’t have any reaction, when he heard a ‘bo’ sound. Zheng Yue unexpectedly kiss him!

“Ah!! What are you doing??”

The originally somewhat confused little Jiang qi suddenly saw this. This woman actually dared to kiss Jiang Qi!!!

Right after they separated, she looked at Zheng Yue like a little hen protected its food.

Zheng Yue softly smiled, then asked : “Is he your boyfriend? Why so strict??”

“I……anyway, don’t allow this!”

Little Jiang qi was like being choked, then she yelled in red face.


Zheng Yue smiled, then waved her hand at Jiang Qi, said : “I will go first, let’s meet up again sometime.”


Looking at Zheng Yue’s back, Jiang qi stomp her foot, then turned to look at about to leave Jiang Qi.

“Aren’t you happy being kissed by a big beauty?”


“You clearly are!!”



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