Chapter 104 The Devil in the Mirror (10)

Chapter 104 The Devil in the Mirror (10)

“So this is the situation?”

Han Yi stood with one of the person in charge, holding a smart light screen in his hand, recording.

“En, it is like this, our research institute was assaulted by that monster.”

That person in charge nodded, then nervously said : “Can I ask you guys to kill that monster?”

“But you haven’t seen that monster, right?”

Han Yi lightly raised his brows, then asked.


The person in charge forced a smile, said : “Those who had seen it are all dead, however, our whole building had surveillance over it, you could use it to look for it.


Han Yi lowered his head, then he said to radio : “HQ, please respond!”


“This is HQ.”

Cheng Yu equipping the wireless earphone, hearing Han Yi’s call immediately replied.

“Make a thorough investigation on Psytech Corporation’s intranet at once.”

“Roger, 3 minutes.”

Han Yi’s words made the person in front of him stunned. He looked surprisingly at Han Yi and said : “It is just the surveillance, is there a need to invade company’s network?”

“I wonder about that.”

Han Yi smiled at the person in front of him, said : “Is Psytech Science and Technology afraid that they are not clean?”

“What do you mean?”

That person became stunned, he looked at Han Yi with an indeterminable glint in his eyes.

“You don’t know?”

Looking at this guy, Han Yi kindly ‘remind’ him : “Why would this monster only target your company? Could it be that your certain thing lost, and that lead to this incident?”


That person was silent for a while, then said : “But using 3 minutes to invade Psytech Corporation’s network, isn’t this joke a bit too much?”

Psytech Science and Technology Corporation was an international corporation, its network security was top-notch, how could it be invaded in 3 minutes?

“Don’t believe Night Raider’s power?”

Han Yi put on expression, he was about to leave when there was a turmoil in the crows.

“Quickly look!”

“My god!”

“Camera? Hurry up take a picture!”

Han Yi looked at these people in puzzle, he looked along their gazes became dumbfounded.

“This is……Zero?”

Zero was on the nearby high building with roughly around 50 floors. He was unexpectedly around the size of the human, and also carrying a lady in his embrace, gradually sliding down.

However, without waiting for Han Yi to ponder much, a lizard-like monster jumped out from the window where Zero was on and grabbed his back, pulling them down.


A loud sound made Han Yi’s gaze to focus again, he immediately shouted to other members : “Everyone pays attention! Prepare to battle!”


Hearing the firm answers from the radio, Han Yi stroke the gun at his waist, then quickly ran toward the place Zero had dropped.


The place Jiang Qi fell down became a pit. Many people surrounded the pit and took pictures of him.

“Quick! Take pictures!”

Jiang Qi moved, revealing the protected Zheng Yue in his arms. Jiang Qi slowly spoke to her : “You quickly leave this place. I am going to have a life and death duel here.”

While Jiang Qi was speaking, his mind recalled the previous fight in the mirror, that terrifying recovery power and that overwhelming strength made his heart sank.

Frankly speaking, the chance of winning this time was very small.

“No! I want to stay with you!”

Who would expect that Zheng Yue reject his suggestion and instead said that, making Jiang Qu to become speechless.

“You being like this would only burden me! Quickly leave!”

Jiang Qu spoke and pushed Zheng Yue, then he stood up, just to be the same time the lizardman stood up. Seeing Jiang Qi, the lizardman roared at him.

“The real fight starts from now!”

Jiang Qi shouted at the lizardman, then both of them immediately charged at each other.

Quickly dodging the lizardman’s claw, Jiang Qi kicked at its waist causing it to stagger.
Immediately after, Jiang Qi put his hand on its head. Borrowing the flying power, his knee erupted with an enormous force and hit its lower jaw, turning it over.


The surrounding people watched in excitement, applauded and took pictures.

Following the force, Jiang Qi rode on lizardman’s body, and punched on its face.


The lizardman roared, its tail whipped at Jiang Qi’s back, then twined his neck, slowly tightening.
Jiang Qi was forced to release his hand. The tail tightening on his neck caused him difficult to breathe. With a though, Zero Sluggers flew out.


With a sound of cutting flesh, Zero Sluggers cut off the lizardman’s tail. Jiang Qi also rolled down from its body.

He was worried that with its recovery speed, it would only need a few seconds to regenerate a new tail.

But, contrary to his expectation, after the lizardman’s stood up, its tail was regenerating with an unusually slow rate, one couldn’t notice without carefully paying attention.

While Jiang Qi was surprised, the lizardman suddenly scurried over and stabbed its claw at Jiang Qi.

This time, Jiang Qi chose not to dodge, but firmly received it. He really caught it, the strength on his leg broke up, kicking the lizardman flying.

What’s going on?

Jiang Qi looked at the lizardman in front of him and was somewhat surprised. It seemed to become very weak! Could it be that it was because this wasn’t the Mirror World?

But if that’s the case, why did it still come out?

Jiang Qi felt that something was fishy.

At this moment, Night Raider’s members holding light gun arrived, and without demur, fired at the monster.


Several light rays hit the lizardman, the lizard man suddenly emitted out green lighting, surrounding it.

“Quickly leave!”

Seeing the monster’s action, Jiang Qi’s eyelids jumped. He yelled to the Night Raider’s members and the masses behind.
(tl : Ultraman has eyelids!?)

The Night Raider’s members also sensed something wrong, and hastily guided the masses to retreat.

Suddenly, the lizardman’s body swelled up, slowly grew big. It stopped when it reached around 50-60 meters.

Because of its increase in size, many people had been injured by various degree, these people are the ones who had been watching excitedly.

Jiang Qi crossed his arms on his chest and the light enveloped him. A pillar of light rose up, and Jiang Qi walked out from within the light pillar.

At the same time, the color timer on Jiang Qi’s chest also started blinking.


The monster charged at him, Jiang Qi nimbly dodged to the side, held its neck with his arm, then fiercely hammered its head.

The lizardman tried to struggle free. Jiang Qi quickly kicked at its body and made it fall down, then he rode on its body.

Jiang Qi fiercely pounded its eyes, then he stood up, retreated a few steps and looked at the monster.


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