Chapter 103 The Devil in the Mirror (9)

Chapter 103 The Devil in the Mirror (9)


Seven aircraft were streaking across the sky. If someone were to knew, they would absolutely excitedly shout out.

This was precisely the Night Raider’s remodeling fighter aircrafts —— Eagle.

Several fighter aircrafts circled above Psytech Science and Technology Corporation, then descended on the empty space.


The aircrafts had just landed when a large crowd of reporters swarmed them like flies and took pictures without stingy about their films at all.


The cabins opened, revealing several Night Raider’s members. Han Yi was also among them. He frowned looking at the surrounding reporters, then got down from the aircraft.

They were still worried about the incident! They didn’t have time to duel with these reporters, thus Han Yi shouted : “We will schedule the media conference later, everyone please leave first, we have a duty to do!”

These reporters, however, were not the people who were afraid of things, totally ignored Han Yi’s words. They raised microphones to shove at Han Yi’s face.

“Excuse me, Captain Han Yi, what is your opinion about the incident this time?

“Excuse me, do you think that Psytech Science and Technology Corporation should close down for their mistake?”

“Can Eagle’s strength be of use in actual combat?”

“Excuse me…..”

All kinds of questions rained on Han Yi, he annoyingly kneaded his temples, then pushed the reporters aside and walked away. Other members looked at each other then followed Han Yi.

Were they Han Yi’s match? The Night Raider’s members didn’t waste too much energy to ward them off.

“AiAi……quickly chase after them!”

Some reporters chased, while some stayed in place, because they already found their materials.

“Night Raider are arrogant and shove innocent masses.”

The sales of this kind of newspaper would be very big!

The reporters excitedly thought. As for whether this was really a fact, this was not the question they had to consider.


In the Mirror World, the world of non-living, it filled with tense atmosphere.

Jiang Qi’s eyes became grave. This was completely beyond his expectation, it was comparable to Wolverine’s regeneration speed.

He took a deep breath, cautiously looked at the lizardman and slowly retreated a step, intending to draw distances.


Suddenly, the lizardman moved with extreme speed. Jiang Qi felt his eyes blurred and severe pain on his chest, then he was stomped by the lizardman under its feet.


The lizardman roared at Jiang Qi. Its stinking mouth caused Jiang Qi to become dizzy.


Taking the opportunity, the lizardman’s fist hammered at Jiang Qi’s chest, almost breaking his bones.

Without caring about his body, Jiang Qi grabbed the monster’s claws, his arms emitting light, then he exerted strength to lift its claws up.


Seeing that its fist didn’t have any effect, the monster raised it foot and stomped on Jiang Qi chest, causing him to release his hand, then it grabbed Jiang Qi and threw him off.


Jiang Qi crashed against the wall. He raised his body up, looking at the monster approaching him step by step.

There was simply no way to beat it!

This monster’s strength was really too strong. Jiang Qi totally had no power to resist it and was threw away by it.

But what puzzled Jiang Qi was, how could the monster’s strength become this strong? It was not this strong when he had encountered it the first time!


Suddenly, the lizardman charged at Jiang Qi. The cautious Jiang Qi suddenly burst forth thick flame on his leg, then kicked the approaching lizardman with a clear-cut roundhouse kick.


At the instant of collision, the flame on Jiang Qi’s leg instantly died down. The inertia followed along with his leg and caused him to move back a few steps. Then he moved his numbing leg and looked at the lizardman lying on the ground.

At least he kicked it down.

(Sfx:wheezing sound)

The lizardman gradually stood up. The depression on its face was restored in the blink of the eye, it wiped the saliva spilling out from Jiang Qi’s kick, the pounced at Jiang Qi again.


The lizardman’s speed was extremely fast. Jiang Qi simply couldn’t react and was nailed into the wall, creating a huge hollow.


Jiang Qi raised his fist and hit at the lizardman’s back a few times, but could only manage to sting it.


The lizardman loudly roared, then lifted Jiang Qi up and threw him on his back.


Jiang Qi turned his body. He had just stood up when he heard a scream.


Jiang Qi turned his head and saw Zheng Yue, didn’t know when, looking there while covering her mouth.

My sister! Why do you pick this time to come out!

Jiang Qi wanted to cry but had no tear. Why did little lady not listen to him?


The lizardman suddenly roared at Zheng Yue. Jiang Qi’s body shook. He gathered energy on his leg and fiercely swept at the lizardman’s leg.

The lizardman who was concentrating on Zheng Yue immediately fell down.

Jiang Qi ran toward Zheng Yue. This gal staying here would only add problem, he must send her back.


The lizardman roared at him from behind, then it also charged at Zheng Yue.

Damn it!

Jiang Qi didn’t expect that the lizardman would stand up this fast, but this wasn’t the time to fuss over it.

Jiang Qi spread his arms and flew. He held Zheng Yue in his arms then flew toward the top of the nearby multistory building.

Jiang Qi landed and examined the surrounding. It’s just happened that there was a mirror in front of the roughly 20-floor building. Jiang Qi’s body shone with light, he carried Zheng Yue and charged at the mirror.


Zheng Yue felt very at ease in Jiang Qi’s embrace, but, when he flew off the building, she subconsciously cried out and nested her head on Jiang Qi’s chest.


Suddenly hearing the sound of the wind, Zheng Yue opened her eyes and saw Jiang Qi holding her in his arm, while his other hand grabbed on the window.

Looking down, she saw a bustling crowd below, pointing at them.


Zheng Yue asked in disbelief. After seeing Jiang Qi nodded, she almost jumped in joy. She at that time believed that she was going to die, she never expected that she could come back.

“Hold tight!”

Jiang Qi spoke to Zheng Yue, then slowly glided down.


Zheng Yue closed her eyes and put her hand behind Jiang Qi’s back. She had a smile on her face.



Suddenly, Zheng Yue felt the world spin, she opened her eyes and suddenly saw that nightmarish figure grabbing on Jiang Qi’s back, the all of them fell down together.


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