Chapter 102 The Devil in the Mirror (8)

Chapter 102 The Devil in the Mirror (8)

In the Mirror World, there was no sign of life existing. It was incomparably quiet, like he was alone in this world.
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This was like another world, it did not have any different from reality.

If he wanted to compare the difference, then, everything here was the reflection of the real world, everything was the exact opposite, characters, icons……

Jiang Qi didn’t how to find them and became a little impatient. But he still calmed himself down, wanting to find a way.

If this world really only had him and the lizard man and also Zheng Yue in it, then there should be some sort of sound. As long as there was sound, Ultraman’s super hearing could be effective, right?

Thus, Jiang Qi put all his energy into his ears. Everything in the surrounding appeared in his mind.


A faint sound passed into his ears, Jiang Qi’s eyes flashed. In this quiet world where there wasn’t any wind, how come there was such a sound?

Jiang Qi was certain that it might be the sound of Zheng Yue or the lizard man, so he used his quickest speed to rush over.

Within a few breaths, Jiang Qi arrived atop the corner and immediately caught sight of the lizard man extending its claw toward Zheng Yue. Therefore Jiang Qi jumped down at once.

“KIdnapping people is against the laws!”

With a loud shout, Jiang Qi stayed on top of the monster. He raised his right hand and punched at the monster’s face.


The monster howled in pain. It raised its claw to seize Jiang Qi and threw him away from its body.


Jiang Qi fell to thr ground, felt like his bones were shaking.

What’s going on?

Jiang Qi cautiously looked at the monster. Because the monster’s strength was dozen of times stronger than before, so Jiang Qi was threw back by its incomparable strength.


Being sneak attacked by Jiang Qi, the lizard man couldn’t let him go. With a loud roar, it charged at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi hastily dodged, causing it to pounce at empty air. Jiang Wi took the chance to counterattack, causing it to fall down.

With one hand pressing its back, another hand was punching on its back like raindrops.
The lizardman continued to shriek in pain. While Jiang Qi was occupied with punching, the lizardman’s tail suddenly rose up and hit Jiang Qi’s back.


This attack almost made unguarded Jiang Qi to throw up. The monster’s strength was simply too disgusting.

Without waiting for Jiang Qi to finished analyzing, the monster used its tail to tied on Jiang Qi’s body and threw him back.


Jiang Qi smashed into the wall, creating a deep hollow on the wall.

Such strength……

Jiang Qi didn’t want to say anything. He had to only dodge its first strike. Because when Jiang Qi was on its body, the monster clearly had such strength but it still couldn’t throw him off.

That’s to say, the lizardman’s strong point was its instantaneous explosive strength, as long as he could dodge that……

Jiang Qi was thinking when a voice came from his side.


Zheng Yue was covering her mouth. She’d never expected that she would run into Zero, and also in the same size as her.

Big sis! How come you are here?

Jiang Qi wanted to crumble. Since she saw that he was holding off the lizardman, she should find a place to hide and waited for him to defeat the monster and save her.

However it was still his main responsibility, since he only paid attention to the monster and forgot about her, this was his negligence.

Fortunately, there’s still a chance.

“Quickly hide!”

After Jiang Qi’s shout, Zheng Yue finally reacted. She hastily stood up, preparing to hide.

At this moment, Jiang Qi’s attention was distracted the lizardman immediately pounced at him. Jiang Qi couldn’t react in time and was pounced on hard.


The lizardman strangled Jiang Qi’s throat, making him difficult to breath, and tightened it bit by bit. Jiang Qi used all his strength to pry its arm off.


Suddenly, another claw of the lizardman pointed at Jiang Qi’s face, but it was stopped by Jiang Qi’s other hand.

But still, the monster’s claw was pressing on Jiang Qi’s arm and getting Jiang Qi’s face bit by bit. Moreover another of its claw also showed sign of struggle free.


Just when Jiang Qi was about to unable to hold on, a clear and melodious shout rang up, this sound was, very clear to Jiang Qi, belonged to Zheng Yue.


Zheng Yue was holding a brick in her hand, and smashed on the lizardman’s head.

With a dull sound, the brick in Zheng Yue’s hand hit the lizardman’s head, and its strength was momentarily reduced.


Jiang Qi’s mind was taut. With flame on his right leg, he fiercely kicked the monster’s abdomen, causing it to fly far away.

“Quickly run!”

Jiang Qi grabbed Zheng Yue’s hand and ran off. The lizardman quickly stood up, the burnt mark on its abdomen disappeared in no time.

Wiping dust off its body, the monster looked at the direction Jiang Qi had disappeared, its eyes revealed ominous glint.



Jiang Qi brought Zheng Yue to someplace to hide, then spoke to her : “Stay here.”

Regardless of Zheng Yue’s wish, Jiang Qi ran off, this kind of situation would not cared about her opinion.


Jiang Qi had just shown himself, but the lizardman unexpectedly already found him and was pouncing at him.

Jiang Qi didn’t plan to fight here because Zheng Yue was nearby and she might get hurt, There he intentionally let himself be caught by the lizardman.


The lizardman stared tightly on him. The frenzies in its eyes strengthened his idea of killing it.

The lizardman’s claw gripped on Jiang Qi’s shoulder, slowly started to exert strength, wishing to rip Jiang Qi in half. Jiang Qi also understood that if he didn’t do something, he might be ripped to shreds.

You underestimate me!

Jiang Qi roared inside, his body started emitting light.

My true strength……is not close combat!

The light on Jiang Qi’s body stung the lizardman’s eyes, causing it to close its eyes.


The light shine to the limit, then explode, blasting the lizardman.

Jiang Qi looked at the monster, his arm swiftly formed an L-shape, firing simplified Wide Zero Shot brining destructive energy toward the lizardman.

The lizardman unyieldingly stood up and was penetrated by Wide Zero Shot, creating a huge hole at its chest.


Jiang Qi loosened his breath, stopped his arm, and intend to leave, when he suddenly saw something’s not right.

The huge cavity at the lizardman’s chest began to heal at full speed. A half meter of huge cavity was fully healed within 3 seconds…….
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