Chapter 101 The Devil in the Mirror (7)

Chapter 101 The Devil in the Mirror (7)

In the room, Jiang Qi and Zheng Yue were looking at each other. The atmosphere became very heavy.

“You must prepare your mind for each word of what I’m about to say.”

Jiang Qi looked at Zheng Yue and said one word at a time.


Zheng Yue nodded in puzzled, didn’t understand why Jiang Qi had such an expression.

“Your father is not in that so-called hospital.”

Jiang Qi’s words cause Zheng Yue’s expression to has a huge change.

“What did you say? Don’t speak carelessly without proof.”

Zheng Yue frowned. She looked at Jiang Qu and sternly said.

“Then have you ever seen your father in the hospital?”

Jiang Qi’s expression was unchanged. He straightened his clothes then picked the calendar on the table. He asked while looking at it.


Zheng Yue hesitated a bit, then said : “I had seen him half a month ago.”

“Half a month ago?”

Jiang Qi smiled and put a calendar back. Then his expression became cold and asked : “What about afterward?”

Hearing his words, Zheng Yue gnashed her teeth and said : “No, that scum said that as long as I didn’t go with him, I couldn’t see my father.”

She took deep breathes a few times to calm her mood. Then she looked strangely at Jiang Qi and asked in excitement : “Why do you ask about this? Could it be that you have information about my father?”


Seeing Jiang Qi nodded, Zheng Yue excitedly jumped and threw herself at Jiang Qu. The frightened Jiang Qi hastily dodge, causing her to pounce on the empty air.

“Quickly tell me, how is my father?”

Zheng Yue stood up with a red face, she knew that she was too excited, but she still rushed to Jiang Qi’s side and asked.
(tl : poor girl)

“Open TV……”

Jiang Qi didn’t directly answered her but passed her a remote controller. His face showed a somewhat mysterious smile.

Zheng Yue looked at this guy deliberately acted mysteriously, she picked a remote controller from the table, she opened the TV and said : “This is TV’s remote controller, yours is for the air conditioner.”


The failure of a pretentious prick.

Jiang Qi awkwardly coughed then said : “I know this is the air conditioner’s remote controller. Can’t I open it since it’s hot?”


Zheng Yue strangely looked at Jiang Qi, it was snowing right now, you actually said it was hot?

Jiang Qi knew that he couldn’t make it, so he pointed at the TV to make Zheng Yue watch it.

Zheng Yue turned to look at the TV, pursing her mouth up.

“Dear every audience, we are right now presenting you a live broadcast.”

A female reporter squeezed through the crowd and difficultly spoke : “We are right now at the world famous Psytech Corporation Headquarter. There was a monster making a surprise attack here. The staff on the entire building are in the process of being rescue…..Aa——“

The last word was the female reporter’s scream being pushed back by the crowd.

“This is……”

Zheng Yue looked at the company, became stunned for a while, then said : “Are you telling me I lost my job?”

“The monster has attacked, that’s the main point.”

Jiang Qi indifferently said : “That monster is your father.”


Zheng Yue raised her eyebrows, looked at Jiang Qi and said in disgust : “How could my father possibly become a monster?”

“I can say this, naturally because I have proofs.”

Saying that, Jiang Qi handed her data from before to her.

Suddenly, at this moment, a shadow pounced at him, he subconsciously dodged to the side.


At the same time, A shrill scream came out from Zheng Yue, Jiang Qi turned to look and saw she was being caught by a huge tail. Looking along the tail, he saw the monster he had seen previously.


The monster roared loudly at Jiang Qi, then pulled Zheng Yue and ran away.

“Save me——“

Hearing her, Jiang Qi didn’t think and immediately chased after, but, the monster didn’t escape the room, instead it jumped into the window, pulling Zheng Yue entering along with it.

Damn it!

Jiang Qi chased after it. He patted the window, but it didn’t has any effect.

Jiang Qi was still too inexperienced, miscalculating the monster’s attention on Zheng Yue. If it was Jiang Liu, the first thing he would do was to cover all the mirror.

But it’s no point saying this now. Zheng Yue must not had anything happen to her, because aside from her, he simply didn’t know whether Zheng Zuoyi would still interest in human matter.

Also, for a human to transform into the monster and already lost reason, Jiang Qi didn’t dare to determine whether it would kill Zheng Yue. He couldn’t gamble on it, therefore he could only chase after it.

Pulling close the window curtain, Jiang Qi ran into the room. Looking at the private pieces of clothes inside the dresser, Blood almost poured out from his nose.
(tl : this’s not the time! Bakayaro!!)

He meditated inside : “Emptiness become colorful, colorful become emptiness…….”

Jiang Qi got rid of distracting though, he raised Shield of Baraji at the dresser’s mirror. The bracelet sent out dazzling light.

Transformed himself into light, then used the light form to shuttle through…….

Jiang Qi recalled a part in the notes he had read. The light enveloped him, and instantly, he transformed into Zero, the smaller-version of him.


Crossing both his arms at his chest, Jiang Qi’s body became light particles. Bouncing around for a while, the light particles then poured into the mirror.



A ball of light particles appeared before the mirror, then condensed into the body of Ultraman.


Jiang Qi looked at his body. His brain was filled with question marks. Why was he back? Could it be that person made a mistake?

Opened the door, Jiang Qi returned to the living room. This place was not different from before but he felt something was wrong, though he didn’t know what was it.

He was anxious. If this was dragged on, he couldn’t guarantee that Zheng Yue would be safe.

“? Calendar?”

Jiang Qi suddenly noticed that the calendar he had picked up before was strange, the date on it became reversed, like looking in the mirror.

“I succeed?”

Jiang Qi tightened his fists. He arrived at the window the monster had disappeared into, opened it and jumped down.

According to logic, Jiang Qi appeared at the same place before he entered the mirror, then the monster should also appear before this window. In other words, the monster immediately jumped down, therefore, Jiang Qi also jumped down following it.
(tl : now you’re unusually smart.)



Zheng Yue moved back to the corner, tightly closed her mouth and didn’t dare to let out a sound, afraid to provoke the monster and made it attack her.

Staring at the monster not far from her, Zheng Yue wanted to collapse. She was just an ordinary white-collar worker. Since when did she ever receive such a tremendous mentality assault?

Unconsciously, as a bead of sweat dripped down from her forehead, the monster walked toward her.


Zheng Yue continued to move back, but her back was already leaning against the wall and she couldn’t move back any more.

Looking at the approaching monster, tears started to come out from Zheng Yue who believed that her life was going to end.


The monster already arrived before her. Its breathing gave out fishy smell from its nose. Zheng Yue closed her eyes, waiting for the moment her life ended.

She felt a rough claw touching her face, sharp and cold.

Then the claw wiped her sweat on the forehead out, then pulled back its hand.

After a good while, Zheng Yue opened her eyes, looking at the lizard man in front of her, dumbfounded.

Suddenly, a shadow fell on top of the lizard man and grabbing its head.

“Kidnapping people is against the laws!”



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