Chapter 10 Speechless Jiang Qi

Chapter 10 Speechless Jiang Qi

“Run away !”

This was Jiang Qi’s first reaction. He didn’t care about his shouting, regardless other people seeing him strange.

Pointing to the sky, Jiang shouted: “The sky!”

“What is that ?”

Look in the direction of the Jiang Qi finger. An increasingly large fireball is coming closer.

Escape was the instinct of all creatures, see the fireball, the first reaction was to run


The moment the fireball fell, the earth shook like a magnitude seven earthquake.

Setting off a massive shockwave, Jiang Qi grounded by the blast finally stood up. And saw a strange giant mechanical creature, the same size with Golza, the whole body is an odd line, chest also has a blue gem.

What is this monster??

Jiang Qi becomes stupid, but he still not forgetting to escape, Jiang Qi turned and began to run, as to where to run it doesn’t matter, as long as he can escape, anywhere was fine.


A light beam instantly penetrating the high-rise buildings not far from Jiang Qi, almost one-third of the building fell, immediately collapse on Jiang Qi.


What the hell is going on here? I … Am I dead?

In a trance, Jiang seems to have come to a strange world, where everywhere is the light, colorful, each one has revealed a different feeling, like living beings.

Is this the legendary paradise?

Jiang smiled a bit wryly. Please don’t tease me, I know a few things about myself. The contribution has not done, I has committed many big and small sin, so how I can go to heaven?

Jiang Qi confused and looked around. But this is not heaven, so where is this exactly?

“The Remnants of War,
The Souls of the Dead,
A giant who had vanished into the Universe.
Can you open the door to evolution?
Defeat the ancient evil god …”

Suddenly, a message drilled into Jiang Qi mind, giving Jiang Qi a strong pain and making him stop thinking.

It feels like Jiang Qi’s mind was tearing, seems like something was directly instilled in.

Gradually, Jiang Qi fell into sleep again, being in trance, he appeared to see, a huge light transformed into a giant and reaching out to Jiang Qi with his hand, subconsciously Jiang Qi also stretched out his hand to him but then Jiang consciousness fell into a coma.



Like having a nightmare, Jiang Qi immediately gets up from his bed.

Panicky looked around, this is a more than 50 square meters room, very concise, it seems that no one lived here. There is nothing but a desk, a chair, a bed, and quilt.

Where is this?

Jiang Qi full of question mark, and the door room opened.

“Kid, you woke up ?”

Hearing a familiar sound, Jiang Qi looked up and relieved.

“Chief, where is this ?”

Jiang Qi stood in front of the uncle, who was the chief Jiang Liu.

“My home.”

Hands holding a kettle with two glasses of water, he gave a drink to Jiang Qi, and another one for himself to drink.

“You have a big life kid, still okay even when getting crushed by the building.”

Jiang Liu scanned Jiang Qi, exclaiming. That was not even just a typical high-rise, with a total of 36 floors, but it was also used a special hardening cement. It was much stronger compared to general building. With that kind of a building, smashed on his body, he unexpectedly was still ok.

“How did I live ?”

Jiang Qi gulping his saliva, and ask whispered

“You lucky kid, the part that happens to hit you is the glass part, it happens that the people who work on the inside is too hot and open the window, it happens that when the time you got hit, you actually passed through the open window.”

Jiang Liu drank and continued “and the casement windows and the window, still opened. You happen to go through the windows.”

Said Jiang Liu while staring to Jiang Qi, like watching a rare animal, making Jiang Qi scared.

For their own good luck, Jiang Qi is also do not want to say anything, even giving incense to Buddha, would not let him be lucky to such degree right?

“How about I give you some money and buy me lottery tickets, how about 28?”

Listening to Jiang Liu,, Jiang Qi becomes supercilious. Touching his pocket, wanting to take out the phone to look at the time, but found that his cell phone is missing.

“This is also strange.”

Suddenly Jiang Liu speaks again, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but to see him asking. “What strange?”

“You didn’t get hit, how your phone has become like this?”

From Jiang Liu pocket appears a distorted phone, with him carefully identified, Jiang Qi recognized that it is his cell phone.

“I don’t know about it either!”

Jiang Qi was also confused, he was still not completely out of the mechanical life shadow, How could the earth show such a monster?

“Well, you use my cell phone first.”

Suddenly, Jiang Liu thrown Jiang Qi another phone.


Quickly catching the phone Jiang Lu throw, it’s white and new.

Glanced strangely to Jiang Liu, he clearly remembers when Jiang Liu called with the phone in front of him, it’s not like this.

“Don’t worry, this phone is a present for you. As the cost of the phone, well it’s deducted from your wages.”

Hearing Jiang Liu, He silently holding his head. I knew it

“That monster..”

Accepting the phone, which was from his own wage.

“The monster is also strange, after a crazy destruction from its appearance, it also stopped.”

“As far I can see, its look like it’s looking for something until the troop come and then disappear on the spot.”

Hearing Jiang Liu that the monster was looking for something. Did not know why but his mind suddenly start to having an idea on its own, and he suddenly had a feeling in his mind.

“It’s….. not looking for me right ??”

By his own ideas, Jiang hurriedly threw that idea out, actually, why do I have such a terrible idea?

“How long I’ve been in the coma?”

Jiang Qi continued to ask, this is really important because Jiang Lu has not been adjusted the date, it is obviously brand new, Jiang Liu also lied when telling this is his phone, Jiang Qi also lazy debunk.

“More than 10 hours now, it’s already 3 AM.”

He looked at his watch and said.

“Yes… your daughter..”

Jiang Qi asks if nothing is happening to Jiang Liu, daughter, But suddenly saw the immediate shadow fleeting, and then he was strangled in the neck by Jiang Liu.

“My girls are ok, you don’t have to worry about them kid. You just need to worry about yourself.”

Jiang Liu ferociously said to Jiang Qi, and letting him go after he is surrendered.

“You kid to stay here for a while.”

Waving, Jiang Liu said: “This is where you live, this room is your house.”

Finished, Jiang Liu leaves and close the door.

Jiang Qi touched his neck, his mind is baffled.


Jiang Liu suddenly opened the door shocking Jiang Qi

“Don’t try to break my daughter’s heart. ”

Jiang Liu fingers pointing his eyes and Jiang Qi eyes, “I’m always watching you.

“If you did anything special…”

he said that while making wiping the neck gesture.

“Do you understand ?”

And “PENG” shutting the door.

Jiang Qi could only smile wryly

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