Chapter 1 A Game ??

Chapter 1 A Game ??

The collapse of heaven,

The flames from underground,

Such was the prophecy of the Maya …

In this world,

Will people still remember that hopeless expression on their face……

Looking at the latest game’s introduction in his hand, Jiang Qi quietly held his forehead.

Really? This is just an Ultraman VR game, Isn’t this a little too much?

This VR was said to be the latest design from the Tsuburaya Production(tl:圆谷公司 = lt. Guan Yu corportation), they gathered computer experts from around the world and spent five years to developted it, with its ridiculous price, very few people can afford it.

Jiang Qi was just an ordinary college students, the money he got from work was only enough for tuition fee and his daily expenses, but he suddenly came across the lottery event, similar to the award-winning activities, with the more money put in, the greater the winning odds.

Jiang Qi put his last coin in and pushed the button, never expected to hit the Jackpot and got the treasure just like that.

He opened the parcel and took out a black helmet. It looked almost like a safety helmet, to the point that it could be called shabby.

“Is this really a VR helmet? How is it so different from my imagination?”

Jiang Qi turned over and inspect the helmet but did not see any difference.

There was the instructions paper inside the package, which only had three lines :

One: This helmet can be worn to play.

Two: This is a prototype version, if there is a problem, please removed immediately

Three: I wish you a happy game.


Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes and turned over the package, there was nothing else but these two things.

Skeptical, he brings them to his bedroom, Jiang Qi lied on his bed, wear the helmet, and then closed his eyes.

Dazed, Jiang Qi seem to have entered a dark world.

“Ding, welcome to the Virtual Reality.”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s ear heard a mechanical voice.

“Please choose the giant who belongs to you!”

As the mechanical sound faded, a translucent light screen appeared in front of Jiang Qi.

There were numerous name on the screen, all were Ultra warrior, from top to bottom were Noa, Legend, Ultraman King … …

Jiang Qi was at a loss to see these Ultramen, asked: “I can only choose once?”

“Ding, you can only choose once, after you select, that giant of light will be bound to your body.”

Hearing the voice, Jiang Qi bit his lip and stretched out his hand, wanted to choose the strongest Ultraman in the legend – Noa.

But he pulled his hand back, he used to like to play the cracked version of the game, although it was very fun at first, slowly there was no meaning in it, because he was too invincible.

This VR game only let him choose once, if the invincibility he got caused him to became bored quickly, it would be his loss.

Thinking about what he want to choose, Jiang Qi finally selected an Ultraman.

Changing the screen to the Ultraman’s picture, and then selected.

“Want to beat this young master … … You are twenty thousand years too early!!”

After Jiang Qi confirmed the selection, a voice resounded through the entire space.

Sharp slugger, rebellious eyes, tall and straight heroic bearing, everything revealed the powerful Ultra warrior.

He was the Land of Light’s most powerful warrior – Zero.

Don’t forget, this is still a VR game, if you encounter other powerful players, it is likely to get bullied, if you do not want to be bullied, but also have enough potential to power up, so that you can have enough fun, this is the most suitable choice.

“Kaka … … Kacha … …”

Suddenly, the light screen in front of Jiang Qi shattered, then countless light particles poured out from the it, and quickly wrapped around Jiang Qi, and light particles continued to emerge from the light screen.

Jiang Qi was shocked by the sight before him, but he somehow realized that it did not cause any harm, instead, with the injection of the light, he felt very comfortable.

Gradually, Jiang Qi closed his eyes, quietly enjoying the process, however he did not notice that there was not just only Zero’s light that emerged from light screen.

And in reality, while Jiang Qi was lying on the bed, his body was also enveloped in white light.

With the integration of the last ray of light and Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi has slowly opened his eyes.

Gently exhaled a breath, aside from feeling extremely relaxed, he didn’t feel any different!

“Ding, opening novice trial.”

The mechanical voice faded, Jiang Qi felt that the scenery around him changed, then he suddenly fell to the top of a building.

“Hiss -“

After being blown by the cold wind, Jiang Qi shivered.

One need to know, China’s VR technology was quite advanced, at least several miles ahead others.

Glancing at the downtown, isn’t this Nanxi City?

Nanxi City, one of China’s most-developed cities, where the world-famous treasure like porcelain, silk, and many antiques were from. It was said that many of the antiques were from the palace

Jiang Qi also came here to travel just a few months ago.

Why was he here? Shouldn’t it be somewhere not in China? For example, Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa and the like …

However, Jiang Qi’s question did not last long, interrupted by a sudden burst of the earthquake, unprepared, Jiang Qi almost fell to the ground.

What’s happen?

At that instance, the building not far from Jiang Qi instantly collapsed, and a massive figure appeared from the inside.

A monster wearing a head armor, pointed mouth like a lizard, long fangs, and deep muscles that show the explosive power.


Jiang Qi trembling looked at the front of the enormous figure, imagined it his mind was one thing, to see was another matter.

If you did’t see it yourself, It was impossible to understand how terrify the pressure was!

Sitting on the tall buildings, mainly just Jiang Qi and Golza, Jiang Qi always had good eyesight, he could even see Golza’s saliva.

By instinct, Jiang Qi wanted to stand up and escape, but when he just stand up, his feet become soft and then sit down again.

“Ding, the fight is about to start, please be prepared!”

Yes, this is a game …

Hear the mechanical voice, Jiang Qi suddenly sighed of relief.

He was terrified, even forgot that this was just a game.

Slowly stood up and looked at Golza, it did not seem so terrible as before, though his legs was still rather soft.

“I’m ready.”

Take a deep breath, Jiang Qi said in front of that voice, Jiang Qi voice faded, the system began to countdown.




Immediately, thinking of being able to become a hero, his heart was a little excited … …




*Wind Howling*

With the last number counted by the system, Jiang Qi was instantly wrapped in light.

“As a novice, please choose three skills.”

“First, Emerium Slash. Second, the Wide Zero Shot … …”

Looking at the screen where all the skills of Zero were, Jiang Qi thought, this Zero was like a novice in the game, not having all the skills.

Thinking for a moment, Jiang Qi chose Ultra Zero Kick, Wide Zero Shot and also Zero Sluggers.(tl:赛罗飞踢、集束光线还有念力冰斧.)

As Jiang Qi just finished the selection, the light at his side intensified, in the trance, Jiang Qi seems to have the same size as Golza.

“Ding, battle countdown is a minute and 40 seconds … …”

Next Chapter – Fight!!



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