Chapter 100 The Devil in the Mirror (6)

Chapter 100 The Devil in the Mirror (6)

The Second Day

We injected him with the cell. 10 minutes later, he had a reaction. His skin first began to fell off, the blood on his body stop flowing, and his right hand grew completely new skin.
But, just like other test subjects, he stopped breathing. As expected, this experiment……
Seeing to here, Jiang Qi wrinkled his brows, he endured and continued reading.


The Third Day

This is simply a miracle! This test subject unexpectedly started recovering! Although its rate was a little bit slow, but the skin that fell off before had already grown back! There was also faint heartbeats! Is this the gift from heaven?

The Third Day

The superiors already knew of the success of the project. They immediately authorized a large amounts of funds, assisting us to proceed the project to the next step.


The Fourth Day

He already completed recovered. It was truly unbelievable. His recovered strength became unexpectedly very strong. I believes that this will be the greatest invention in mankind’s history!


The Fifth Day

All of our personnels’ energy were focused on this test subject. After processing through layers of calculation, we started injecting the cell along with the serum into the test subject.

The test subject’s scream became more and more intense at our’s ears, it was very beautiful. We had never heard of such beautiful notes until now, this was like the sign of success to us.
After a while, his heartbeats slowed down again, until it became a straight line. We stopped the injection and began observation.

The Fifth Day

His left hand began to change, growing green skin and the nails became longer and shaper. After we saw this, we began to hesitate. Could it be that there was some error in calculations? We wanted something to change humanity’s destiny, not drugs to change a human into a monster.

So, we decided to stop the experiment and focus on developing the drug.


The Seventh Day

Someone among us informed the superior that we were unwilling to continue the experiment. The superior then sent someone to make us continue the experiment.

We tried our best to persuade him, explaining the advantages and disadvantages. But not only did this fool not listen, he even made us increase the dose.

I swear that was the first time I want to kill someone!

Soon, the experiment began. At first we increased the drugs to five time. The test subject had blood spilled over outside, his blood capillaries should already bursted. We wanted to stop but that person prevented us, he even want to increase the concentration of the drug to tenfold!

Within dozens of seconds, test subject became bloody human, then stopped breathing. I thought that the experiment fail, but the computer was still displaying sign of life, making me to sigh in relief.


The Tenth Day

The test subject became completely different. He became a monster, like the small-version one. We were scared and didn’t dare to continue the experiment.

But the higher-ups ordered us to continue the experiment. We didn’t have the way to defy it.

This time, it was 15 times the dosage.

Before the injection, I inadvertently looked into the test subject’s eyes. His eyes revealed dangerous sign just like the savage animals, he wasn’t human anymore!

After the experiment began, the test subject didn’t has any reaction, but rather closed his eyes in pleasure. We hesitated a bit then increased the dosage again, but the test subject still didn’t has a bit of reaction.

Could it be the antibody? With that in mind, we stopped the experiment.


The Eleventh Day

The test subject disappeared!!!

We were all baffled up by this. How could the test subject inexplicably disappear? This place’s security was very tight.

We looked into the security video and found that after we all left, the originally calm test subject suddenly slaughtered two security guards, and then dug into the mirror!

We couldn’t believe our eyes at that time! How was the test subject be able to do such a thing? I had personally checked the mirror, it was just an ordinary mirror!

According to the calculations. The test subject couldn’t possibly enter the mirror! But it really happened. This could be his self-created ability after he became monster, if by using light as a medium, he can pass through the mirror from all over the world!

It seems that we created a disaster this time! I has already destroyed drugs, serum, cell, and the previous research data. I hope that after this, I may have the chance to atone this…….
(tl : that’s creepy)


Jiang Qi softly breathed out and rubbed his eyes. His brain was in a mess, never expected that they actually created it.

It was a good thing that humanity’s technology became higher, but why did he want to cry now? It’s like God saw that he was too free and made him do something.

The origin of the monster was already known, but, how to defeat it?

Tapping his head, Jiang Qi looked over the monster’s data again. His gaze landed a part of data.

Full Name, Zheng Zuoyi……Zheng Zuoyi, Surname Zheng, Zheng……

Jiang Qi widened his eyes. He suddenly thought of a possibility, wasn’t Zheng Yue’s father was injected something by that so-called superior? Could it be that Zheng Zuoyi was Zheng Yue’s father?

If that was the case, when Zheng Zuoyi escaped, the first victim would be that dregs, because it was that dregs who injected drug into him and sent him to experiment. And the second target would be those researchers.

Recalling the notes, his eyes had the feeling of wild animal. Then his reason should already gone and he would act based on his instinct. In his memory, aside from hate, there was also affection. Then the next target would be Zheng Yue!

Jiang Qi patted his forehead and hastily spoke to the driver : “Go to Bi Yuan! Quick! This concerns people’s life!”

Upon hearing this, the driver immediately changed direction and rushed to Bi Yuan. Since the driver had been driving in the opposite direction, he could only take a shortcut.

Half an hour later, Jiang Qi finally arrived at the place. He left the money behind and ran off.

When the driver came to himself, he shouted at Jiang Qi’s back : “Ai! Little brother! You give too little, this money isn’t enough for gas!”

However, the driver stopped at this, because he already made a profit.


Jiang Qi rushed to Unit 9 Room 201 based on his memory, then knocked the door.


After a while, the door was opened. Jiang Qi saw a drowsy woman, she should had been sleeping.


Seeing Jiang Qi, Zheng Yue became dumbfounded, didn’t understand why he returned.
“Is your father Zheng Zuoyi?”

Jiang Qi immediately asked.

“How do you know?”

Zheng Yue tilted her head, cautiously looked at Jiang Qi.

“Let’s go inside.”

Jiang Qi didn’t care about Zheng Yue’s suspicious. He immediately said then pushed Zheng Yue into the room.

This frightened Zheng Yue. She thought that he planned to do some unlawful thing. But what Jiang Qi said next made her expression darkened.

“No breast and no legs, almost like a tomboy. Only a ghost will have its eyes on you.”



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