About Me

Hi, My name is Apichai.

I’m not native in both English and Chinese language, but I loved reading many translated novels.

I’ve been this way for many years, and now I think it’s time to step up and start to learn Chinese.
(Because there are many unfinished and slow translated novels that I liked.)

I’m pretty confident in my reading and listening in English(not grammar unfortunately)  because I watch movie and read novels in English a lot. So if I start this project because I want to study Chinese, and enjoy untranslated novel.(and if possible, made some money)

The novel I first choose are 奥特:只想守护你 or Ultraman – Only Want To Protect You, because I like ultraman and the previous translator didn’t update for a year already. I already sent him an email to ask about it but no reply as of yet. So I took the liberty to continue his work.

I’m still thinking whether I should start another Ultraman novel after the first one is stable.


Anyway, You can contact me with golfapichai27@gmail.com



  1. Could you translate 1-25 chapters from ultraman. The person from NinHamtl who translated before you. I didn’t even understand what as it was unreadable from me.

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  2. Hey there! I’ve been notified that you’re using one of my artworks for your Ultraman Index page. It’d be appreciated if you leave a credit and source to my site where I posted my works. Cool blog tho! Thanks!


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